How to stay healthy on long haul flights

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Nowadays, increasing numbers of us are travelling the world. There are so many different reasons for this. The rise of the internet means that it’s easy to see what else is out there beyond our home countries – we can browse travel websites and blogs, see boards filled with stunning locations on Pinterest, and watch our friends and family members’ overseas adventures on social media. It’s not all too surprising that many of us are hit with a sense of wanderlust and want to take in all of the sights, cultures, languages, and experiences that the wider world has to offer to us. The rise of E-commerce means that we can open up our businesses to international customers with the simple click of a button to enable international shipping and payments. We might want to go and conduct research on our new markets, attend businesses with potential new partners or collaborators, or see what competition lies in wait for us in new countries. Travel agencies are also offering more affordable options when it comes to transport, accommodation, insurance, and all of the other necessities when heading from A to B. Put simply, travel is more desirable and more accessible than ever before. But if you are planning on heading away more regularly and if you are planning on spending more time flying, you need to consider your overall health and wellbeing. Here are just a few steps that you can take in order to stay healthy on long haul flights!


There are steps that you can take to improve your health and wellbeing on a flight before you even board the plane. Preparing in advance can really get you heading in the right direction! If you are heading to a destination that is far away and requires you to stay on the plane for an extended period of time, consider booking long haul business class flights. This will see you seated somewhere with extra leg room, more space around you, and generally better service. You will have a better quality meal, you will be able to stretch, and there are likely to be fewer noisy passengers about, meaning that you can get a decent rest en route. You could also invest in various different products that can provide you with more comfort throughout the flight. Consider purchasing some compression socks before you head away – your doctor or pharmacist could help to recommend different types for you. Pick up some ear plugs and an eye mask too!

Moving and Stretching

Deep vein thrombosis is a potential threat to some of us when flying. Staying seated for an extended period of time and not being able to move much can limit our blood circulation and cause problems to develop. So, make sure to get up, move about, and maybe take a little walk up and down the aisle once the “fasten your seatbelt” sign has turned off. This can help to promote circulation.

Staying Hydrated in the Right Way

Dehydration is another common problem when flying. Because we have to specifically request drinks rather than getting up and making them ourselves like we would at home, many of us just go without. But make sure to request a cup of water from the cabin crew. Just remember to avoid alcoholic beverages or particularly sugary drinks.

Maintain Your Skin Routine

Most of us have a facial cleansing routine, but neglect it while we are on a flight because we don’t consider just how long we will be flying for. Consider taking along some facial cleansing wipes and a small pot of moisturiser. Just make sure that any containers contain less liquid than the limit for taking in your hand luggage and that you place them in a clear plastic bag while going through security in the airport, or they might be confiscated from you during the security process.

As you can see, there are various different steps that you can take in order to maintain your overall health and wellbeing as best possible when heading away on a long haul flight. Bear them in mind each time you go away. Preparation and understanding of what is best for you is the key to success!

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