How to plan a cracking campervan holiday


If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, a campervan holiday might be the best choice for you! They provide freedom, flexibility and fun like few other getaways can. Whether you want to explore rugged coastlines, serene countryside or bustling cities – you can. If you want a trip alone, with a partner or family – no problem. A camper can accommodate them all. Here’s what you should consider when planning an unforgettable campervan holiday.

Choosing the right camper

First, you need to choose the right vehicle. Consider the size of your party, your budget and your comfort needs. Smaller vans are great for couples and are easier to navigate and park. Larger vans offer more space and amenities, ideal for families or longer trips. The size and value will also impact the cost of your campervan insurance.

Don’t forget the features. Essentials like a good heating system, a reliable refrigerator and enough storage space can make your trip much more enjoyable. Also, consider if you’d prefer a manual or automatic camper to help you on the roads.

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Picking the right route

Choosing your route is crucial and should cater to the kind of experience you want to have. Whether it’s focused on mountains, beaches, historic sites or national parks, pick a place that appeals to all travellers involved. Consider the weather and season because this can be important for what you see and how you enjoy your surroundings.

Along the route, look for scenic options and interesting stops. Many online tools and apps can be incredibly helpful in charting your course and ensuring you hit all your desired spots.

Packing smart

Packing for a campervan holiday is about balance – you need to bring enough to be prepared but not so much that you clutter your space. Essential items include versatile clothing, weather-appropriate gear a first-aid kit and any necessary medications. Check if you need any bedding or additional home comforts to ensure you sleep well.

Think about the space-saving versions of everyday items. Collapsible kitchen tools, multi-functional gadgets and digital devices for books and maps are all great things to have. Also, remember to pack for all the activities you plan to do, whether it’s hiking, swimming or city tours.

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Booking campsites

Some countries and regions don’t allow wild camping, so it’s essential to book your campsites in advance. This is particularly the case in high season. Research places that offer the facilities you need, such as power hook-ups, water stations and waste disposal systems. Websites and apps can provide reviews and bookings for campsites along your route.

You may want to consider staying at a mix of well-equipped sites and more rustic, off-the-beaten-path locations to vary your experience. Perhaps throw in some unique treats like hot tubs, pools or even better entertainment along the way.

Finding Activities

Activities should cater to the members of your party and give everyone something to look forward to. Research local attractions, hiking trails, beaches and historical sites before your trip. Visitor centres and local tourism websites are great resources for finding activities.

Consider booking some activities in advance, especially those that might require reservations, like guided tours or activity experiences. There’s no harm in leaving some room for spontaneity either. Sometimes, the best experiences are the unplanned ones you stumble upon along the way.

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