What type of accommodation is best for your trip?

Deluxe Room at The Principal Hotel in York, luxury hotel in York

When you’re planning a getaway, finding the right accommodation is a huge decision. In many cases, whatever you pick will completely shape the holiday. Most people will instantly think of hotels when it comes to finding a place to stay when they’re on vacation, but there are plenty of other options which might suit you far better. Here are some examples of different trips, and the types of accommodation that could work well.

A big group of friends and/or family

Travel as a big group can be a huge amount of fun. Maybe you have a large extended family, and want to do something different for your family reunion. Perhaps you have a big group of friends that are all adventurers, and want to plan something exciting. Either way, getting everyone together by booking a trip can be a chance to spend quality time, make memories and let your hair down.

One of the best options for this kind of group getaway is renting your own property while you’re away. You could look into things like villas with their own pool or accessible houses for rent. Find something that has enough rooms for everyone, and when you split the cost it can be far cheaper than booking lots of hotel rooms and suites. It will be self catering so you can buy ingredients and cook together as a group, and as there’s lots of shared space it’s perfect for interacting with each other throughout the day. You can always split up into smaller groups and go off and do your own thing some days, but a shared house means you all come together again at the end of each day.

There will generally be a housekeeping service charge at the end of your stay, for things like laundry, carpet cleaning, dusting and checking for damages, but split between a large group this is often a very small proportion of your overall rental costs.

A romantic retreat

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your love? Maybe it’s for an anniversary, their birthday or a special occasion like Valentines Day. It might even be the trip where you plan on getting engaged! For this kind of getaway, you really want something special. Perhaps you could look into renting a log cabin nestled in the mountains, or a holiday cottage with beautiful views. Another option would to be go down the luxury hotel route, something that feels high end and special- you can even find rooms with a private hot tub! It’s definitely worth spending a little more for the accommodation when you’re going on this kind of break. Do your research and look for something that’s quiet and scenic. If you’re staying at the hotel and dining there, then you’ll want to check the menu and make sure everything is in line with the kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create. If you want to really treat the person you’re with and make it extra special then things like high end beds, large tvs in the room and fine dining will all be on your list.

Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

A luxury suite at the Banyan Tree, Bangkok

A budget break

Life can get busy and chaotic and times, and sometimes it can have you feeling like you just need a break. A chance to get away to someplace new- anywhere really! If it’s a last minute decision, you won’t necessarily have lots of money to spend and so something cheap and cheerful is your best bet. Motels, guest houses and B&Bs all have good rates and are less expensive than hotels. Backpacking is another cheap way to travel, bring a tent and you can camp anywhere that’s safe and legal, or if you want something that’s less hard work, how about hiring an RV and going on a road trip? You have a vehicle and accommodation in one, you can stay in campsites some nights for a small fee and others, park up somewhere safe along your route. Another way you could potentially travel cheaply is by looking into volunteering positions. Lots of companies will offer free food and accommodation in return for some of your time and help. Not a typical getaway, but you’ll visit somewhere in the world that you might have previously overlooked. And you can genuinely help others and do good, while learning new things.

Wild camping in the Lake District

Wild camping is cheap

Solo travel

Solo travel can be so rewarding. Knowing that you can take yourself off on a trip and have fun without the need for anyone else can be incredibly empowering and really show yourself what you’re made of. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when you’re travelling alone, and for most people their main concern will be safety. When choosing accommodation, you’ll want to find something that’s as safe as possible but that also enables you to meet new people. Just because you’re travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to be on your own all the time, and meeting others will be an important part of your trip. Travel hostels are good for this, they’re cheap, they’re safe and they allow you to connect with lots of other adventurers just like you. If you’re going to go down the hotel/ motel/ guest house route, look for somewhere that’s in a typically ‘safe’ location. Especially if you’re going to be returning late some evenings. Look for locations on well lit streets, and access for things like public transport if this is how you plan on getting around will be useful.

Travel with young kids

Giving kids lots of experiences at a young age can be really beneficial for them. And what better way to teach them about travelling on different vehicles, different terrain and scenery, weather condition, plants and animals than with travel where they can see it all with their own eyes. However, while experiencing these things is great, travel with kids can also be stressful. You will need to tailor the vacation around them so they’re kept happy and content with everything they need. A great choice for family travel is a resort, as everything is in once place it’s safe, easy to get to and there’s no long travel needed each day. A cruise works well for the same reason. If your kids are a little older, camping trips are a lot of fun, encourage them to get active and improve their skills. If a tent is a little too rustic, you could always look into caravan and glamping options.

Gloucestershire glamping in a Warwick Knight

Glamping in Gloucestershire

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