How to keep on top of your online business whilst travelling

Travelling is one of the best things that you can do, and the longer you can do it for, the more of the world you’ll get to see and enjoy. Whilst it is an invaluable experience, it can be difficult to fit it around your life, and there are many things that you need to manage whilst you’re travelling if you’re planning on carrying on with any kind of work, or even if you want to blog about your travels. Neglecting things can simply lead to chaos, especially if you come back and see 500 emails sitting in your inbox, so follow these simple tips!

Keep your social media accounts up-to-date

If you’re a blogger, or any other kind of professional who relies upon an online presence for their income, then it’s important to keep your social media accounts up-to-date when you can whilst travelling, so that your income carries on coming in, and you aren’t inundated with messages when you finally get around to opening them all after a month or two. Whilst it can be difficult, especially when you’re enjoying yourself whilst travelling, get back to those Instagram messages and post when you can. You’ll be glad that you did when everything is a lot more manageable later on.

Get a virtual mailbox

As technology develops, so do the ways that you can stay on top of things whilst you’re travelling. If you’re somebody who relies upon letters rather than emails, don’t worry about managing this whilst you’re on your trip, as you can get a virtual mailbox from sites such as This means that all of your postal mail will be scanned into a PDF, and sent straight to your email address for you to view. Pretty impressive, huh? Look into this if you want to stay on top of things whilst you’re not at home, and you need access to your postal mail.

Set an automatic email response

Okay, we get it. If you’re snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, you’re not going to want to use your spare time online, replying to all of the emails in your inbox, and that’s fine. You can save yourself the hassle of doing this by setting up an automatic response to any emails, so that people will receive a response straight away telling them that you won’t be getting back to them until a certain date. This can help if you’re worried about people thinking that you didn’t receive their emails, or that you’re just a rude person that doesn’t want to reply to them. That’s not a great look.

Close any online stores

If you have an online store, or you’re a blogger who sells items, then make sure that you close up shop before you start your trip, if there’s no way that you can post things to people (and there are no friends or employees who can give you a hand). Whilst you may want to just post a notice saying that your goods won’t be dispatched until a later date, it may be easier to just remove the eCommerce option from your site whilst you’re gone. You don’t want a lot of angry people wondering where their items are, to which your response will have to be: I’m really sorry. I was snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

If you have any employees, be clear with what you want

If you have people working for you, it’s important to make sure that they know exactly what you want them to do before you head off on your trip. Communication is key, and telling them that they can contact you at any time they need to is also a useful way to put them at ease. If you put somebody in charge who knows what you want, they will be steering the ship as well as possible until you return, so be as clear as you can. Don’t stress too much about this whilst you’re travelling, as it will help your employees to learn things about themselves, each other, and your business.

So, there are many ways to stay on top of things whilst you’re travelling, depending upon the nature of your business, and whether anybody can take over from you for a while whilst you’re out there experiencing what the world has to offer. As long as you’ve thought these things through properly, you’ll be able to have the best time possible, and your trip will be as relaxing as it should be, so enjoy it!

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