Potholes at Giants Castle, Drakensberg, South Africa

How to survive South African self drive

Why does it always happen to us? My heart sank as the traffic policeman pulled us over whilst we attempted to negotiate our way out of Johannesburg airport. Hubbie calmly opened the window, ready for battle man-to-man. I helpfully shoved the guide books out of sight in the deluded hope our tormentor wouldn’t realise we were new in town. A rather pointless exercise since we were driving a clean and shiny white Ford Ikon,
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Warthogs Wallow, Stone Camp, Mkhaya Game Reserve, Swaziland

A wild night in the bush Swaziland style

We spent the last moments of day hunkered down in bed, watching some incredibly cute bush babies cavorting in the nearby trees. A special moment since these primates are rarely seen as they only venture forth after dark. As the light faded and the inky black rapidly enveloped the surrounding forest, we lay still, hardly daring to breathe as sounds of the nocturnal bush heightened our imaginations. We were
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Applecross, Scotland

Night stalking – Applecross style

A week at Cottage by the Shore, an old crofter’s house at Coillegillie, Wester Ross, Scotland The moon shone so brightly it was casting long shadows as we silently crawled through the heather on our bellies. Easily visible against the starry sky, our quarry raised his head as he caught our scent on the breeze. No doubt the sausage casserole from our earlier dinner was
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So many to choose from, we'll just have to try them all!

Wellies and whisky at Ardanaiseig

I was always teased at school for being a little bit posh, mainly because I spoke properly, worked hard and didn’t wear a skirt half way up my arse. In reality mum was born a Cockney and dad hails from Liverpool, but I’ve always secretly thought I belonged to the aristocracy and would have been right at home lording it in my mansion. So when an opportunity for a
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Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven

Riding into battle in Ouarzazate

We sat astride our trusty steeds, praying our nerve would hold and the day be victorious. I subconsciously adjusted my helmet for the fourth time, and felt the rather skittish power beneath my thighs with some apprehension. The dawn call to prayer that had so poignantly resonated around the north African valley only a few hours earlier seemed a lifetime away, and I fervently hoped
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Tunisian streets

Discover Tunisia – a destination with flavour

Tunisia is fast becoming a popular year-round alternative to the traditional European holiday, and with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, endless desert and over 700 miles of coastline it isn’t hard to understand why. Tourism is one of the principal economies of the country, and millions of people visit each year to check out the stunning sights and experiences on offer. It is easiest, and more
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