Through the Lens

Raven Crag, Hardknott Pass, Lake District, UK
Capturing the last of the evening light during a wild camp in the Lake District

As well as having the role of blog clown, hubbie also takes a damn good photograph, and many of the images on this site are his holiday snaps. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad either, yet we have very different approaches.

I’m an impatient type, and like good results, immediately. So I use a Canon Powershot SX40 (which is actually hubbie’s but he doesn’t often get a look in since I love it so much). Lots of great pre-sets for artistic shots with minimal effort. That’s my kind of gear! I tend to take the same picture multiple times, just in case. Which is perhaps why we always have 1000s of photos to sort through on our return. I bring it on myself.

I love playing with colour and sunsets on our travels!

Erciyes, Cappadocia, Turkey
When the birds fly back to the mountain, the dragon will awaken! Cappadocia, Turkey

Hubbie on the other hand has the gift of patience. He carefully considers his subject, spends some time setting up the shot with his tripod and various light filters, all in order to achieve one single image.

Chamarel Falls, Mauritius
Getting down to business at Chamarel Falls, Mauritius

In pursuit of the perfect picture hubbie thinks nothing of standing on cliff edges…

Hubbie at Lisbon Falls, Blyde River Canyon, South Africa
Hubbie in the pursuit of the perfect photo at Lisbon Falls in South Africa – can you spot him?
Heather, Capitoline Museum, Rome
I don’t always get it quite right
Applecross, Scotland
Anything for a better shot

…And whilst I sometimes struggle with the simplest form of camera mechanics, hubbie is happily standing up to his knees in Scottish seas, seaweed swirling all around him, as the tide draws in.

We’ve both been fans of Canon for many years (despite loosing one to humidity in the jungles of Borneo a couple of years ago) and hubbie currently uses a Canon EOS 550D with several interchangeable lenses.

We by no means understand all of the technical stuff, and some of our shots are more happy accident than judgement, but we’re pretty pleased with the results, and hope that you will be too. Our aim this year is to venture into the world of filming, so watch this space!!!!

Hubbie is happiest when he’s capturing wildlife…

Dragonfly, Bali
Dragonfly, Bali

…or experimenting with light.

Playing with light, Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech
Playing with light, Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech