5 Safety Measures you should take whilst travelling

Travel is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a curious mind. Yet wherever you travel in the world, there are sometimes dangers that you should be aware of to make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible. Even travelling just down the street can be risky. However, when you choose to travel outside of your home country, you become more of a target, simply because you’re in a new place. Criminals and scammers typically hone in on tourists because they’re a bit more unaware and gullible than locals. To protect yourself when you travel next, consider some of these tips for improving your safety.

  1. Try Not to Travel Alone

If you can help it, try not to travel alone. Instead, travel with a friend, partner, or family member. Not only will this make your adventures more memorable, but it also makes you safer. Criminals are less likely to mug or approach a traveller who isn’t alone. If you happen to be travelling alone, then consider partnering up with other travellers or tourists on parts of your trip.

Several places in the world are magnets for solo travellers keen to meet up with others on their trips, and if you’re heading somewhere like Thailand, India or Mexico the chances are you’ll bump into like-minded fellow travellers. Good places to meet people include spots like hostels in Bangkok, Cancun villa rentals, and hotels in India.

You can befriend a group and tag along with them whenever you venture into the city or area of question. More than anything, you should avoid walking down empty streets or alleys alone at night.

Hostels in Bangkok are a great place to meet fellow travellers

  1. Never Give Out Your Personal Information

Unless the individual is law enforcement and shows their credentials, you should never volunteer information about yourself. While it’s acceptable to give your name, you shouldn’t go into details about exactly where you live or are staying. Any documentation that you have on your person should be secured. Pickpockets can steal that information and thus your identity.

In the event of leaving important personal information at the hotel or rental, you should do so in a place that is secured. Some places have safes. You can utilise them to keep your sensitive information secured. If your hotel doesn’t have safe, then you should look for a place to hide the information. Your suitcase will likely be the first place that they look. Unless you have your own private locked pouch in the suitcase, you might want to search the area for somewhere you can hide the information.

  1. Lock Doors

If you’re staying somewhere like Cancun villa rentals, then you might be tempted to simply leave your doors unlocked. The area may be gated and protected. However, criminals can still find ways of entering the area. Your doors should always be locked. You should also lock the doors of your car if you’re driving. This can help reduce the chance of your car being stolen or having items within the car stolen.

Driving in Teide National Park Tenerife

Don’t leave valuables in your hire car

  1. Keep Mace On Your Person

While you can’t carry certain weapons across borders, you can still buy some protective gear while you’re in the country. A can or small holster of mace can be effective in deterring criminals who draw close. When you buy the mace you should read the can for instructions. It should tell you how far away the mace can be sprayed. Keep the mace either in an easily accessible pocket or in a loop on your belt for quick access.

  1. Tell People where you’re Going

Sometimes, travellers can just disappear. Because they never informed others about their whereabouts, law enforcement didn’t stand a chance in finding them. No matter where you’re going, you should inform someone of where you will be and the estimated time of how long you’ll be there. At least two people should be told. One should be at home. They’ll be responsible for keeping track of when you arrive home. Another should be told when you’re going out for a drink or leaving the rental for any reason. If you don’t return, they will have an idea of your last known whereabouts.

By taking a few simple steps to ensure you are as safe as possible, you’ll no doubt have a great trip and come home with memories of a lifetime. Happy travels!

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