Most challenging hiking trails in the world

Machu Picchu view

Hiking is a pastime that provides substantial benefits. It’ll provide you with a workout unlike any other, it’s accessible enough that just about everyone can get started with minimal equipment, and, best of all, it’ll provide you with a chance to explore some of the most spectacular locations in the world.

If you’re an experienced hiker, you might be looking for a trail that will really test your capabilities. Guided hiking tours provide the right balance between safety and difficulty, as they will push you to fulfill your hiking potential, while still providing security in the form of an experienced guide.

But exactly which places will pose the biggest challenge? Let’s look at five of the world’s expert-level hiking trails.

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

This Colombian trail will take you up around four thousand vertical feet. The trail covers territory of every kind: from jagged rocky passes to fast-flowing rivers. During the wet season, the water might well come up to chest level.

Thus, you’ll need to be in excellent physical condition to get the best from the route. Expect to spend around a week getting from one end of the trail to the other. You’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the surrounding landscape.

Huayna Picchu, Peru

Climbing the steep Huayna Picchu at Machu Picchu in Peru
Hiking the steep trail up Huayna Picchu

This amazing Peruvian trail has a reputation that precedes it. It’s known as the ‘hike of death’, thanks to its slippery stone staircase section, which takes you up a thousand feet.

On top of the main trail, there’s a section that takes you through mist-shrouded caves. The ruins can’t be accessed by any other means except by foot, meaning you will have the incredible scenery all to yourself.

Peaks of Ladakh, India

If you’re looking for an introduction to the Himalayas, Ladakh might well appeal. You’ll visit a string of remote Himalayan villages on the way to the highest peak, Dzo Jongo East. On the way, you’ll see amazing Buddhist monasteries, huge flocks of sheep, and incredible views of the surrounding mountains

The region’s most popular trail runs along the Markha valley. It crosses two routes on the way to Hemis, and will take an experienced group around a week to cover. Whichever trail you choose, it’s certain you’ll take away memories that will live with you forever!

Mount Toubkal, Morrocco

Looking up to Mount Toubkal

If you’re in good shape and looking for a challenge, then this mountain climb is perfectly suitable. It’s a great introduction to the world of ice climbing, and you’ll be exposed to some of Morocco’s distinctive culture along the way.

During winter, the trail up to the Toubkal Massif is usually clear. You’ll get an unobstructed view of some of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Snowman Trek, Bhutan

This trail is arguably the best on the planet. It straddles the boundary between Tibet and Bhutan, and will take the best part of a month to cover. Often described as the most difficult trail in Bhutan, it’s strictly for hikers with plenty of miles under their belts.

Lunana is accessible only by crossing eleven mountain passes above 4,500 metres. It’s one of the few places on earth that isn’t accessible any other way than on foot, meaning this is an experience that’s difficult to replicate.

Along the way, you’ll be exposed to a culture that’s virtually uncontaminated by modern life. You’ll find hidden monasteries, rural communities, hidden valleys, and secluded lakes, too.

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