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Getting your car ready for your trip might seem like it would be all about ensuring that it’s running safely, efficiently, and environmentally friendly. However, when it comes to travelling for holidays, both in the UK and abroad, it’s sometimes nice to make sure even the journey you’re embarking on is even more stylish that usual. Fashion is something often associated with clothing, accessories, or even luggage when you travel, yet it can also be portrayed by the car you’re driving. And that doesn’t just mean the model or make, it’s more about taking care of the vehicle you already have, and making it look its absolute best so you can enjoy the feel of a little luxury when you’re driving away from home. After all, if you’re going on a long road trip you’ll certainly be spending a lot of time in your car, so why not make it extra special.

So, what can you do to show your style through your ride?

Ensure that your car is looking at its best

If you’ve had the misfortune of having some damage done to the exterior of the car, such as a scratch or bump, then sharpening up its appearance by investing in minor repairs might be just the thing for you. Your local dealership may be able to sell a paintwork repair pen if they have one in the same style, or you can invest in respraying services if the marks are a little more extensive than that.

This is also a good idea to get sorted because scratches and cracks in paint can end up rusting, which as well as looking awful, can actually do some damage to your vehicle. Plus, if you’re staying at luxury hotels on your trip, you don’t want to turn up in a rusty, scratched old car that makes you feel really out of place at the property. You’ll be asked to park right at the far end of the car park so your vehicle doesn’t lower the tone of the place for others. And that’s not a great way to start your stylish holiday!

The Salon at the Principal Hotel in York, luxury hotel in York
When you stay at luxury hotels you want to feel the part


Give your vehicle its own signature

One of the most popular ways to customise a car has to be the use of personalised number plates. Private number plates have, of course, been around forever, be it using your name, a slogan you feel a connection to, or any choice of numbers and letters that you feel represents you. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to hunt down the number plate you want online, order it, and register it to your car.

You might even want to name it after a particularly memorable holiday destination or a favourite moment on your travels. It really could be anything, so long as it means something to you.

Coast path between Lizard Point and Kynance Cove in Cornwall
Take inspiration from special holiday moments when personalising your plate

Switch out the seats

If you want to change the interior of the car, then one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is to customise the seats. In general, you can buy ready-to-apply car seat covers, which are going to be less expensive than those that are made to measure. This is a great option if you want a quick fix, or even want a temporary cover rather than a permanent change, perhaps just for the duration of your trip to make it feel a bit more special. 

However, if you want something that looks of a much higher quality then it’s always best to get something that has been made specifically for your own car. This will ensure the fit is snug and the look goes with your existing interior really well. Leather seats typically cost a little more to cover, but the results will be worth the additional expense. if you can fit this into your holiday budget. 

Franschhoek Wine Tram, South Africa
You don’t need an expensive vintage car, just switch out the seat covers

Spin your story

If you want your car to look much better from the exterior, then it’s the wheels that should be getting most of your attention as well as the lion’s share of your holiday travel budget, first and foremost. Matching your wheels to your car is going to do a lot for the sense of aesthetic that it brings.

Take a look at the staggering range of alloy covers out there. You can make them either complementary and match them directly, or you can get alloys that contrast the colour of the car itself, making them pop a little more. It just depends on whether you want to stand out from the crowd and attract a bit of attention, or be a bit more subtle and try and fit in with everyone else in that posh hotel car park.

Car parking at Blue Moon, Timamoon, South Africa
Whatever your car park looks like, your car will be the stand out one

Look a little more luxe

Give your vehicle style a real boost with tinted windows. When it comes to bringing a sense of cool and mystique to your car, getting the windows professionally tinted can really up the game in terms of look and design. You’ll be feeling like members of the jet setters club in no time at all. Give all your windows a splash of colour, or just opt to do the rear side ones if you want a bit of privacy, you know, for that film-star look. 

Just make sure you double check the driving rules and regulations of the countries and destinations that you’ll be visiting, as different places have different rules about window opacity and tinting. And you wouldn’t want to be pulled over for a traffic offence as soon as you arrive, that would totally ruin the start of your trip. 

A comfy interior makes the road trip more enjoyable

Your aesthetic shouldn’t finish where you end and your car begins. With the tips above, you can make sure that your vehicle is every bit as stylish and reflective of your personal style as any of the outfits you wear. It’ll make you feel more comfortable during your journey, and will give you buckets of confidence when you’re staying at higher-end places which, on a normal day, may be a bit out of your budget range. After all, we all want to splurge a little on holiday, and feel like we’re respected and important. Having a car that reflects this goes a long way to making your trip run like a dream. 

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