Travelling as a Couple: The Ultimate Survival Guide

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It’s the time of year when you’re probably getting itchy feet. The nights are long, the weather is cold, and sandy shores and cocktail bars probably feel millions of miles away. So, why not book a holiday for next year with your other half? Read on to learn some important tips for travelling as a couple and see if they help you to have the best holiday you’ve ever had together.

Choose a destination you both want to visit

If the pair of you are sun worshippers, you’ll probably have an easy time picking a beach to languish on. But if your tastes are a little different, you might want to spend an evening researching somewhere you’ll both like. This doesn’t need to be stressful, and in fact can be a really fun part of a holiday – browsing for holidays online can build anticipation and give you a date on the calendar to look forward to. So, see what ticks the boxes for you as a pair. And once you’ve found a destination at a good price, book it pronto!

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Know one another’s strengths and weaknesses

If you’re jetting off for a week beside the pool, you might think you don’t need to give each other’s strengths and weaknesses much thought – in fact, you might already have learnt them from previous holidays together. But if not, try it before you go. Who’s more organised, for example? Who feels most comfortable speaking a foreign language? Whatever the case, divide and conquer. If the organised one of you takes on responsibility for passports, tickets and itineraries, while the most confident driver does the car-hire collection and navigation, you’ll both enjoy a holiday where you feel nice and relaxed.

Give each other space

It’s highly unlikely that you’re together 24/7 in your day-to-day life, so do yourselves a favour and allow each other a little bit of room. Head down to the pool on your own for an hour or two and lay out a second towel for your partner when they join you later. Or, go for a wander along the beach for a bit of quiet time: you can experience your holiday together without being joined at the hip, and you’ll find that the personal space makes each of you feel refreshed and excited at the prospect of spending time together again.

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Set a budget before you go

Your holiday only has to cost as much as you want it to, and if you’ve booked an all-inclusive holiday, you can keep your spending money to a minimum. But whatever the case, agree upon a holiday spending fund before you go: that way you can both enjoy yourselves while you’re there without mentally keeping notes of how much the other is spending, or on what.

Plan the activities you’ve always wanted to do

Whether it’s swimming with dolphins, seeing the Northern Lights, skiing (see over here), going paragliding or doing something else entirely, your holiday is the perfect opportunity to experience it. You’ll find you’re a little more daring when you’re out of your usual routine, or you might be happy to splash out on an activity you wouldn’t have the chance to do back home, so give some thought to the things you could tick off your bucket list.

Those are just a handful of tips for travelling as a couple. Do you have any to add to from your own experience?

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