How to decide which holiday style is right for you

Beach at El Nido, Philippines
Beautiful El Nido

There isn’t just one type of holiday. In fact there are so many to choose from that it can seem a bit daunting when you’re first deciding what to do, and where to go. A lot of it depends on how much time you have to spare, and how complicated you want your journey to be. There are options for short, easy trips as well as longer, more involved holidays, so pretty much all bases are covered.

Here are a few of the most popular types of holiday to help you decide which is best for you:

City Break

The city break is great if you only have a weekend, or a few days to spare. Cities are incredible cultural places with so much to see and do, but they can be overwhelming if you stay too long. Three or four nights is the perfect amount of time to see the sights, visit the best restaurants and get a sense of the place, without getting tired of the bustle. So, if you have a long weekend in mind, this could be for you.

One of the major benefits of a city weekend break is that often your destination is a bit of a transport hub, with flights, trains, and sometimes even ferries, all available to whisk you off on your trip. Plus it means you won’t have far to go at the other end, with usually just a short taxi ride between the airport or station and your hotel. This saves a lot of travel time, leaving you free to explore to your heart’s content.

Recommended cities for European weekend breaks include Rome, for all the historical sights and incredible food, and Barcelona for some Spanish sun it’s laid back vibe. London is a fun choice too, with some of the best attractions and hotel options on the continent. These cities are all very popular with visitors so it pays to think about organising your travel plans in advance, to ensure you bag the best deals for transport and accommodation before everything gets booked up.

Trevi Fountain, Rome
The famous Trevi Fountain in Rome

Long Haul Stay

If you have more time on your hands, and really want to escape the every day for a while, then consider a long haul holiday. You could jet off to far flung exotic shores and discover that picture postcard beach you’ve always been dreaming of. Or you could head for the hills and undertake new activities, like trekking the Inca trail in Peru or exploring the hiking trails in Yosemite National Park.

The flight will be long and probably arduous, but it will be worth it when you touch down somewhere new and exciting. Staying in a single location (or even a couple of spots) for a week or more means that you’ll get to know the area, and experience it less like a tourist, and more like a local. You’ll soon have favourite restaurants to eat at, favourite beaches to sunbathe on, and favourite members of hospitality staff to chat to in the mornings. It will soon start feeling almost like home, with that comfortable vibe of familiarity.

So if you fancy going somewhere different and staying long enough to really get to know the area, then this type of stay could be for you.

The Inca site of Moray on a day trip from Cusco
Peru is the place to go for mountain treks

Multi Destination Trip

Can’t decide where to go? Then don’t put all your eggs in one basket by staying in a single destination. Instead, factor in several different stops during your trip, and enjoy a wider range of experiences, cultures, and landscapes along the way. Southeast Asia is a great part of the world for this, with cheap flights easily transporting you between countries, and islands.

Many people like to fly into Kuala Lumpur, before heading to Thailand and Indonesia for some island hopping and temple bagging. The cost of living is very affordable out here too, so you can make your pennies stretch in a way that wouldn’t be possible in Europe. Already done the tourist hotspots? Then head across to the lesser-visited Laos and Vietnam for a change of scenery, before popping over to the Philippines for some serious beach time.

The US is another great place for a multi-destination trip, where the latest craze is camper van adventures. Being independent and self sufficient means you can travel to all the best national parks, cities, and coastlines as you see fit, without having a fixed schedule to tie you down. If you find you really love one particular place, then you can just stay a few more days, no sweat. Or if the much-hyped park just doesn’t meet your expectations, then move on somewhere new. The thrill of the open road is a unique feeling, and one of the best ways to enjoy several locations on a single holiday.

The accommodation in Indonesia is affordable and beautiful


Maybe you’re not quite ready to travel abroad again just yet, hate the thought of flying, or just want to explore more of your own country, in which case a staycation could be just the ticket. There are two types of staycation. Traditionally, it means remaining at home and taking day trips in your local area or further afield if you don’t mind a bit of a drive. Yet more recently, ‘staycation’ has come to mean a holiday in your own country.

Staycations are a good option if you like the minimum of stress and fuss on your holiday, as you can just jump in the car, and go. If you don’t mind self catering, then a cottage or apartment is ideal, giving you the freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please. Yet if you don’t fancy cooking, then there are lots of hotels and guest houses that offer discounts for longer stays, as well as breakfast and often dinner too!

If you live in the UK, then there are so many incredible places to visit that you need never even consider going abroad. Up in Scotland you can check out the Highlands and Islands, with their stunning coastal scenery, lofty mountain peaks, and tranquil lochs. Keep an eye out for the Loch Ness monster though! Over on the northeast coast there’s Northumberland, which is packed with ancient castles, beautiful windswept beaches, and even an island famous for it’s honey mead. It’s the sort of place that never feels crowded, and is the perfect spot to go to get away from it all.

Large castle on top of rocky mound
The imposing Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

If you’re a sucker for the sun, then you should probably head down towards the south coast and take a holiday cottage somewhere like Dorset, Devon, or Cornwall. The beaches down here are the best in the UK, and there’s plenty of culture and history to enjoy. The food scene in this neck of the woods is renowned too, with lots of farm shops, local eateries, and seafood shacks to tantalise those taste buds.

What type of holiday do you prefer? Let us know where you’re going on your next trip in the comments below.

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