Tips for moving to be with a partner in a new country

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Love truly has no borders, and so millions of people find themselves moving abroad each year to be with the one they truly love. This can be wonderful, as interacial love shows that cultures can merge in the best possible sense, that love can be found anywhere, and that often, this arrangement can be secured to ensure both parties are able to meet and continue their relationship. For this reason, many countries have naturalization protocols that allow for a road to citizenship or prolonged stay within their borders. 

Moving to be with a partner in another country, however, can be a long and arduous process, even between friendly host nations. For instance, someone moving from Canada to the United States, fully intending to marry their partner, will still have to go through the legal frameworks and hoops, investing in this process and seeing it to its final culmination.

What this means is that not only must people understand the practical process, such as the spouse visa requirements in countries like the UK (especially with the changing tides of Brexit on the horizon), but that they also comprehend the principles that ensure their best success. Here are a few things to think about before taking the plunge:

Consider The Strength Of Your Relationship

It’s important to keep in mind that moving to another country can at first seem like a real beautiful extension of a love affair, but keeping the strength of your relationship in mind before making the full move is important. Waiting a couple of years, or encountering other life plans should be considered before jumping into a process of this magnitude. Understanding the spouse visa requirements expected of you, for instance, can help you become familiar with the thorough legal processes you must follow, helping you understand the significance of this undertaking going forward.

Take A Few Mini-Vacations

Not only is your partner in a different country, but the local culture is there too, ready for you to fall in love with in parallel. Taking a few mini-vacations to this host country can help you see various aspects of its life there, and you have perhaps the best guide to show you in this context. Spending time in the place that you may one day call your home will help you make up your mind once and for all, and give you a true taste of life to come. It will perhaps also give you warnings of some of the pitfalls you could encounter. A clear history of visitation to your new country can also help you when it comes to moving towards the formal process of permanently relocating there. It shows you’ve carefully considered the implications or moving and have strong intentions of creating a successful new life for yourself here. 

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Consider The Practical Realities Of Life

Relationships are often strained, and not totally helped by the distance and legal processes separating you. This means that considering the practical realities of life can help them avoid hitting too hard. How might your daily schedule look when in this country? Do you have a job lined up? What might moving mean in terms of how you see your family from then on, and what concessions are you happy to make? Those efforts can truly make all the difference going forward, helping you keep abreast of the likely emotional truths you need to consider.

With this in mind, moving to be with a partner in another country will become more, not less, likely to have a wonderful outcome.

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