Best things to do in Malaga for an authentic holiday

Malaga is a fantastic place for a summer vacation as there is so much to see and do, it has beautiful sandy beaches and great culture. As with any vacation, you will always want to have an authentic experience here so that you can avoid the tourist traps and see how the locals live. So, how do you have an authentic Spanish experience in Malaga?


You can’t come to Spain without trying tapas and you will find that it is much different to the tapas you will find anywhere in the UK. There are lots of spots in Malaga to get an authentic tapas experience, including La Tranca, L’Experience, Toma & Coe and El Tapeo de Cervantes. You could even go on a tapas tour which will take you to a handful of the best places in town.


It is difficult to have an authentic experience in any destination without learning the history as this has such a big impact on so many aspects of what a city/country is like. Malaga has an intriguing history to uncover with evidence of the Moors, Romans and Phoenicians seen throughout Malaga and the surrounding area. Malaga is also home to one of the oldest wine regions in the world so you should certainly sample the local produce while you are here.


Malaga is home to dozens of superb museums that will allow you to learn about the history, art and culture that has shaped the city. Additionally, many of these museums are free to visit so be sure to research ahead and choose ones which take your fancy. The Picasso Museum is one of the most popular ones in the city and for good reason.


It would be wrong to come to the south of Spain and not see an authentic Flamenco show. There are plenty of places to enjoy this amazing experience, including Peña Juan Breva and Flamenco Amargo Tavern amongst a few other places around the city.

Travel Tips

There are a few other tips which will help you to have an authentic Spanish experience during your holiday. Keep in mind that a siesta is an important part of culture so many places will be closed mid-afternoon and lunch is the most important meal of the day. This also means that people do not tend to eat dinner till quite late – around 9 on a weekday and sometimes past 10 on a weekend. Finally, it is a good idea to arrange Malaga airport transfers so that you can go directly from the airport to your hotel and avoid public transport.

Malaga is a wonderful destination for a holiday with plenty to see and do. You will want to enjoy an authentic Spanish experience here and the above information should help you to do this.

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