Musandam Travel Guide & Things To Do in Musandam

Things to do in Musandam - see the Al Hajar Mountains

The gorgeous Musandam peninsula, which crowns the southernmost point of the Arabian Peninsula, is widely regarded as one of the most visually stunning locations in the Gulf region. It is separated from the rest of Oman by a significant tract of land owned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The towering red-rock Hajar Mountains plummet into the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, producing a maze of steep-sided fjords (khors), cliffs, and islands. Since these features are inaccessible unless one is traveling by boat, the peninsula has earned the nickname “The Norway of Arabia.”

You can embark on a Musandam tour to see the region’s untamed landscape, from the coastal waters where dolphins and whales play to the untamed highlands of the jebel, where fossils and petroglyphs dot the landscape.

As you plan for the tour, here’s a list of fun things below to include on your bucket list.

Top 10 Things To Do in Musandam

Musandam offers something fun to enjoy for every traveller despite their tastes and preferences. Below are ten things to do in Musandam.

1. Go Camping On Jebel Harim

At a height of 2,087 meters, the Jebel Harim Peak is the highest point in the Musandam Peninsula and is widely considered one of the most beautiful locations in Oman.

Jebel Harim translates to “Mountain of Women” in its original Arabic. This is because Omani women used to flee to the safety of the mountain during times of piracy and Portuguese colonisation out of fear of being kidnapped or assaulted. Hence, the mountain was given its current moniker.

Things to do in Musandam - Jebel Harim
View from Jebel Harim

From the top of this hill, you will enjoy stunning views of the valleys, fjords and towns around you. On this mountain, you can also set up a campsite and trek or hike to your heart’s content.

2. Visit Khasab Castle

Musandam’s capital, Khasab, was established in the 17th century by Portuguese colonials who desired to establish a monopoly on trade across the Strait of Hormuz. After the Omanis drove the Portuguese out of Oman and took control of the castle, it became a prison and the governor’s official home in Khasab.

Things to do in Musandam - Khasab Fort, Oman
Khasab Castle

Visitors can go back in time at Khasab Castle and see items like guns, jewellery, clothing, wedding decorations, and culinary utensils used during the Portuguese occupation. Models of buildings used to preserve dates and study the Quran may also be found inside Khasab Castle. Additionally, there are a few classic Omani boats from days gone by.

3. See Dolphins Around Musandam

The humpback dolphins, also known as Sousa Chinensis, and the bottlenose dolphins, also known as Tursiops aduncus, are two of the dolphin species that occasionally appear in the waters surrounding Musandam.

Dolphin in Musandam, Oman
Dolphins are sometimes spotted

Taking a boat ride is the most effective way to interact with these dolphins and get to know them better. The friendly dolphins will approach your boat to greet you if you’re lucky – this is one of the most special experiences on the Arabian Peninsula.

4. Explore the Enchanting Fjords

Discover the waters of the Gulf of Oman by going on a dhow tour out of Musandam Dibba or hopping on one of the local boats. Watch in astonishment as the water is whipped into a frenzy as it rushes past the rocky inlets or fjords.

Things to do in Musandam - dhow boat trip on fjords
Take a dhow boat trip on the fjords

Have some Omani coffee called kahwa and some dates while chatting with the locals on abord the boat – kahwa is traditionally served with dates. You are welcome to take a refreshing dip in the emerald waters whenever you like to experiences the fjords from a different perspective.

5. Enjoy a Speed Boat Tour

Musandam’s beautiful crystal-blue lakes and rivers are perfect for zooming around on a boat trip. You can travel along the beautiful coast in several ways, such as renting a boat or going on a speed boat tour.

You will have a great time with the speed, the wind, and the amazing views of the ocean and the mountains all around you. Having the ability to travel fast means that you’ll be able to take in far more scenery than on other boat excursions.

6. Enjoy Musandam’s Beaches

In Musandam, there are a lot of beaches with golden sand and blue water. Divers and snorkelers will be glad to hear that there are plenty of unique underwater species to discover in this area.
You can take advantage of the beautiful beach by swimming, doing water sports, or just relaxing on the sand.

Things to do in Musandam - visit the beach
There are lots of beaches to enjoy

You can also go out on a boat or even pitch a tent on one of Khasab’s beautiful golden beaches and spend the night there. This is nature at its finest.

7. Enjoy A Paragliding Adventure

You would be wrong to think that Musandam is only for people who like beaches. It is one of the best places in Oman to paraglide and parasail, and it is famous for tourists who come from all over the world for this very experience. When you are soaring at height, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the hills, the valleys, the bays, the mountains, and the beaches.

From Zighy Mountain, you can take off from a height of one thousand feet above the ground. Prepare your straps and take the leap of faith. As you glide over the undeveloped bay, look at the beautiful scenery all around you.

8. Visit Khor Najd Bay

Musandam is all about the natural beauty found in remote places, and the lovely town of Khor Najd Bay is a great example of this. It takes about forty minutes to reach the bay on a path from Khasab, where you’ll be greeted with stunning views of the mountains and valleys nearby.

Things to do in Musandam - Khor Najd Fjord
Overlooking Khor Najd Fjord

From the high viewpoint, you can gaze out over the fjords and take pictures of some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth.

9. Explore the Hajar Mountains

What could be more fun than driving your four-wheel drive vehicle through the Hajar Mountains on natural roller coaster roads? Highlights of your drive will be seeing the rivers, which are called “Wadis.”  Stop for photos at scenic spots along the way and enjoy the feeling of having the mountains pretty much to yourself – this area is truly remote.

Things to do in Musandam - explore the Al Hajar Mountains
The mighty Hajar Mountains

Visit the Wilayat Khasab Wadi, and while you’re there, and check out where the Jebel Hareem Fossils were found. There are fossils of fish and other sea creatures that are 250 million years old here! You can also try cliff jumping, kayaking, and swimming in the canyons of Wadi Shab and Wadi Rawdha, where water flows around the edges.

10. Go Fishing

It makes sense that where there is a lot of water, there will also be a lot of fish, which is true of Musandam’s fjords and rivers. Many people come to this area to fish, which has become a very popular sport.

You can join a guided fishing excursion, or, for something a bit different, you can go kayaking by yourself and fish with a rod over the side of the boat.

It’s time to head to Musandam

These tourist destinations in Musandam are well worth the time and money you spend travelling to see them. Enjoying a weekend in Musandam and participating in any of the activities listed above is highly recommended while in UAE on vacation. You won’t help but be overcome with awe as you take in the unspoiled nature that is spread out before you in every direction you turn.

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