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Wellies and whiskey at Ardanaiseig

I was always teased at school for being a little bit posh, mainly because I spoke properly, worked hard and didn’t wear a skirt half way up my arse. In reality mum was born a Cockney and dad hails from Liverpool, but I’ve always secretly thought I belonged to the aristocracy and would have been right at home lording it in my mansion. So when an opportunity for a
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Tunisian streets

Discover Tunisia – a destination with flavour

Tunisia is fast becoming a popular year-round alternative to the traditional European holiday, and with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, endless desert and over 700 miles of coastline it isn’t hard to understand why. Tourism is one of the principal economies of the country, and millions of people visit each year to check out the stunning sights and experiences on offer. It is easiest, and more
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Quad Biking, Ouarzazate, Morocco

Riding into battle in Ouarzazate

We sat astride our trusty steeds, praying our nerve would hold and the day be victorious. I subconsciously adjusted my helmet for the fourth time, and felt the rather skittish power beneath by thighs with some apprehension. The dawn call to prayer that had so poignantly resonated around the north African valley only a few hours earlier seemed a lifetime away, and I fervently hoped
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Chesterfield Mayfair, London

Afternoon tea – the London way

I love London, and make a couple of forays into the big city each year on the pretext of taking in some culture, seeing the latest exhibition at the British Museum, and walking the pavements in shoes that look the part but give me blisters. Or that’s what I tell people. Really I’m just there for the afternoon tea! Sometimes I even go twice in one weekend,
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Mansudae Grand Monument, Pyongyang

Debunking the myths of North Korea

When I think of North Korea it’s about nuclear weapons, and an insular authoritarian dynasty that so many inhabitants want to flee. I’ve seen the documentaires, and watched in disbelief as I try to reconcile the stories of those who have escaped with the fact that the rest of the world no longer lives in the dark ages. Despite the rumour that unicorns exist in the country
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El Camino Bracelets

At last a label to love? El Camino bracelets

I hate labels… I was recently at a conference where during the ice-breaker everyone was asked the inaugural question, So who are you? People duly answered, I’m a banker from London; I’m a retired dentist from Brighton; I’m a swan-wrangler from middle earth… Ok, well maybe not the latter, but without exception, they all labelled themselves according to their jobs and careers. Now I hate
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