5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Motorhome Holiday


Although your next holiday may look a little different to usual, there are still ways you can head out on your latest adventure. No matter what destination you’re dreaming of, travelling in a motorhome gives you endless opportunities to explore, all with the utmost comfort at your fingertips. Investing in a used motorhome is a great way to enjoy many more adventures to come.

Travel where you want, when you want

One of the very best things about choosing a motorhome holiday is the freedom it can give you. Spontaneity is easy to achieve when your motorhome is parked on your front drive. Particularly in the era of social distancing, the ability to pack and go whenever you want to is a great way to relax, unwind and explore more of the environment both around you, and further afield.

Rather than being tied down to a strict timeline of hotel reservations, a motorhome holiday allows you to decide where you’re pitching each night, with as little notice as you feel like. If you reach a destination that you want to spend more time exploring, you’re free to stay for as long as you want. Conversely, if you’re not enamoured by the city or beauty spot you’ve parked up in, you can hit the road as soon as you want to.

Digital Nomad - man working on laptop in campervan - remote working

Cut down on your expenses

More of us than ever are keeping one eye firmly on our finances. While the more seasoned of travellers might know how to cut corners while adventuring, daily travelling expenses can quickly add up. A motorhome holiday helps you avoid these unexpected costs. Because your vehicle is practically a home from home, you can keep all the essentials you need in easy reach, without the worry of picking up more expensive items on the go. Especially if you choose a used motorhome, RV or campervan to travel in, the cost of running your vehicle can be significantly less than luxury hotels while you travel, too. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or value your used motorhome, companies like Sell My Motorhome offer a hassle-free service to ensure you can get back on the road, and enjoy the benefits of your motorhome holiday as soon as possible.

Embrace the natural world

There’s no better way to escape from your everyday life than to wake up to the sight and sound of a natural beauty spot. A motorhome holiday is one of the closest options you have to waking up under nothing but the night sky. Whether you choose to park on the coast, deep in the countryside or hidden in the woods, stepping straight out into your chosen spot lets you experience the natural world, without any sign of people, noise or human life around you. That means you can travel in the most unique way, exploring the world around you however you want to.

Ashness Bridge near Derwentwater in the Lake District

Enjoy the comforts of home living

Travelling via motorhome gives you access to all the home comforts and utilities you could ever need. Whether you can’t go without a coffee made just the way you like, your slippers on standby when you wake up each morning, or simply the comfort of your own bed, your motorhome offers you far more opportunities to keep things exactly as you like them. When it comes to interior design, owning your own motorhome gives you the freedom to decorate your home from home in exactly the way you want. That means however far you travel, you’re still able take a little familiarity with you.

Let your pets enjoy the adventure too

If you face surcharges, extra paperwork and extra stress every time you want to take your pets away, motorhome holidays could be the perfect option for you. Travelling on the open road with your dog by your side is a dream you can turn into reality with a motorhome holiday. As well as avoiding the admin side of taking your pet with you on holiday, travelling in a motorhome gives you the space you need to pack everything you need to keep your animal comfortable; your own vehicle has room for all the pet supplies, food and comforts you can carry.

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