Top tips for saving money on your next holiday

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Holidays are great for our wellbeing but can be a strain on the bank balance should we not do enough research. Organising a memorable getaway doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg though. With a little resourcefulness and strategic planning, you can enjoy a fantastic trip abroad and still have enough money to buy some souvenirs.

Here we discuss some top tips to help save you money on your next holiday, including how to avoid straying from your budget.

Book your flights at the right time

Saving money on your initial flight costs can depend on the time you book online and the date you want to fly. To guarantee the best possible bargain, aim to arrange your flights at least six months in advance. The cheapest day to fly is often Tuesday, while flights on Saturday tend to be more expensive.

It’s good practice to track the prices of your flights ahead of time as well, setting up alerts if the prices change. Airlines use ‘dynamic pricing’, which means that the fares will rise and fall depending on how many seats are taken and the time until the departure. Therefore, a cheap flight one day may end up being expensive the next.

If the flights are still too expensive, think about changing your destination or the date of your flight. Flight comparison sites will often have an ‘everywhere’ feature that allows you to see the cheapest flights available at any given moment.

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Book flights in good time for the best deals

Avoid paying for seats on the plane

When travelling as a family, especially with young children, you may worry about splitting up should you not book seats next to each other. Airlines rely on this fear factor to charge additional money that can add up quickly.

Most major airlines’ allocation systems will actually seat groups on the same booking together as long as seats are still available. The key here is to check in as soon as possible and hopefully, you should be sat next to each other. Of course, there are no guarantees, but if you’re willing to take the risk to save the cash then it’s worth it.

Some airlines also guarantee that children will get to sit next to a minimum of one adult in the group, even if you don’t pay or check in early. It’s best to check with the airline about this beforehand as regulations may change or seats may have been reserved.

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Save money by not paying for seats

Take advantage of free entertainment

It’s not just the cost of food and drink you’ll need to factor into your budget while on holiday, you’ll need to think about what activities you’re going to do as well. This doesn’t need to include anything over the top, like watersports or excursions, as most tourist destinations will have plenty of free events and attractions for you to get involved in.

Wherever you decide to visit, have a look at what events are available ahead of your trip. This could include things like museums, art galleries, parades, and so much more. Most cities will also have historic sites and landmarks to visit. Sometimes you may be required to pay to enter some areas but check online beforehand to see how much it will be.

If you’ve booked a package holiday or are staying in a hotel, take advantage of the free entertainment available, such as magic shows, live music, or workshops. These are great for children and means you can have some time to yourself during the day or night.

Trevi Fountain, Rome
Some historic sites are free to visit

Find deals on transport to and from the airport

Don’t overlook the cost of transportation to take you to and from the airport. Luckily, there are ways to save money without sacrificing accessibility and quality. Firstly, always book these before your trip and avoid arranging them once you arrive at your destination. Doing so can lock in lower prices before demand increases.

Additionally, consider using alternative modes of transport, such as airport shuttles or trains. While a private car or taxi service is much more convenient, they are often the most expensive. Although, you can use a Hoppa discount code to reduce the price of your airport transfers, which still means you can travel with ease while saving a significant amount of money.

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Spend less on transfers so you can spend more on sightseeing

Consider an all-inclusive holiday

If you usually struggle to stick to your budget when on holiday, you may be better off going all-inclusive. While the cost may seem high initially, it’s actually much cheaper in the long run and means most of your trip will have already been paid for upfront.

It’s not just your accommodation and flights that are usually included in this deal, in-resort food and drinks are often also covered – so eat as much as you can before heading off for the day! The only costs you’ll need to factor in are for your transport, sightseeing, and presents for friends and family.

Alternatively, you can opt for self-catered accommodation. You’re still able to save money by eating in rather than out and you don’t need to stick to any particular schedule. It’s also the perfect choice if you prefer your own space and want to avoid busy tourist places.

Similarly, with flights, it’s always best to weigh up your options and compare hotels with a specialist site. And before you hit ‘book’ on any of these, make sure that the hotel itself doesn’t charge less for your stay. It’s always better to book direct, and who knows, you may even get some extra perks thrown in.

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