Discovering Europe: 5 Places to Travel to This Spring

Panoramas of Elba island
Having a universal travel adaptor makes European travel a breeze

Europe, with its rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and histories, offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery, way beyond what you can find on sites like Tripadvisor. As the frost of winter melts away, spring breathes new life into the continent, making it an ideal time to embark on a journey through its most enchanting locales. From the blooming landscapes of the countryside to the bustling streets of historic cities, here are five must-visit destinations in Europe this spring.


Fanad Lighthouse
Fanad Lighthouse in Donegal Ireland

Ireland in spring is a celebration of greenery and growth, with its landscapes coming to life after the winter months. The countryside is dotted with new-born lambs, ancient castles are framed by blossoming trees, and the coastlines are breathtaking under the crisp, clear skies. Spring is also a time for festivals in Ireland, a time to revel in traditional music and dance events, offering a deep dive into the country’s vibrant culture and hospitality.

This season truly showcases the Emerald Isle in its full splendour, inviting visitors and locals alike to explore its natural beauty and partake in the joyful spirit of its people. If you decide to visit, remember to buy presents for the people at home, but if you do forget, you can always get your own slice of Ireland with Irish gifts and heritage pieces at


Paris in spring truly transforms, casting off the remnants of winter to embrace the vibrancy of the season fully. As café terraces become bustling hubs of activity and city gardens burst into life, the streets are infused with a renewed sense of energy. Exploring along the banks of the Seine, marvelling at the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, or savouring a leisurely picnic in the verdant Luxembourg Gardens exemplifies the quintessential Parisian spring experience.

This time of year, the city not only blooms aesthetically but also offers an array of cultural events and outdoor activities, making it an unparalleled season to immerse yourself in the allure and charm of the French capital.


Pompeii ruins
Pompeii ruins in Italy

The Amalfi Coast, renowned for its dramatic cliffs and picturesque villages, truly blossoms during spring. This season is ideal for immersing in the vibrant life of its terraced lemon groves and colourful fishing villages, or indulging in the exquisite local cuisine at cliffside restaurants. Springtime also offers the perfect conditions for boat trips along the coast, unveiling hidden coves and secluded beaches that are less accessible by land.

Furthermore, the proximity to the ancient ruins of Pompeii adds a cultural depth to your visit, allowing for a seamless blend of natural beauty and historical exploration under the gentle spring sunshine. This time of year enriches the experience, providing clearer skies and milder weather, which enhances the natural beauty and historical allure of the region.


Spring in the Netherlands, particularly at the Keukenhof Gardens, becomes a vibrant canvas of tulips, showcasing over seven million flowering bulbs in an array of colours and fragrances. Known as the “Garden of Europe,” Keukenhof offers a fleeting, season-specific spectacle that attracts global visitors.

This period marks an exceptional time when the gardens open their gates to the public, providing a unique, immersive experience that epitomizes the beauty of spring with its extensive floral displays and aromatic ambiance, making it a must-visit destination for flower enthusiasts and travellers alike.


Granada or Seville: Real Alcazar Gardens in Seville, Spain
The Real Alcazar Gardens in Seville

Spain is at its best in spring, with mild temperatures and the scent of orange blossoms filling the air. A good destination would be Seville, a city that is famous for its Holy Week processions, a deeply cultural and spiritual experience, followed by the lively Feria de Abril, where the streets come alive with flamenco dancing, traditional costumes, and tapas.

Exploring the historic Alcázar palace, wandering through the winding streets of the Santa Cruz district, or enjoying the local cuisine makes Seville a must-visit this spring.

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