5 Things To Think About Before Jetting off

So, the time has come. Lockdown (for the third time) has been and gone. It’s now time to jet off on your holidays to far flung exotic shores, just what you’ve been waiting for all this time. But are you prepared? Below are 5 things you should look at before flying away on your trip. Just to give you peace of mind so you can relax and fully enjoy the first trip you’ve had in ages.

1. Will your home be safe?

It seems strange that to talk about how safe your home is even though we are meant to be discussing about going on holiday. The thing is, it is important to consider the safety of your home. One option to consider is hiring in some professional house sitters, who will move into your home, take care of your plants and pets, and generally keep the place ticking over. They can deter potential burglars by having a presence there, like putting the lights on and making it obvious that someone is home. House sitters can also take your car for a run, so it doesn’t seize up whilst you’re away. There are several agencies with trusted representatives and first-hand reviews so you can be confident they will do a good job.

The Manor House at Stanbrook Abbey Hotel Review

You don’t want to be worrying about your house whilst you’re away

However, if you don’t fancy having strangers staying in your house, there are other options, and many people often hire or buy smart technology to secure their home. You can link apps to your phone and keep an eye on your home, even from thousands of miles away.

2. Pets and plants

Ensuring your pets are looked after is another thing to consider if you are going on holiday. Whilst cats like their freedom and want to roam, they do still need to be fed on a daily basis. So, you won’t necessarily need someone watching them 24/7, but you will want someone to know they will be looked after.

Dogs however are different. They need walking at least twice a day, if not more. Either trust someone like a neighbour with a key to look after your dog or look into local kennels. In an ideal world, a trusted friend or family member will be able to look after your pets and whilst they’re there, water the plants. Can you imagine coming back from a holiday and your plants have died. That would be sad.

Walking the dogs is all part of house sitting

3. Research the local area

Another thing you need to do if you are going on holiday is to research the local area. Before jetting off you will want to check that the culture is suitable for you. Before travelling it does make sense to be reassured that you are going to be in an area which is comfortable for you.

You’ll have to indulge in the local foods and dress similarly, so you don’t stick out. If you’re travelling around Western Europe from the UK then you should be okay, but if you are looking further afield then you will need to make sure you have a wardrobe that fits in with local culture, to remain respectful at all times.

A locals street in Marrakech souks - how to navigate

Customs in places like Morocco are different to those in the UK

4. Cover yourself medically

Coronavirus is the elephant in the room. We’ve discussed what you need to be looking at before jetting off, but you can’t skip pandemic research. There are plenty of hotspots around and even if you have booked your flights, you need to look at local spikes. Fortunately, there are companies who offer travel insurance for coronavirus. This can help put your mind at rest. The flexibility offered in policies means that you can tailor your insurance policy around where you are going.

You should always check the current government advice when travelling to any overseas destinations, and as this seems to change almost daily at the moment, it’s important that you keep on top of this.

Get covered for all medical eventualities

5. Double-check your paperwork

Checking your paperwork is very important before you set off on your foreign travels. Whether it’s the aforementioned insurance policy or your passport, make sure you check you have all your documents. There is probably nothing either more embarrassing, or upsetting, than your holiday being cancelled because you’ve turned up to the airport and your passport is no longer in date.

All in all, there are a few things you need to consider before you head off on your holiday. Secure your home and ensure any living creature or plant will survive your trip away. Then when you are setting down to book your holiday, consider all the policies you may need to take out to ensure you have a safe journey. Visas, passports and in some cases vaccination papers (this will almost definitely become a thing) all need to be up to date.

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