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Flying has revolutionized the way we travel. It has made every corner of the world accessible, every city visitable, and has broken down the barriers for those looking to see the world. For all this acclaim, there may not be an experience less enjoyable than going through the airport, boarding a plane, and surviving the discomfort of a long-haul flight. The experience ultimately ends up being bittersweet until you are mercifully allowed to leave the confines of the aircraft you arrived in. All this occurs in the shadow of the fact that the customer experience while flying has seemingly been in decline since the advent of commercial flight. Well, a change is coming. Aircraft designers and builders are working on aircraft models that will allow for a better experience in the air. In order to find out what some of these fancy new designs may be I spoke with JustFly. An online travel company, JustFly is constantly seeking out information regarding the future of the tourism industry. They gave me a list of three features coming that may ease the pain of flying.

Virtual Reality

A pretty hot buzzword right now, virtual reality is everywhere. Seemingly every major tech company is working on some kind of virtual reality or augmented reality project. Well, aircraft makers are looking into it too according to JustFly’s review. Not only will this improve the in-flight experience thanks to providing engaging entertainment, but there are reasons to believe that it can even make the journey more comfortable for those who have fears or phobias regarding heights or flying. As people become increasingly dissatisfied with the state of in-flight entertainment, virtual reality could help flyers get through the slog of long-haul flights.

Improved And Enhanced Sight-Lines

Generally speaking, unless you have the perfect window seat, you won’t have a view of any consequence despite being 30,000 feet in the air. It seems crazy that carriers haven’t grasped the fact that the view from an airplane could be a major draw. With that being said, some carriers are beginning to investigate the idea of adding galleries. This will give flyers the opportunity to see an amazing view while flying and can definitely add value to your time in the sky. Likewise, other potential fixes include adding displays to the windows of aircraft, giving you realtime information regarding weather, eta, and the local time.

Aircraft Enhancements

You know what would improve your in-flight experience? Being on the plane for less time. There are several projects on the go with the aim of decreasing flight times and increasing efficiency. Firstly, the nose of the plane and cockpit are not exactly the most aerodynamic. What builders are looking to do is move the cockpit elsewhere, opening the front of the plane to be better designed and possibly allow for the building of galleries. Lastly, planes collide with one thing constantly, insects. Building planes with a non-stick layer would increase efficiency as dead bugs actually increase the drag on an aircraft, making them less fuel efficient.

Like all technologies, the science behind flying is improving constantly. While movement has been slow, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing the 21st century creep into the cabins and cockpits of the less-than modern aircraft that populate the skies today. Would these changes make flying more pleasant for you? What would you like to see added to aircraft to improve your flying experience?

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  • Frank says:

    I’d like the idea of plane galleries where I can really enjoy the view. But I don’t know how that would be done space-wise. I used to always sit on the window which I love but now with the tight seating and not-so-strong-anymore-bladder I’m always booking an aisle seat on a long haul flight (but window on anything under 2 hrs). Now if they could figure out the right balance between a good view and peeing while in my seat then they might be on to a good thing 🙂

    I’ve flown Lufthansa a couple of times lately and I really like their flight display. I’m hooked on stuff like that being a plane geek. I’m up for any improvements on that.

    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Yeah, the view thing could be a double edged sword, don’t think I could stand any less space in the cabin. There’s always a debate over window v aisle, but think about this…when you’re ‘really’ old 😉 you might get to have one of those ‘bags’ so you wouldn’t need to get up to use the bathroom! Every cloud… 🙂 Now there’s an idea! Not flown Lufthansa yet, though loved the KLM display on their dreamliner. Goes a long way to make a long flight bearable.

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