About Us

Hi! We’re Heather and Peter Cole, a 30 something British couple who fit our day jobs around frequent luxury adventure travel. Despite living in the beautiful English Lake District, we like nothing better than to hop on a plane and use every last minute of our annual leave exploring the world.

Usually the planes are bigger than this!

Microlighting, Hoedspruit, South Africa

Microlighting in Hoedspruit, South Africa

Conversant Traveller was born during a Saharan camel trek in 2013, an experience that Heather still raves about and Peter tries to forget. Initially intended as a hobby, the blog has grown beyond what we ever imagined, and is now a ‘go-to’ resource for travellers, particularly for Morocco and South Africa.

Heather writes the words, and Peter takes the pictures. 

We could tell you that we’re passionate real-time storytellers who combine personal experience, quality photography and observational humour to offer persuasive inspiration to travellers seeking to discover new and exciting worldwide destinations for themselves.

But that all sounds a bit pompous. So we’ll just say that travel is our life, and we love sharing our experiences to help you travel too!

The Red Room at Dannah Farm Country House, Shottle, Derbyshire

Suite beams in a boutique Derbyshire farmhouse

Meet Heather

I’m actually a rocket scientist, astronaut and trapeze artist, but since my family and friends all think I’m a travel writer and content manager, we’ll maybe stick with that for now!

I began working in the travel industry in 2003, where I ran tours to Iceland and was a rep at Disneyland Paris (never again!) amongst other things. Since then I have independently organised all our personal trips, and thankfully Peter enjoys the same travel style as me, or at least says he does. He’ll do anything for a quiet life.

My background is as a geographer, and I’m a proud Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. I’m also a bit of a history nerd with an interest in 17th Century British goings-on, and once spent 3 years living in a castle!

I could tell you how many countries I’ve visited and list all the bizarre foods I’ve eaten, but that’s kinda boring. I figure admitting that I once fell off a chair lift whilst skiing in Italy (and was rescued by a dashing Olympian), and that I’m terrified of dogs may be marginally more interesting. I also play the double bass!

Paraty Speedboat tour, Palombeta, Brazil

Being allowed behind the wheel of our private speedboat charter in Brazil!

Meet Hubbie

Peter prefers the anonymity that comes from standing behind the camera, and is happy for me to steal the limelight and take all the credit. Unless he’s taken a particularly amazing photograph, in which case he never lets me forget it!

An international man of mystery, Hubbie (as he shall henceforth be known) is never more content than when he’s photographing wildlife, and will happily spend hours setting up that perfect shot. I arrange all these exotic trips for us to enjoy together, yet his favourite destination is the remote shoreline of Applecross in Scotland where he can watch seals and oyster catchers to his heart’s content.

Hubbie got his taste for travel during an expedition to the Himalayas in India, and shortly after took his first solo trip to South Africa. His love for the outdoors comes from spending time as an adventure activity instructor here in the Lake District, and in fact our first ever date was spent bivvying out in the fells on one of his days off!

He once got his head stuck through the railings outside Buckingham Palace and has vowed never to ride a camel again.

Champing at All Saints Church, Aldwincle, Northamptonshire

Going the extra mile behind the scenes – photographing our church for the night!

All articles are written from our own personal experiences and because of this we do not accept guest posts. Whilst much of our travel is self-funded, we do sometimes accept sponsorship and payment in kind in return for a review. On these occasions we include a disclaimer and as always, opinions remain entirely our own.