Why you should visit Miracle Garden on your next Dubai trip

Miracle Garden in Dubai

Dubai is famous for implementing the most interesting and daring plans as if it has set a goal to build as many objects as possible that break world records. This is exactly what Miracle Garden is – a flower park in Dubai, often called the “Garden of Miracles” on maps. This is one of the largest flower beds in the world, covering an area of 72 thousand square meters. Here you can find flower installations that amaze with their riot of colors, scale, and craftsmanship. The park is visited en masse by tourists, although the ticket price in 2024 cannot be called low. They also take group excursions to the “Garden of Miracles”.

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Why you should visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai

The flower garden in Dubai is a unique phenomenon in its way; there are almost no such giant flower parks in the world. Although the park is not the largest in area, it has no equal in terms of the number of flowers. Large-scale floral installations amaze the imagination. 4 km long paths connect thematic areas with flower arrangements. On the territory of the park, there is a wonderful Garden of Aromas with herbs from 200 countries and an aviary with peacocks.

Peacocks in Dubai Miracle Garden
Peacocks in Dubai Miracle Garden

The area called the International Garden houses floral sculptures of world landmarks, including local ones. Tired tourists have a place to catch their breath, relax, and even take a nap in a hammock if they wish. Children will be interested in Disney sculptures, near which adults can sit comfortably while the kids examine the compositions.

Despite the abundance of flowering plants, allergy sufferers don’t always experience unpleasant symptoms when visiting the park. The pollen from the flowers used may not be one of the common allergens.

This garden is worth visiting for those who are getting married soon. It’s worth doing this to see what flowers can be used in a wedding bouquet. And if your wedding does not take place in Dubai, then Dubai can be used as a training ground. Rent a white dress for the day and order wedding flowers in DJflowers.

Flower car in Dubai Miracle Garden
Quirky floral displays

History of creation

Miracle Dubai Garden was initially created not as a tourist attraction, but as an example of the rational use of water resources. In the UAE, landscaping is an important component of government policy. Acar, who led the project, said the Garden is a compelling example of what can be achieved when wastewater is reused. When creating the facility, the most modern garden design techniques were used; the best specialists from the USA, Italy, and Germany worked on the project. Along the perimeter, the “Garden of Miracles” is protected by trees, which were planted as a barrier to wind and sand.

The park opened in 2013 on February 14 as a gift to city residents on Valentine’s Day. Such an impressive implementation of the project could not go unnoticed, and soon the Garden became the most beloved and visited place by citizens and tourists.

Thousands of people pass through this park every day (except during the summer season when the park is closed due to extreme heat). This park has its meaning for everyone. For some, this park is a symbol of life, others come to study what types of flowers grow there. For some, this is a great opportunity to get inspired to create their flower arrangements, and bouquets, or how decorate their backyard.

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