The 6 Lesser-Known Services You Could Find on Your Next Cruise

Cruise ship deck
Remember to consider the facilities on board

Cruises are not only a fantastic way to explore new destinations but also offer countless opportunities to meet new people, try new things or simply kick back and relax in total luxury. Beyond the typical offerings you might associate with a cruise, here are six lesser-known services that you might be surprised to find during your next cruise adventure.

1. Wellness Activities

The wellness industry is booming, and if you’re someone who likes to prioritise your physical and mental wellbeing, you’ll be pleased to know that many cruise lines are now offering activities to promote wellness and mindfulness on board their ships. This can include daily classes such as yoga, pilates and Tai Chi as well as guided meditation.

Many cruises also offer fitness classes for gym buffs, so you can stay toned and active during your trip, as well as alternative therapies such as reiki and reflexology. Most cruises also have an onboard spa, where you can access treatments such as massages, facials and body wraps.

Spa - hot stone massage
Indulge in a spa on board

2. Culinary Workshops

Cruises can be foodie heaven, with many offering cooking classes or onboard demonstrations. Whether you want to see your ship’s chef rustling up dinner up close or want to join them in sourcing local ingredients in port, there is a range of options on offer. Some cruises also offer destination-specific cooking workshops, where you’ll be taught how to cook an authentic dish that is traditional to that region.

Express Cooking School at La Maison Arabe, Marrakech
Cooking workshops can be heaps of fun

3. A Children’s Club

Many cruise lines, such as P&O Cruises, offer dedicated kids’ clubs with activities and entertainment to suit a range of age groups from toddlers to teenagers. Perfect for families with children of all ages, onboard offerings include creches and night nurseries for little ones to allow parents to spend some quality time together. For bigger kids, there’s no shortage of things to do, including soft play, computer games, movies, crafts, air hockey and pool.

4. Stargazing Opportunities

A cruise provides a wonderful opportunity to view the skies as you’ve never seen them before, far away from sources of artificial light that can make stargazing tricky. Some cruise lines offer specialist sailings, onboard planetariums or even star-gazing sessions on deck if conditions allow.

Whether you’re cruising the Arctic in the hope of viewing the Northern Lights or visiting the Starlight Reserves of The Canary Islands, there are countless stargazing opportunities to be had on your next cruise.

Northern lights in the sky over water with small icebergs
See the Northern Lights on your next cruise

5. Personal Stylist Services

For the ultimate luxury experience, why not engage the services of an onboard personal shopper during your next cruise? Personal shoppers or stylists deliver a bespoke styling experience to cruise passengers and can help you choose the perfect outfit for every occasion during your trip.

6. Cultural Immersion

Cruises are a great way to immerse yourself in local culture, learn the language and sample authentic cuisine. By making the most of shore excursions and getting a real feel for the place you’re visiting, you can ensure you’re getting an authentic experience of your destination.

Many cruise lines will offer local trips that provide an insight into a place’s history, culture and famous landmarks. Be sure to book your excursions ahead of sailing to avoid disappointment, and opt for cruises that spend more time docked if you want more time ashore. Educational cruises will often invite local experts onboard to deliver fascinating lectures about specific topics or places of interest.

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