Spotlight on the best castles of Barcelona

The province of Barcelona is one of those tourist destinations that has it all. Its extensive heritage, both civil and religious, will surprise you with its beauty. Another amazing characteristic of Barcelona are all the castles and fortresses, which have played an important role in the history of Catalonia.

To witness the culture and history that the province of Barcelona has to offer, you just need to visit one of its most charming towns. Do not stay only with the beauty of its coastal settlements, head into the interior to discover some impressive natural landscapes and emblematic monuments. Most of the people who visit Barcelona fall in love with its charms instantly. The city receives travellers from all around the world throughout the whole year, from curious tourists to foreign students who decide to live there in order to study the language in a spanish school barcelona.

Park Guell in Barcelona

In this article we will review the best castles you can visit in this province. Whether you are visiting Barcelona for holidays or you are here to take Spanish courses, you must tour every monument, historical place, and market of the province, including the castles we will mention below. Let ‘s take a look.

Castle of Santa Florentina

One of the most charming coastal towns in this province is undoubtedly Canet de Mar. Every summer, this town becomes one of the favorite destinations for those who want to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and its good weather. But just a few kilometres from the coast, this municipality is home to one of the most beautiful castles in Barcelona – the Castle of Santa Florentina.

We are talking about an 11th century castle, built on an old Roman fortification. This medieval castle has been the residence of numerous noble families, and even today it remains privately owned. Inside the castle you can find an interesting collection of works of art, while on its exterior you can see different gargoyles. It is a beautiful castle inside and outside.

Castle of Montjuïc

In Barcelona you will not only find the best programs for learning Spanish, you will also be able to visit magnificent buildings like the Castle of Montjuic. This castle is located at the top of the Montjuic Mountain, where there is also a viewpoint from which magnificent panoramic views of Barcelona are contemplated. It is a military fortress made up of three bastions, designed by Juan Martín Zeremeñoa according to the model of the French military engineer Vaubán. It is from the 18th century and is surrounded by a moat that was accessed by a lift gate – a magnificent work of military engineering.

Upon entering, you will see a huge parade ground around which various rooms are arranged, currently occupied by the Military Museum. The castle has two levels, both of which can be visited.

The Castle of the Three Dragons

The Castle of the Three Dragons is a modernist building placed in the park of the Citadel of Barcelona. It is the popular name of a palace built to be a cafe-restaurant during the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona. It was built by Lluis Domenech i Montaner, one of the most famous modernist architects of the time, along with Gaudí. It was finished just in time for the expo, in 1888. It looks like a medieval castle as it has four towers (all different) in its corners, topped with battlements. The structure is built of brick and iron, with decorative ceramic elements, especially the shields that depict animals, plants and drinks.

It was one of the most recognized buildings, and it was placed next to it the Palace of Fine Arts, which was destroyed after the event. Nowadays the building houses the zoology museum. There are two floors, in which the second best sample of Iberian fauna in Spain can be seen, with stuffed animals, a sound library, and bookstore. The castle also organises various activities such as exhibitions, conferences and Spanish language courses.

Castle of San Marcial

Another of the castles of Barcelona, declared an Asset of National Interest, is found in the municipality of Cerdanyola del Vallèsñ. This town stands out for its historical legacy, since it has the old Iberian town of Can Olivé and other monuments that testify to its long passage through history. If there is a place that you cannot miss on your visit to this town, it is the Castillo de San Marcial. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the language, since you can also communicate by speaking English in Barcelona.

The first records of the Castillo de San Marcia date back to the 11th century, where there was an old church of Sant Marçal. It is a castle that has served both for residence and for military functions. It should be noted that the castle has been owned by the same family for 700 years. At present, the Castle of Sant Marcial is in good condition; thanks to the renovations that have been carried out, both inside and in its beautiful outdoor gardens.

Cardona Castle

Cardona is a beautiful municipality in the province of Barcelona, with a historical heritage worth mentioning. The Castle of Cardona stands on a hill, dominating the town and the Cardener valley. An almost impregnable fortress that was in charge of guarding and protecting the nearby mammoth salt mine, something that at one time was so appreciated and valuable that it brought a huge amount of money to the area.

This castle is a medieval fortress, built in 886. It features two predominant architectural styles, Romanesque and Gothic, and was the residence of the lords of Cardona. The ensemble of this fortress is made up of the Collegiate Church of San Vicente de Cardona and the Torre de la Minyona. Currently, the Castle of Cardona houses the “Duques de Cardona” National Tourism Parador and is one of the largest tourist attractions in this province. Discover this amazing building throughout the magnificent historical free Barcelona tour offers.

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