Best places for a honeymoon in Mykonos

Church on Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most gorgeous and absolutely striking Greek islands that combines a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a vibrant nightlife and an idyllic, utterly romantic atmosphere. In fact, it provides such an impressive range of experiences and landscapes that it’s impossible not to have a dream fulfilled here. 

How could it be otherwise? 

The beaches are sugary and inviting, with crystalline sea lapping gently on the shore. When it comes to sunsets, there’s nowhere better to watch the sun sink slowly into the ocean, flooding the water with oranges and golds. Then there’s the jaw-dropping landscapes which will have you constantly grabbing for your camera. Meanwhile, the foodie scene is diverse and thriving, and if you’re looking for a luxurious stay with a focus on pampering, then Mykonos is waiting to welcome you. 

In other words, the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. The question is where to stay for a fantastic honeymoon. Here is a small guide to help you out. 

Mykonos seafront

The famous Mykonos seafront

Top 3 Places to Stay in Mykonos For Your Honeymoon

This challenge is instantly resolved if you answer a critical question – What exactly do you want to experience whilst on your honeymoon in Mykonos? Is partying through the night at the top of your tick list? Or is shopping in colourful boutiques more your sort of thing? Maybe you want to enjoy local gastronomy at various restaurants and tavernas overlooking the ocean, or perhaps you prefer to steer clear of the noise and the loud crowds? Chilling on sandy beaches far from the party meccas is probably the reason most honeymooners come to Mykonos, and if this is you, you’re in luck because the shores here are heavenly. Depending on your answer, the following places are great options for your Mykonos honeymoon:

1. Mykonos Town

The island’s capital is a superior location to spend your honeymoon if you wish to join a vivid night scene that involves lots of parties that last till the morning hours, dozens of restaurants, streets full of people, a lively ambiance, and tourists enjoying life in more ways than one. The cobbled alleys of Mykonos Town, the scenic Little Venice, and the adorable Cycladic architecture will give you all the feels, as long as you’re comfortable with bustling squares and busy historical sites.

Windmill on Mykonos

One of the Mykonos windmills

Mykonos Town is also an excellent option for shopping and sightseeing, and the foodie scene is the best offering on the island. Plus, it is near some of the most popular beaches on the island. Don’t miss the iconic windmills that look down on Little Venice for those picture-postcard photos. 

2. Psarou Beach

The area around Psarou Beach is a gorgeous alternative to Mykonos Town and the flocks of tourists indulging in the Mykonos allure and infamous party scene. Expect a much quieter honeymoon escape here, where a magnificent fine sandy shore is waiting to offer you unforgettable beach-side moments. Indeed, this is known as one of the top beaches in Mykonos, so even if you don’t stay here, make sure you visit to experience this little slice of paradise. 

The gorgeous Psarou Beach

You will find Psarou Beach located on the southwest side of Mykonos, with warm, azure waters and picturesque views out over the sparkling Aegean Sea. If your dreamy Mykonos honeymoon includes laying back on the sand and chilling in the sun with tranquillity and romance, then go no further. You can of course go for a swim when you want a change of scenery, or take a picnic and spend the day there!

3. Ornos Beach

Ornos is an exceptional middle ground for travellers who aren’t too fond of the Mykonos masses and fuss, but also don’t want to spend their honeymoon in complete isolation way from the action. Ornos Beach manages to combine the best of both worlds and provides honeymoon endeavours that include the charm of Cycladic architecture, exclusive accommodation, great nightlife, just the right amount of privacy, delicious food, and relaxation without ever feeling overwhelmed. 

Golden sand at Ornos Beach

From picturesque alleys lined with whitewashed houses at quaint Ornos village to bars, clubs, restaurants, and a beautiful bay and coastline welcoming sunbathing, swimming, water sports, and other activities, you have it all. Not to mention the best sunset views, either from the balcony of your elegant suite or private villa or the sea shore! 

Clearly, Ornos is a winner for blending all the right ingredients that make up a marvellous, almost fairy-tale-like honeymoon in the Greek Islands. Having a bit of balance when it comes to your surroundings is the key to a successful holiday, whoever you’re going with! Mykonos is a mind-blowing island from end to end so wherever you end up, you won’t be disappointed. 

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