The Benefits of Travelling Around Europe in Autumn/Winter

Jewish Ghetto in Venice

While travelling to Europe in the cooler months may mean a heavier suitcase which is packed with warm winter woollies, hats and scarves, we think there are a plethora of benefits to visiting this area during autumn/winter.

Not only does the crisp, fresh air bring a romantic, cosy touch to your trip, but you also get to see these places in all their glory.

Here are just some of the benefits we’ve found to travelling in Europe at this time of year:

You Beat the Crowds

A large advantage to travelling around Europe in winter is that you’re not going to be battling the crowds.

From July to August, everyone has the same idea – visiting Europe’s highlights. This means places like Venice, Rome, Paris and other key cities are teaming with hordes of people. And if you want to take your time and see the sights, this can have a huge impact on your holiday.

Large queues, busy restaurants, crowded marketplaces and constant hustle and bustle mean you’re not getting to see the best of these places.

Visit out of season, however, and you’ve got the place to yourself (more or less). Not only can you take your time as you venture around the city but you won’t feel claustrophobic while you’re doing it, either. You’ll also be front of the queue at restaurants, with staff falling over themselves to serve you because they’re not as busy and want your custom.

You Save Money

As fewer people are travelling to Europe in autumn and winter, you’ll often find prices are cut dramatically, from hotels to flights. Entrance fees may also come down drastically for local attractions and you’ll probably be able to haggle more at markets.

Equally, if you want to add a touch of luxury to your trip, many cruise liners also slash their prices to get people on board. Just check out places like Bolsover for the latest deals.

You Get Into the Festive Spirit

Throughout Europe, Christmas markets are a huge deal. So wherever you’re heading, you’re sure to find one or two to get involved in. They tend to start towards the end of November and run right through until January.

These wonderfully festive events will really add a magical touch to your holiday, adding to that romantic feel of the cool climate and (perhaps) snow-laden streets.

Ultimately, if you like to get wrapped up, you want to explore places as they are (not as a tourist) and you want to get the best deal possible, Europe travel during winter is a must-do for you.

This post has been provided in collaboration with Bolsover Cruise Club

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