Four Camping Spots in the UK to Try this Summer

Wild Camping Lake District

The UK is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing camping locations. If you’re looking for a different kind of holiday – one that will bring you closer to nature, and further from the stresses of city life – then choosing the right campsite can make or break your trip.

A Summer of Camping

Camping can be done at just about every time of year. But it’s during summer that it’s most rewarding. You’ll get lots of daylight hours, and a chance to sit around a campfire just outside the tent. It’s a form of holiday that will appeal to everyone: from couples to families to groups of friends.

If you’re travelling as a group to a distant part of the country, then you might look to split the driving duties. This will help to remove the driving burden from the car’s owner, and to ensure that everyone gets a chance behind the wheel. You can make sure that you’re road-legal with the help of temporary car insurance, which will get you covered for the duration of the trip.

Glamping tent and surrounding field at Wrinklers Wood in Cornwall
Nothing beats camping in the summer

Camping Areas to Consider

So, which parts of the UK should we be considering? Let’s take a look at some of the top places.

Top of the Woods, Pembrokeshire

This Welsh campsite emphasises what’s great about camping: namely, its power to get us back to nature. You’ll have a range of eco-friendly forms of accommodation to choose from, including safari lodges and space-age domes. For the authentic experience, however, it’s best to bring your own tent, and pitch up among the wildflowers.

High cliffs and a tall sea arch on the left, with sea to the right, and a rocky foreground
The beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline

Woodfire, Sussex

This campsite shifts the focus to catering. You won’t have to bring your own food, here – it’s all provided by local chefs, armed with a barbeque. There are actually two Woodfire locations to choose from: one in Westerlands and another in Firle. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy an amazing breakfast, and epic barbecues based around seasonal produce.

Wytch Wood Camping, Somerset

Here we have another amazing eco-friendly campsite. The facilities here are high quality, with hot showers and composting toilets. During the weekend, you might also find street food vendors, selling their stuff around the site. There’s lots to explore in the local area too, from woodland walks to coastal scrambles.

Valley of the Rocks just outside Lynton
Valley of the Rocks on the Somerset coast

The Pig Place, Oxfordshire

This campsite is distinct in that it’s actually based on a working farm. Thus, many of the pigs you’ll see around the site will actually find their way onto your plate. If you want to reduce your food miles, and see what a difference this kind of food philosophy really makes to the final meal you enjoy, this is the best place to be. Of course, if you’re on a plant-based diet, you’ll also find plenty of tasty vegan-friendly alternatives.

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