Unmissable experiences in the Dominican Republic

Beach in the Dominican Republic

Whether it is for business or plain fun, there is no place more popular than the Caribbean destination of Dominican Republic. The excellent air connectivity makes this country the most easy to access in this entire region. Thanks to an extensive system of roads, travel within the country too is fast and simple. Other attractions include stunning coastlines, eco-tourism and unique culture, and a number of accommodation options such as beachfront Caribbean villas make the Dominican Republic a tempting destination for all kinds of visitors. Here are some of the top attractions to make this fascinating country your next holiday choice.

Chill out at Playa Dorada

The magical tourist hub of Puerto Plata is home to one of the finest beaches in the world, namely Playa Dorada. With an array of exotic food outlets, luxury resorts, high class shopping and the legendary Robert Trent Jones golf course, Playa Dorada is an ideal place to spend quality time with families and friends.

Visit the Damajagua Waterfalls

These unique series of pools and waterfalls, numbering twenty seven in all, are a big draw with tourists near Puerto Plata and the region. The most popular activity here involves climbing to the top of the falls and frolicking in the water of the numerous pools which have been formed as a result of the cascading waters. Definitely one of the most popular activities here in the Dominican Republic.

Go watch the whales

The region of Samana, in the Dominican Republic, is home to a large number of humpback whales which have taken sanctuary in the area. Between the months of December and March every year, an estimated 2000 of these splendid marine mammals congregate in these waters near the coast to give birth to their young. The mating rituals, which involve jumping out of the water and giving out melodious calls to attract females, is said to be a sight to behold.

Luxury whale watching Sri Lanka - overnight catamaran from Mirissa with Sail Lanka
Whale watching

Visit the Amber Museum

The Amber Museum in Puerto Plata is dedicated to the Amber gem, which also happens to be the national gemstone of the country. Constructed in the excellent Victorian style of architecture, the buildings hold several types of the valuable Dominican Amber, mostly in fossilised form. An in-house gift shop caters to tourists who are interested in purchasing some of the exquisite amber jewellery.

Go windsurfing at Cabarete

The warm waters and the constant strong winds have turned Cabarete into the windsurfing capital of not only the Caribbean but the whole world as well. Kiteboarding too, is a popular pastime with people here. Once you have had a fill of the ocean, you can choose from the umpteen restaurants and cafes on the shore to fill your stomach. For shoppers, there is no dearth of outlets, as the six kilometres long beach is crammed with them.

Windsurfing at Cabarete in the Dominican Republic
Windsurfing at Cabarete

Frolic around at Ocean World Adventures

With a visitor-animal interaction theme, the Ocean World Adventures park in the Dominican Republic is great draw with nature and outdoor enthusiasts. Water slides and aquariums apart, the visitors can go swimming with the dolphins, play with sea lions or get up close to sharks and stingrays. The park also serves as a base for some of the large land animals like tigers as well as tropical birds.

Ascend Mount Isabel de Torres

This 2600 foot high mountain known as Mount Isabel de Torres is considered to be the highest in Caribbean. One of the most unique experiences in the Dominican Republic is to climb to the top to have access to stunning views of Puerto Plata and the surrounding countryside. Also at the top are lovely flower gardens, a restaurant and a statue of Jesus Christ similar to the one found in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro.

Ascending Mount Isabel de Torres in the Dominican Republic
Ascending Mount Isabel de Torres

Go for some Colonial pampering

Take at least one night out of your itinerary to get pampered at the Badua Spa in Casa Colonial. The spa and massage treatment here is said to be out of the world and extraordinary. The luxurious settings of this hotel in Puerto Plata, overlooking the ocean, will rejuvenate the body and drive all the blues away. Needless to say the food is exquisite and the service impeccable. The Heritage room has private beach access and your very own balcony to enjoy your evening drink.

Go to Santo Domingo

Founded way back in 1594, Santo Domingo is not only the capital of the Dominican Republic but the oldest city in the Americas as well. This historic city is lined with beautiful colonial buildings, has a vibrant nightlife, wide range of bars and cafes and plenty of good quality accommodation options on offer.

Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo

Relish the rich food.

The entire cuisine of the Dominican Republic is Creole based. The rich and flavoured food may vary from one place to another, but the principal staple diet revolves around rice, beans, meat and fresh seafood. Some of the delicacies which are not to be missed include Mangu, Casaba and La Bandera which consists of rice eaten with beans and meat served with fried plantain.

Don’t forget the nightlife

If party is on your menu, the Dominican Republic will not disappoint you. The country has a large range of cafes, bars and dance clubs to cater to the locals and visitors alike, ranking from the casual to the sophisticated. Santo Domingo may be the prime spot for live music performances but nearly every resort offers live music and shows for their guests. The trendy happening outlets and casinos have made the Dominican Republic the leading entertainment centre of the Caribbean.

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