Planning Your European Travel Adventure with Omio

Piazza di Santa Maria, Trastevere, Rome

A long trip around Europe gives you a chance to explore all the different cities, both major and minor, and learn more about what this amazing continent has to offer. Home to 44 diverse countries and famous cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Krakow and Prague (to name a few), a trip around Europe can be an unforgettable experience, whether you plan to visit every country, or just a selection of your favourites.

Here are some top tips for planning your trip of a lifetime using the Omio app.

1. Booking Transport:

When it comes to getting around Europe, you can choose between flying to your destination, or saving money by taking trains or coaches. Many countries in Europe are separated by land borders, making it easy for you to travel between countries on the road. Bear in mind that certain countries such as the UK are islands; just like Kos, Corfu, Ibiza, or Mallorca, you’ll need to get across the water from the mainland by flying or taking a boat. You can download Omio to find great deals on flights, trains and coaches across Europe with over eight hundred providers covering over 36 countries in Europe.

2. Budget Travel:

If you want to travel across Europe on a budget, we have good news: it is possible!. Taking the bus is one of the cheapest ways to travel in between European countries, although it’s a wise idea to factor in the time that it’s going to take you on the road, as this tends to be one of the slowest methods of travel.  If you have the time to spare, it’s certainly worth booking coach tickets via Omio as not only will it allow you to save money on activities once you’ve reached your destination, but you can also take in all the scenery along the way— allowing you to see even more of the countries that you’re visiting.

3. Train Travel:

Travelling by train might be slightly more expensive than taking the bus, but it’s usually faster in comparison and you’ll also be able to enjoy the views along the way.  European countries tend to have an extensive rail network, particularly if you are travelling into the major cities, such as Rome, Paris or Berlin—which all have major rail hubs and trains going in and out from other European countries day by day. You could travel exclusively by train or book some train journeys to destinations that you’d like to arrive at faster.

4. Saving on Flights:

If you want or need to fly to your multiple destinations around Europe, the Omio app can save space in your mobile by combining all your travel tickets (or mobile tickets for certain routes) and travel itineraries along with the ability to have multi-modal search capacity—all in one app.  It’s worth looking into smaller airports and budget airlines to save money; flights tend to be just a few hours at the most, so there’s not much need to pay for any extra frills.

Travelling around Europe is easy by train or bus. By downloading the Omio app you can get started with planning your trip, bookable in over 18 languages. Travel is made easier by showing all three transport modes, including offering 24/7 customer service in your language.

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