8 Tips for Next Level Luxury Holidays

Caribbean beach

Everyone needs a holiday – it’s a chance to escape from the pressures of daily life, firmly put the work of work behind you, and enjoy being able to relax on a sun-kissed beach or mountain retreat. Trips abroad are also a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, away from the hassles of life back home. But holidays aren’t all created equal, and those that come with added elements of luxury are sure to make for lifelong memories.

A luxury holiday doesn’t only involve relaxing in a spa. You may also take advantage of the local culture, beautiful beaches, rugged coastal walks, delectable cuisine, and much more. Your choice of luxury holiday can range from sun-soaked shores to vibrant cities and everything in between. To ensure your luxury trip lives up to your high expectations, it’s important to follow a few guidelines to help it run smoothly. Planning is key, so remember to spend some time organising the itinerary before you set off.

Here are eight suggestions for making your luxury vacation unique.

1. Select the location that matches your mood

Before anything else, choosing the right location should be your top priority. Unlike other holidays you may go on, this one should not be focused on touristy places or ‘must-see locations.’ Instead, it should centre on you, and the elegant richness you want to feel. An easy way to pick the right place is to consider all the destinations you have always wanted to visit, you know, the ones that have been on your bucket list forever. Maybe you fancy heading to dazzling Dubai or glitzy Monaco, or perhaps you’d prefer glamorous Marrakech or romantic Paris? Whatever you decide, you know you’re in for a treat.

Luxury villa near Marrakech
Luxury accommodation near Marrakech

Luxury means different things to different people. For some, soaking in a bath tub with a view of the Eiffel Tower ticks all the boxes, whilst for others, a private jeep ride through the Sonoran Desert is just the thing. According to Wild Bunch Desert Guides, a Scottsdale Adventure Tours company, “luxury traveling involves the finest travel experience with maximum amenities.” Just because you’re out in the wild doesn’t mean you’ll be roughing it.

2. Plan the length of your stay

Plan the length of your stay once you’ve chosen the destination for your opulent getaway. The timescale will often depend on how far away the destination is, and how long it will take you to reach it. For a long-haul trip, a minimum of 2 weeks is recommended, so you can make the most of your time away. A shorter trip will feel rushed, with a lot of your days taken up with tiring travel.

However, luxury doesn’t necessarily mean you have a to spend a long time away. Shorter jaunts can be equally lavish, with weekends in New York or Rome topping the bill. Many capital cities are easy to get to, and with no onward travel you’ll be hitting the ground running from the moment your plane touches down. If you don’t have much annual leave to play with, consider a long weekend with 3 or 4 nights – this is plenty of time to feel like you’ve had a proper break.

3. Travel in comfort

Long flights are a necessary evil if you want to reach the most exotic places with all the best beaches. Often, multiple flights are required, especially for more obscure destinations – these epic routes are certainly not for the faint hearted. Then there’s the hassle of baggage, checking in and getting to the airport in the first place. Yet it needn’t be stressful. If you can, book a business class or first class flight, to ensure you reach your destination relaxed and ready to go. Your seats will be more comfortable, there will be lots more space on board and the service standard will be far elevated from that in economy.

KLM dreamliner business class
Travel in business class

Yes, this is an expensive way to travel, but it’s worth the splurge when you’re planning a super luxurious trip abroad. You can also keep costs down by using air miles, credit card points and keeping an eye out for upgrades. Another option is to book a seat in premium economy, a class which many airlines have introduced in recent years to bridge the gap between economy and business. These seats are usually in their own separate area of the cabin, with better service and more space.

4. Travel with friends

One way of making a trip truly memorable is to travel with some of your closest friends or family. If they have the means, time, and financial capability to tag along with you, why not? If you’re going on a luxury vacation as a couple, it looks like you already got yourself a travel partner! Just remember to include everyone in the planning stage, so that your companions feel that they’ve had some say in the itinerary, leaving little room for arguments once you’ve arrived.

You can keep costs down by sharing rooms, meaning you’ll be able to afford to stay somewhere even more luxurious. Or, if you like to have a bit of your own personal space when you’re away, book adjacent rooms so that you’re close, but not too close.

5. Book the top hotel

As we’re going with the definition of luxury, don’t book a hotel that only offers a pool. Also consider things like hotel reviews, levels of customer service, the size of your room, the location of the hotel, and of course the cleanliness when deciding where to stay. Furthermore, book a room in a five-star luxury hotel or resort that offers a pool, gym, spa, fine dining, round-the-clock room service, minibars, and other amenities. Reserve the finest, and don’t accept any less!

The Refectory at Stanbrook Abbey Hotel
Book a luxury hotel

To take things to the next level, look for hotels that also offer things like personal butler service, infinity pools, excursions and a concierge. You want to be treated like a VIP from the moment you walk over that threshold. If you prefer to stay somewhere that feels like a home from home, consider luxury vacation rentals for the ultimate in sophistication and privacy. Many come with beautiful locations, five-star service and their own private pools – trips don’t get any more indulgent than this!

6. Try new drinks

While on vacation, you won’t be surrounded by your ‘comfort’ drink. You’ll need to be a little adventurous and try the unique and never-heard-before drinks that are on offer. Every location has its own funky cocktail, beer, and fine wines – look up the places where you can experience something different and exciting. Trying something new will make your vacation ten times more memorable.

To further elevate your drinking experience, look for panoramic rooftop bars in cities, wine tasting tours and distillery visits. You never know, you might just find your new favorite tipple!

7. Capture all the best moments

Yes, you want to live in the moment, but you should also take pictures to remember the joy of your trip. On a luxury holiday, you will likely take photos at the hotel, beside the pool, while out and about, and in a variety of other locations. To secure that memory, be sure to grab your phone or camera and make sure it’s fully charged.

A great view from the land cruiser - photographing elephant in Naboisho Conservancy - Ol Seki - Masai Mara
Capture the bets moments

However, don’t go too overboard with the capturing. You don’t want to spend your whole luxury vacation just clicking the camera––only capture those special moments with loved ones!

8. Don’t feel bad about doing something

It’s your time, and your holiday, so you should be able to do whatever you’ve always wanted to do without feeling guilty. Is there a new experience you wish to enjoy or do you fancy trying something that does not define you? Go for it. For instance, if you want to party with strangers, taste every variety of wine the trip has to offer, or want to do nothing but lie down and relax (nothing wrong with that) – do it.

Don’t feel guilty about whatever you’re doing, and don’t give into peer pressure if you’re travelling with friends who have different ideas about what’s cool. There’s no shame in splitting up for the day so you can all pursue your individual interests.

It’s time to take your luxury holiday to the next level

To conclude, your luxury vacation will be remarkable if you do some careful planning. With the right destination, budget, some research, and luxurious accommodations, you have the perfect luxury holiday spot. After that, how to enjoy the vacation in different ways is all up to you. So sit back and enjoy it, and remember, it doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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