Make the World your Office – become a travel influencer

Becoming a digital nomad is certainly a goal of many people. If you started a blog and you want to take the next step, or you’ve been in the game for a while, you’re probably wondering how to monetise what you do. Either way, becoming an influencer is one of the best ways to be an authority on any subject. The fact of the matter is, there is a lot of competition out there. And remember, what it is all about is running a business

It’s Who You Know

If you’ve been in the blog game for a long time, no doubt you’ve started to accrue a certain calibre of fellow bloggers to form part of your network. But if you want to take the next leap, you’ve got to think big. Look at the people you admire, and consider if it’s worth sending an Instagram DM directly to them to get some advice. You never know, they may get back to you and provide you with some of the keys to being an influencer. We have to remember there’s so much competition out there, that maybe these people are getting a lot of messages every day. But it shouldn’t stop you trying.

Get Your Business Head On

Remember, you are running a business, that means that it’s not just about the blogs you present, but it’s about the whole package. Think about things like your brand, your identity, the images you present, but how this all works in regards to your marketing. Get your business head on, and start to look at things like analytics, to see if you are getting traffic to your website. And if not, how can you make this better? Becoming an influencer is about working your way up the ranks to be a key person in your niche. But do you have one of these?

Pick A Niche

One of the main aspects of standing head and shoulders above all else is carving out your own unique identity. In the world of blogging, it can be pretty cut-throat, and if you want to be someone who is an influencer, who is able to monetise your blog, you’ve got to think about having your own niche. Being as individual as possible gives you more of an edge. Picking a niche, but also, looking at in terms of how you promote it, you can carve a new identity. Travel blogs are out there in abundance, so what makes you different? Are you going to do travel blogs, podcasts, or are you going to do something a little bit different? Are you going to explore countries in a different way, perhaps through their food, through volunteering? And it’s all of these things that you really need to think about to capture the attention of an audience.

Being an influencer in any field is about having business acumen, and as such, if you start a blog, and you really think you can make something of it, you’ve got to treat yourself like a product. As such, creating this whole identity for your blog is what will give you fans, followers, and as time goes on, you can start to expand further out. From something like selling products to affiliate blogging, these are all aspects of the blogging lifestyle that can earn you money. But remember, it’s a lot of hard work, but that’s not to say it cannot be done.

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