Why your next holiday should be an RV trip

Campervanning life

There are a thousand and one different ways to have fun while holidaying. Some people might enjoy the thrill of long-distance airplane rides and the accompanying turbulence, while others may want to take a short car trip to a nearby city. Some travellers may also prefer the ease of buying or renting an RV and cruising around with their loved ones while enjoying all the facilities that the vehicle has got to offer.

RVs are one of the best ways to travel because they’re cheap, flexible, and practical. Moreover, modern RVs such as the Rockwood 2205 allow you to carry a considerable amount of luggage with you on your trip. This means you can bring along everything you need, turning your vehicle into a mini home away from home. Here are some other great reasons why you should take an RV holiday sometime soon.

  1. Spend less on longer trips

Many holidaymakers would love to spend a lot more time on their trip than they typically do. This is because when making decisions about the potential duration of a holiday, the cost of hotel stays and travel tickets are usually top considerations.

However, with recreational vehicles, travelers can save heaps of money by sleeping in the RV rather than in hotel rooms. You also get to avoid buying expensive travel tickets like flights. This alone is enough to inspire someone to double the duration of their trip.

campervan beside lake in the mountains
Pitch up in scenic locations
  1. Visit different campgrounds

RVing is more than just driving around in an RV. Before you begin your trip, you can make a list of great tourist attractions during your trip. You can also make plans to park your RV in campgrounds occasionally and have an amazing time. Modern campgrounds are equipped with several facilities that ensure travellers’ comfort. Some facilities you can plan to enjoy at campgrounds include electrical connections, bathrooms with good plumbing, and internet.

Depending on the campground, you’ll also have access to bars, gyms, supermarkets, laundry rooms, golf courses and swimming pools. There may also be planned campfire events to take part in during the evenings. If you’re traveling with kids, this is a great place to let them run loose and have the time of their lives. They can play sports, ride bikes, or enjoy other playground games; just make sure they do not wander too far away from your spot.

  1. Enjoy campfires

In today’s world, campfires are not easy to come by. Depending on where you live and the time of year, there may be restrictions to starting a campfire in your backyard or even in the nearby woods. So camps are one of the best places to enjoy a perfectly legal campfire. Around campfires, you can eat meals, play games, make friends with other RVers, and generally have a happy time. Campfires are a great way to draw people away from phones, laptops, and the internet into the good old method of face-to-face conversations. In the digital age, people are easily buried in their phones even while on holidays, but at campfires, it is easy to look up from the phones and partake in the fun.

Some fun campfire activities to look forward to include good old storytelling, roasting of marshmallows and s’mores, truth or dare and flashlight tag. The best part of RVing is that the trip doesn’t have to end after the camping. You could wake up the next morning and continue on your trip.

Fire pit with burning logs against a dark background
Campfires are always fun
  1. Take everyone

One of the reasons you should consider a motorhome holiday is that you can bring everyone along. Parents often have anxiety travelling with a baby on commercial planes or buses; they worry about babies, toddlers, kids with special needs, and young children fussing during holiday trips.

Likewise, pets are generally not allowed on airplanes and commercial buses, which means they’re often left out of family trips. With an RV, there’s enough space to bring anyone and accommodate any need they may have. You can even bring the family pet, even if it is a really large dog. You can always take an extra tent to pitch if there aren’t enough beds for your entourage inside the vehicle itself – this is something the kids will love.

  1. Sleep in your own bed

Rather than compete for legroom on the cramped seats of commercial vehicles, you can get to sleep on your RV bed while holidaying in an RV. That’s even bigger and better than the luxury you get travelling first class on planes and trains. Modern RVs come with ample space for bedding to fit everyone travelling with you, these beds are quite comfortable too.

Sometimes even beds in the poshest hotels aren’t that comfy, or are simply different to what you’re used to. Having your own bed that you’ve enjoyed sleeping in many times will ensure a good night’s sleep during your adventures.

Digital Nomad - man working on laptop in campervan - remote working
Sleep in your own bed
  1. Bring your own food

Ever been asked to choose between pasta and mashed potatoes when you felt like neither? These are everyday food choices offered on long trips by commercial airlines. When traveling in an RV, rather than choosing between very limited meal options, you get to make your meals on long trips.

While RVing, you can choose to cook inside the RV. You can also opt to cook or grill outside the RV or just roast something by the campfire, if the weather is behaving itself. Whichever method you decide upon, the food options are limitless because you’ll be the one in charge of meal prep. There are lots of different campervan meal recipies to keep your taste buds excited, so you won’t be slumming it in the kitchen department! You’ll also be able to stock up at supermarkets so you know you can head off for days without needing to go shopping.

  1. Make some new friends

It’s easy to meet new people when traveling in an RV. This is especially simple to do in RV camps where a lot of different travellers from all over the country will come in to park their RVs for a while, relax and seek out some fun.

In these camps, it’s easy to meet RVing aficionados who may offer some free tips for your RV holiday. You may also just enjoy the easy conversations with like-minded people. If you’re travelling with kids, they could also make friends on the camp playgrounds, giving them more amazing stories to tell about their holiday trip when they get back home.

Campervan and tent in mountainous landscape
Make plenty of epic memories
  1. Have fun in all kinds of weather

RV travel is one type of travel where weather changes do not necessarily put an end to the fun. People have learned to RV in the rain, in the scorching sun, and even in the heart of winter. If the weather is bad, you can just retreat inside and enjoy a cosy afternoon of games, or catching up on work if you need to.

The other benefit of having an RV is that if the weather is bad in once place, you can just up sticks and drive somewhere else, where the sun is shining, or at least the rain isn’t pouring down. You can plan your routes according to the weather forecast, rather than being confined to a single place like you would if you’d have booked into a hotel.

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