Want Better Sun Protection? How to choose sunglasses to suit your holiday

Sunglasses on the beach

Despite financial challenges stemming from rising costs, more Brits are travelling than ever before. Over nine in ten individuals want to go on holiday this year. If you’re one of them, you’re probably considering how to best prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip. Our tips for staying fit and healthy whilst travelling recommend getting the right vaccinations, investing in travel insurance—and, crucially, prioritising sun protection. You’ll likely be heading to warmer getaways to take a break from the UK’s bleak weather, and you’ll want to bring hats, clothes, and sunscreen that provide adequate UV protection. 

In the process, though, don’t neglect your eyes. Overexposure to the sun can gradually damage your vision. Without sunglasses, you may eventually develop blindness-causing conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Want more effective sun protection with added benefits? Buy sunglasses depending on the type of holiday you’ve got planned. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

For the beach: floating sunglasses

Beach destinations are where you’ll need sunglasses the most, as you’ll be more vulnerable to overhead sunlight and the reflection bouncing off the waves. However, one drawback can take away from the protection they provide: you can lose them. In destinations like Texas’ Lake Travis, for example, divers find up to 1,900 pairs underwater every year.

To prevent this, get floating sunglasses that you can easily spot and retrieve in case they get dislodged while you go for a swim. One of the best models for this comes from action camera manufacturer GoPro. Its MezCal sunnies’ buoyant frames can float in both fresh and saltwater, perfect for continuous sun protection during activities like jet skiing and paddleboarding. 

Swimming in sunglasses

For active travelling: sports sunglasses 

Though holidays are usually the time for relaxation, more Brits are opting for action-filled holidays with itineraries involving activities like mountain biking, hiking and even pickleball. If you’re interested in these ‘sportcations,’ your eyes will risk not just UV overexposure but infections from dirt and debris entering them. That’s why it’ll help to invest in dedicated sun-blocking sports glasses that shield you from both.

Get these from reliable activewear brands that offer features specifically designed to improve and protect your eyesight for better physical performance. Take models like the elate.o pro from the Austrian eyewear brand evil eye. Designed with over 25 years of sports experience and input from actual athletes, the pair provides 100% UV protection while leveraging frames that use tri.fit technology, a double-snap nose bridge, a quick-change lens system, and a traction grip.

With multiple points of adjustment for the temples and nose as well as various lenses you can use, these sunglasses are guaranteed to stay on your face and enhance your vision no matter what’s on your active holiday itinerary. That’s not to mention that sports sunglasses like these usually have streamlined wraparound designs that protect more of your eye area from the sun and other foreign objects. 


For sightseeing: smart sunglasses 

Travelling often involves exploring new destinations, which may see you discovering historic locations and walking through natural landscapes on holiday. These experiences can offer memories you may want to capture as keepsakes or share with your loved ones, and you’re likely to snap a photo or two on your excursions.

With the right pair of sunglasses, you can get both sun protection and the ability to take both photos and videos hands-free from your own perspective. This has been made possible with the rise of smart glasses like the Ray-Ban Meta, which come in popular sunglasses designs like the Wayfarer. Aside from letting you communicate with others via call and text, these can help you capture and upload photos and videos to platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

You can even use your voice to interact with the model’s AI assistant, which can translate signs, identify landmarks, and give directions while you’re on the go—and since all these features come wrapped up in a tried-and-tested Ray-Ban sunglasses design, these intelligent specs provide full UV protection while enhancing your sightseeing adventures. 

Car hire and driving abroad

For luxury getaways: designer sunglasses

If you’re gunning for a more high-end holiday—whether you’re going all-out at sumptuous destinations like Lake Como or hopping on the affordable luxury trend and heading to spots like Crete—you’ll probably want to dress up for the occasion. That’s where you can don stylish sun protection in the form of designer sunglasses.

Models like Versace’s Biggie and Saint Laurent’s Blaze are ideal for elevating your wardrobe at these more sophisticated getaways. Their sleek black frames and gold detailing are made with superior craftsmanship, offering durability, guaranteed UV protection, and a touch of class perfect for this type of holiday. 

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