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Dominican Republic

Life should be full of adventures, but the sad fact is, it so often isn’t! Most of us get one holiday a year, perhaps two if we’re really lucky, and we usually always keep them to the same type of holiday. The holiday that we know we can so easily afford, and the holiday that we know what we’re getting with our money. But that’s not the sort of holiday we want to try and endorse today. We want to talk to you about some of the coolest destinations you could possibly visit, to ensure that you have the best type of trip possible. It’s easy to think that you can’t go somewhere exotic, or you can’t do something different simply because of money. But if you check out these destinations, you’ll soon realise they’re actually not that pricey, and they’ll be full of a new type of adventure that you might not have experienced before.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the world that you can think about visiting. It literally has everything that you could ever wish for and more, including white sand beaches and the bluest waters you’ve ever seen. All of the resorts are all inclusive, so once you’ve got the initial cost out of the way, you really don’t have to worry about money whilst you’re there. And don’t think that the initial cost of the holiday is going to be expensive either. Considering what a luxurious and beautiful place the Dominican is, it’s really quite reasonably priced. There are two main areas that people go to; La Romana and Punta Cana. The latter is definitely the more popular of the two, with some of the biggest resorts based here. If you are going to go, we would highly recommend you do get out and do an excursion or two to make sure you get the best of this beautiful destination.


Australia is definitely more expensive than a trip to the Dominican Republic, but it’s a country full of variety, in terms of landscapes, activities and places to stay. People usually go for two weeks or more due to the long journey involved, and like to travel around whilst they’re there. If you’re going to go, you definitely need to book a trip to Fraser Island, which is just off the coast of Australia. It’s the largest sand island in the world, where rain forests grow on sand dunes and the beach goes on for miles. Back on the mainland, be sure to try and visit as many of the cities as you possibly can, especially Sydney and Adelaide, and maybe even throw in a trip to the outback if you want to get the full experience.


Santorini is becoming ever more popular, so now is definitely the time to get yourself a trip in. We would recommend going out of season, possibly in October, purely because it is just so busy in the height of the summer. Go out of season, and it will be much easier for you to get the full experience, and during October the weather is still warm so you can enjoy the beaches and even a bit of snorkelling if you wish. Don’t forget to head to Oia for sunset, and for a really magical experience, stay in one of the numerous cave suites that have plunge pools.

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