Five Must Have Items For Anyone Travelling To Italy

Trevi Fountain, Rome
The famous Trevi Fountain in Rome

As you know I love travelling and Italy is one of my favourite European destinations, whenever I’m there I feel so at home. I revel in the excitement in the weeks running up to a trip to Italy, or anywhere for that matter, regardless of how excited I get I always dread packing. There’s too much trouble involved, the fear that you have forgotten to pack something whilst trying to zip up a suitcase that’s barely even closing, and we won’t even mention the part when we have to weigh the thing!

During my years of travelling the world I have learnt a thing or two about packing and I want to give you some helpful tips to make packing almost as enjoyable as the actual holiday. Okay, that might be a stretch, but it will definitely help a bit!


Footwear choice is always important no matter where you go, and Italy is no different. There’s plenty of tourist attractions to see and beautiful landscapes to in Italy and most of these places involve plenty of walking, especially if you are heading to Rome or Venice. I always urge people to really think about their footwear choice when going abroad, as many go for fashion over function. A sturdy pair of trainers is a must if you are planning on spending a lot of time on foot and traversing different terrains.

I usually pack a pair of running trainers as they are built to take rigorous impact whilst providing the ultimate amount of comfort, and they also loo really cool. If something like this isn’t quite your style you can replace your insoles with a pair of shock absorbing insoles to protect your feet.

Osteria Timon, City Wonders Jewish Ghetto and Cicchetti Tour, Venice

Comfort always wins over fashion – even if I do look like a goon! On tour in Venice.

Water Bottle

It didn’t take me long to realise if you are a regular traveller then a water bottle is an essential. Travelling is expensive, both in monetary terms and environmentally, so doing anything to cut down on either of those is a huge benefit. I realised I spent an awful lot on buying bottled water, as you cannot fully trust the water you will be drinking when you are away, and the last thing you want on a trip is a potential stomach bug!

I found a filtering water bottle, which means I can fill my bottle up and drink the water wherever I am thanks to the in-built filter which removes and unwanted particles and bacteria. I am also massively cutting down on my reliance on single-use plastic which is making a small step to solving a bigger problem.


No matter where I travel to, I always pack something comfortable to lounge about in in the evenings after a long day. Exploring and taking in new surroundings is exhausting and I find nothing to be more relaxing after a tiring day than throwing on loose, cosy, comfortable clothing.

What to wear in Morocco - kaftans - Marrakech riad

Loose and flowing clothing is more comfortable in hot countries

You can take anything with you that is comfortable to relax and sleep in, at first, I would take my pyjamas, but I found these weren’t the most functional, so I take a hoodie, but you can take anything you like as long as you can wear it and be comfortable when resting. A fun option are these hoodies which are personalised by the guys over at Banana Moon Clothing and have your name on as well as logos and details of events that you took part in on previous travels, a great memento to take on all your trips.


As we have adapted to the new normal after Coronavirus, we have made some changes to our everyday life. One of these changes is we now wear facemasks or a facial covering when we are in a public place. This is fine by me; we all have to do our part. What I struggle with though, are those disposable facemasks, they irritate the skin on my face and the fact that they have now found their way into the ocean only screams of another environmental crisis.

I found that washable cotton facemasks are much more comfortable to wear, they’re not itchy, and those who are grumbling now will be thankful when the British winter kicks in and we have a little more coverage to protect us from the elements!

Peter Pan Masks, Venice

A rather different sort of face mask in Venice

Packing Cubes

Efficient packing calls for the right tools for the job, and for this job that means packing cubes. These brilliant gadgets fold flat and take up almost zero space in your suitcase and have a multitude if uses. You can use them to separate your clothes by outfit, style, or colour if that is your thing, or for a more practical use, when I’m away I keep a few out to use as a laundry baskets so I can organise my washing as I use it, then once I get home, or to the nearest laundrette depending on the duration of my trip, I simply empty them out into the washing machine.

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