Is Convenient Travel Really That Bad?

Pool at Hotel Gran Tacande in Tenerife

It’s extremely easy to look down upon vacations that take seemingly little effort to arrange or attend. We often think that someone hasn’t ‘fully experienced’ a country unless they have made the arrangements themselves, perhaps hiked a good number of miles and have eaten in at least three authentic restaurants in their stay. Also, heading to just one place within a country? Surely that means you’ve barely even visited it?

But of course, while this intent of finding the true authentic culture of a place is essential for healthy travel, it’s easy to be quite snobby about things. Pre-arranged vacations and convenient travel insights are hardly a ‘lacking’ thing to experience, in fact if you use the right services, it’s far from it. If you’re experiencing a culture with your best intent and you try to avoid being ‘that annoying tourist,’ surely you have a right to explore and respect a country however you legally desire?

Is convenient travel really that bad? Not at all, in fact it’s rather good. Let us convince you on this point:

Consider The Real Experience

Why attend complexity, when often the best and most enjoyable tourist visitations have been arranged perfectly? For example, why would you schedule your own trip around Alcatraz and San Francisco when there are lots of available tours that are excellent, can truly extend your viewpoint and coverage of the entire wonder, and do so in a manner that respects the area to the highest degree? Sometimes it’s less about the ‘bragging rights’ of exploring the world completely on your own, and more about actually having a real experience with that in front of you. Of course, that doesn’t mean climbing the mountain with your trained skills and reading ahead for the hidden gems of an area loses its value, but sometimes it’s less about the administration and simply about finding the intent of your travel in the best manner possible. After all, it’s the experience you remember when coming back, not the efforts you went to to arrange it.

Travel With Family & Friends

It might be that you’ve previously taken pride in deciding on your hiking routes, on driving through a country rather than using air or coach travel, or perhaps avoiding pre-arranged vacation packages in favor of finding your own way there. But might it be that in your efforts to socialize with family and friends, you would feel much more joy simply spending time with them, and allowing the package to take care of everything for you? It might be that you’re traveling with someone older than you, such as an elderly relative, and you wish for them to experience the journey with more comfort and joy.

Remember that not everyone would want to go at your pace, or even if they could, they might wish to enjoy it.

Avoiding Snobbery

It might be that you wish to experience Paris aplenty. You head to beautiful restaurants, visit the museums, and even find film locations for cinema you have greatly adored over the years. But could it be that in trying to be as pretentious with your tastes as possible, you have ignored real good fun you could have had on your second trip? It’s not a failing in someone to take their children to an arranged place, such as Disneyland, and to have a great time. There’s often a feeling with travel that what’s popular is somewhat bad, or too obvious to see. But that’s hardly the case. We’re all impressed by different things sure, but good fun is good fun. Perhaps trying to learn this can help you keep your guard down a little bit, and simply let your hair down and have fun instead of considering what might look good on Instagram.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Of course, this article might have come across a little scathing of those who are simply trying to do their best and see the true culture beneath the corporate offerings. Yet chastising yourself isn’t often the best solution for this. So what if you wish to eat in the foreign equivalent of a chain restaurant? Does it matter if you head to the regular tourist traps everyone else does? Surely if you attend with your willingness to respect the culture and behave yourself appropriately, you are showing your love for that environment, and are bringing healthy boosts to the economy with you. Don’t feel guilty for wanting a little fun within the right parameters. It can spur your future travel encouragement.

With these tips, you’re sure to travel well with convenience.

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