Tips for planning a trip to Madrid

If you are in the process of planning your next trip around Europe, make sure you visit the wonderful city of Madrid.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is located right in the middle of the country. It is a city full of life and energy, and it is waiting for you to enjoy it. Spanish food is traditional, abundant and delicious. The best international and national shopping stores are in the centre of the city if you want to indulge. There are options for every need and taste!

Furthermore, Madrid’s history and rich culture will not disappoint. You will learn so much by simply taking a stroll through its streets. What are you waiting for?

Madrid is full of culture

Ideal travel dates and events 

One of the best things about Madrid that distinguish it from other European cities is the weather: it is good throughout the whole year. In Summer, it can be dry and warm and winter tends to get cold, of course. Nevertheless, the sun shines almost every day. It is very enjoyable particularly in autumn and spring, all the green spaces are flourished and colourful, it is perfect picnic weather.

The decision of when to travel is very personal and can take many factors into account. Still, there are a lot of events in Madrid that you can enjoy if you travel at specific times of the year.


One ideal plan for Summer is to visit the street market called El Rastro. It is filled with vintage and handmade works of art. Nearby, you can find different bars so you can enjoy and evening of tapas and cold beer.

The Matadero was a former slaughterhouse, which has been now transformed into a cultural space where you can watch films and exhibitions. In Summer, there are plenty of activities here for visitors.

Matadero cultural centre


In Spring, the place to be is Quinta de Los Molinos Park. This park is filled with cherry blossoms that burst into life, it is beautiful. You can go through the city by bike and enjoy the warm weather.

From May 11th to May 15th, the city honours their patron, San Isidro and there are a lot of different festivities and events like concerts and street parties.

At Easter, you can enjoy the parades and Easter procession, which is a very religious and particular celebration, not seen anywhere else in the world. Spring is also ideal for going to a thrilling soccer game and enjoy the passion of the locals. Tickets can be hard to get, but the experience is definitely worth it.


If you decide to visit Madrid in Autumn, the place to be is Parque del Buen Retiro. This park is filled with trees and plants from all over the world and the variety of colours and textures in Autumn is breathtaking. You can take a walk and see all the sculptures and galleries and also enjoy concerts and activities that take place there.

Parque del Buen Retiro

Autumn is also ideal for art exhibitions and museum visits; Madrid is full of them. Visit the Museo del Prado and the gardens of Museo Sorolla and Museo Cerralbo. Make sure to visit the typical bodegones and enjoy a meal of delicious Spanish food too. Ask for dessert!

The theatre life is quite special in Madrid as well. There are plenty of plays and musicals you can enjoy in this time of the year.


In Winter, the city changes its colours and prepares for Christmas. Spain is a very religious country and there are a lot of celebrations in this time of the year. The city fills with Christmas lights and, if you are lucky, you can even see snow fall.

There are Christmas displays around the main stores and performances for the crowd. The 6th of January is the Three Kings Parade, you cannot miss it, and you can also visit the Christmas markets or go ice skating.

The Carnival takes place in February, before Lent begins. The locals and tourists dress up and the Great Carnival Parade is the main event in the city.

Christmas market in Madrid

Learn the language

If you want to immerse yourself in the experience and take it a step further, you can also seize the opportunity and learn Spanish in Madrid.

Spanish is one of the most popular languages of the world, almost 500 million people consider it their native tongue. Recently, due to music hits and TV series, the language has gained enthusiasts and Spanish courses are in demand.

What could be better than learning a language in a city full of people who speak it? One of the main advantages of taking classes in Madrid is that the learning process never stops. After the typical lessons in the school where you will surely learn all you need to know regarding language structure and grammar, you can go out and interact with the locals. Do not be afraid to make mistakes! Madrid is a city full of international tourists and students and madrileños are used to them and very friendly.

Use your newly learned language to ask for directions

Your vocabulary will broaden and you will learn Spanish must faster than the regular way. This is called active learning, since you will also be gaining a new perspective in life and identify the moment when language and culture meet.

If you are not sure what your level in Spanish is or what time of course suits you best, do not hesitate to contact the school. The teachers and administrative team are there to assist you during your stay in the city.

It is a once in a lifetime experience and can benefit your personal life and your professional career in ways you cannot imagine. Not to mention that your classmates from all around the world can become your friends for life!

Don’t stop there!

If you want to keep on visiting this amazing country, make sure to visit other iconic cities, like Barcelona. There are plenty of things to do and see that will make you fall in love with Spanish culture and history.

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