5 experiences you shouldn’t miss in Canada

From dazzling cities and great lakes to national parks and even rainforests, Canada is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to traveller bucket lists. Whether you’re into hard-core back country hiking or fine dining in skyscrapers, Canada has it all, and what it has, it does extremely well. Here are just a few unique experiences that you shouldn’t miss if you’re heading off for a Canada holiday this year.

1. Get high in Toronto

The CN Tower is the iconic spire that dominates the skyline of Toronto, but as well as viewing it from afar to appreciate just how magnificent it is, why not try the EdgeWalk experience which allows intrepid visitors to walk around the circumference of the roof – on the outside! A great activity for adventurers, it gives a whole new perspective on one of Canada’s most famous cities. It’s the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk, and photos will be taken so you can prove your bravery to your friends back home.

Toronto skyline in Canada

2. Chill with the polar bears in Churchill

Ever wanted to see a polar bear in the wild? Churchill, a remote outpost town on the edge of Hudson Bay, is the polar bear capital of the world, where tourists can famously head out in a tundra buggy to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. The best time to go is during November when the animals migrate through the town towards the ice caps in the bay. You’ll have heard the tales of polar bears being encountered by locals in town, but it’s quite safe to visit if you follow the directions of your tour guide.

Polar Bears in Canada

3. Canoe on turquoise mountain lakes

The national parks of Canada are amongst the most pristine wilderness in the world. Mighty towering snow-capped peaks gaze down on emerald lakes, flanked by evergreen forests and flower-filled meadows. If you’re thinking about cheap holidays to Canada this summer, this is one of the most popular places to consider visiting. One of the most fun ways to experience the parks and get close to nature is by paddling through the vivid lake waters in a canoe, of course with a picnic on board. The best spot for this is Lake Louise in Banff National Park, where the surrounding peaks are perfectly reflected in the turquoise water and the only sound you’ll hear is the water lapping gently at the side of your boat.


4. Feel the force of Niagara Falls

On the border between Canada and USA lies one of the most iconic natural wonders of the world. Niagara Falls. Just an hour and a half from Toronto, the thundering waters are best viewed from the Canadian side, and it’s possible to take a boat trip right up to the cascades. Just remember not to wear your best clothes – you will get wet! There are actually 3 waterfalls at the end of the Niagara Gorge, and as well as taking a boat trip, visitors can also walk behind the curtains of water, or even take a helicopter flight high above the mist and spray. Definitely something you shouldn’t miss on your Canada holiday.

Niagara Falls in Cananda

5. Marvel at the Northern Lights

It isn’t just Iceland and Scandinavia that has the aurora borealis. Canada puts on a great show too, and there’s nowhere better to witness this strange and wonderful phenomenon of nature than up in the vast and dramatic Yukon territory. Watching the coloured light dancing above the dark earth is an other-worldly experience, and not something you’ll forget in a hurry. Most people hunting for the northern lights in Canada head to the small town of Whitehorse, which is the main hub for tourism of this nature. The best time to go is during winter, when nights are long and dark, and there’s something rather magical about snow-shoeing or dog-sledding through the wilderness with the mystical light above your head.

Northern lights in the sky over water with small icebergs

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