Top tips for moving to Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia

Moving abroad is usually exciting and can be the push you need to start a new life, get ahead in your career, or achieve some of your lifelong goals. Sydney, Australia, is one city that has attracted people from all over the world for different reasons.

Recent reports highlight that over one million UK citizens live in Australia. If you are moving to Sydney for work, vacation, or simply to start a new phase, these 15 reliable tips will help you settle in nicely and enjoy life in Sydney.

Always Research Everything

You should take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on the internet. You’ll find information about Sydney on the city’s official website. You’ll also find truthful and helpful information from people who live in Sydney, as well as the many bloggers who live and work there. There’s a high probability that someone has written about any information you might need.

Use Opal Cards To Save Money On Transportation

Although Sydney has an excellent transportation service, you can get an Opal card for moving about the city easily, and cheaply. You can save more money with an Opal card as they are more cost effective than taking public transportation on single use tickets.

The beautiful Sydney Harbour

Hire A Removals Company To Move Your Stuff

If you are immigrating into Australia permanently, you might want to consider shipping your furniture as it costs a fair bit in Australia. It is actually cheaper to move your own furniture than it is to buy new once you’re there! You’ll also carry your home aura to help you settle in faster, which is always a good idea when relocating to a new country. There are lots of companies that offer removal and immigration services, like Doree Bonner, and it’s always best to use the experts rather than trying to navigate the process alone.

Find Accommodation Before You Arrive In Sydney

There are affordable accommodation options in Sydney, but you should book ahead to avoid being stranded. You might want to confirm your booking if you are moving during peak tourist season. Most rentals request a minimum of 4 months’ payment, which is important to consider too.

Get Your Finances Sorted

Sydney, like most Australian cities, is expensive. You can easily get stuck if you don’t have your finances sorted before then. You’ll need an average of AUD 5,000 for living expenses in your first months. Unless you begin a sponsored job or have a job waiting, you should ensure that you have enough money to last a few months before you start earning.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Inform Your Bank Or Credit Card Supplier

You don’t want to get stranded abroad with a limited credit card, so you should inform your bank or credit supplier before moving to Sydney. Telling your financial institution allows them to make funds available to you in Sydney so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you along the way.

Create A New Australian Bank Account

If you’re moving to Sydney permanently, you’ll need an Australian account. Thankfully, you can open one online with only your passport and some other documents. Search the internet for a guide to help you apply for a new Australian bank account before you set off on your new adventure.

Create An Australian-style CV 

Your old CV is no doubt excellent but changing to an Australian-style CV improves your chances of landing a job. There are dozens of templates online to guide you. You could also hire someone to arrange your CV in the Australian style. It might just be the difference between you getting a job or not.

Get Ready To Befriend Strangers

Sydney is one of the friendliest countries in the world, and for good reason! Get ready to have a random stranger smile and start a conversation with you. That’s common in Sydney, although you won’t find it much in London. So get mentally prepared and keep a friendly smile ready.

Sydney comes to life at night

Get Your Windbreakers And Winter Clothing

Although Sydney has a warm temperature most months, winters can be brutal and are sometimes worse than in some parts of the UK. You should keep your winter clothing ready before winter when their prices increase. Windbreakers are also necessary for windy evenings.

Get Full Insurance Covers

If you intend to hire a vehicle in Sydney, insist on getting full insurance cover. While you may not be charged for accidentally hitting an animal, you might be liable to pay damages if the insurance does not cover such incidents.

Drinking Laws Are Strict

Sydney’s Lockout laws, passed in 2014, prohibits entry to bars once it’s 1.30 am. Last drinks are called by 3 am, and doormen will refuse entry if you are drunk. Surprise, surprise! Australian restaurants generally close early too, and you could even find a restaurant shutting by 5.40 pm! 

Wi-Fi Is Mostly Paid For

Yes, it’s true, even in 2022! Hotel and hostel Wi-Fi is not usually accessible in most places. You might need to pay extra to use the Wi-Fi, but don’t worry, you should be able to afford the service as it’s pretty cheap.

Learn The Slang Quickly

Australians generally love to shorten words and form slang. Get ready for a lifetime experience learning new slang and cool words so you don’t stand out as a newbie.

Buy A Local SIM

Buy a local SIM to make cheaper calls than you would be using a roaming service. Most network providers also give free data to first-time users. You can purchase a SIM once you arrive in Sydney.

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