How To Plan The Perfect Staycation This Summer

The tiny harbour at Portloe on the Roseland Heritage Coast in Cornwall

Staycations are excellent alternatives to travelling overseas because they allow you to have a holiday without being too far away from home. So, it is little wonder that 23 million Brits planned a domestic holiday last year. Staycations also allow you to take a break from your daily routines, whether you decide to unwind in your home city or explore what the rest of the UK offers.

Now that the weather’s warming up and the summer holidays are here, this is the perfect time to start thinking about taking a staycation. You might be surprised to see the amazing treasures that the UK has to offer. Whether you want to head out to the beach, experience the sights and sounds of bustling cities like London or Edinburgh, or stay in a remote country village, you can’t avoid the need to plan.

Here are some tips to help you plan the best staycation this summer.

Create a staycation budget

Just because you’re not travelling far doesn’t mean you can skimp on creating a travel budget for your domestic holiday. In fact, having a budget is strongly advised since you might be tempted to spend more because you’re not leaving the country. Additionally, you might be surprised that staycations can get as expensive as international holidays. But for the most part, they are still relatively cheap alternatives. 

Budgeting for travel - savings jar

A good trip always starts with a budget

Preparing a budget helps you make the right financial decisions. Therefore, when deciding on your budget, consider how much you’re willing to spend, your preferred destinations, activities, accommodation, and other relevant factors. It is also best to conduct a significant amount of research to help get an idea of how much you need for your trip. Check out blogs, websites, and social media for first-hand accounts and tips on how to get good deals and discounts. Your budget should also allocate money to any unexpected costs that might come up during your staycation. Maybe you’ll decide to spend an extra night if you’re having too much fun!

Find the perfect staycation destination

There are so many staycation destinations available, each offering something unique for visitors. Therefore, to ensure you have a great time, it is vital to select the perfect one. Your decision should be influenced by the activities you want to do and your preferences. For example, if you want to go shopping, holidaying in a city would be a great choice as big shopping districts are usually found in such locations. On the other hand, camping in the countryside would be perfect if you want to explore nature and escape the noise. 

Wild camping in the Lake District

Camping in the Lake District away from the crowds

It can get overwhelming trying to decide where to stay, especially when planning a staycation with a group of people. To make things easier, you can create a list of locations and ask friends and family for their recommendations, crossing out the ones that do not meet your interests and requirements. Or you can leave it to chance and prepare to be surprised. 

Figure out your accommodation

One of the most important aspects of travel is your accommodation. Your choice of where to stay can make or break your holidays. Fortunately, there are various accommodation types designed to meet your particular needs. You can get a standard hotel room with all the usual amenities. There are various hotels that have different themes. For example, you can stay at an eco-lodge if you’re on a nature staycation, or even a medieval gatehouse if you’re into history. 

Have an history themed staycation

There are also guest houses and rentals where you can choose to stay. You can even play to stay on a fun family cruise ship. Disney’s cruise line allows you to explore the shores of the UK with all types of entertainment and restaurants on board. It’s just as good as going abroad!

So, there’s something for everyone, whether camping in a tent or taking to the British high seas. 

Plan fun activities

A staycation can’t be perfect without planning some fun activities. Contrary to what you may think, there are many activities to take advantage of regardless of your staycation destination. For instance, if you choose to stay in your hometown, you can join a city tour to explore every nook and cranny. You’ll be surprised to learn and see many things as you see your town with a different pair of eyes. It would help if you also visited places you never got the chance to before, whether that’s a museum or a popular restaurant. 

The Treasurers House gardens near York Minster - luxury weekend in York

York is a great place for a city staycation

Another activity you should include is relaxation. The point of a staycation is to keep you refreshed and well-rested. Plan a day of pampering by going to the spa or taking quiet strolls and admiring the scenery. You must also disconnect and tune out any emails and messages that would have your mind racing. Like every other holiday, use this time to do or try something new on your bucket list. It could be skydiving, learning how to dance, or picking up a new hobby. Remember, you don’t need to have a strict itinerary of activities. Leave room for rest and other surprises and interests that might crop up during your travels. 

Know what to pack for your staycation

Packing for a staycation is quite different from packing for an international trip. You probably won’t have to carry a lot of stuff, and there are many things that you know you can purchase if the need arises. When packing, ensure that you consider several factors, including the weather, your destination, and the types of activities you will be doing. For example, if you’re going to a beach resort, you might pack more swimsuits and light clothing than if you were heading to Scotland for a camping trip.

Coast path between Lizard Point and Kynance Cove in Cornwall

Pack swim stuff if you’re heading to Cornwall

It would be best to create a list of essentials you might need, starting with your journey and then moving from there. If you plan to spend time outdoors, remember to take sunscreen and a rainproof jacket for those unexpected British showers. Also, ensure you carry your camera, notebooks, or other important items to help capture those amazing memories. 

So, there you have it! These tips and tricks you need to arm yourself with to help you plan the perfect staycation, whether you’re going alone or not. You might be surprised to see what your country has to offer. Safe travels!

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