Apex Temple Court Hotel, London

No trials or tribulations at London’s Apex Temple Court Hotel

I’m a pretty confident traveller. I think nothing of tackling the bright lights of major foreign cities and feel quite at home strutting about in the most opulent sky-scraper accommodation I can find. Yet for some reason luxury London hotels have always seemed a bit intimidating. Perhaps because they’re so expensive compared to our usual world-wide haunts, or maybe just because I’ve just never tried it,
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Lowvelt View, Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

The most spectacular canyon you’ve never heard of

I’d never even heard of the Blyde River Canyon, let alone realised it was in fact the third largest in the world, after the Grand Canyon in the USA and the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Located on the Panorama Route in South Africa’s eastern Mpumalanga Province, the canyon fits in perfectly with a visit to the Kruger or Sabi Sand areas. Forming the northern part of the Drakensberg
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Our living room

Dar Amane – Graskop’s hidden heaven

Sometimes a place can bring me to tears. It’s happened on a few occasions and taken me a bit by surprise considering I’m not usually prone to such emotion. Miniature rivers stream down my cheeks, not because I’m unhappy, nor because I’ve had a terrible time. It’s simply because I don’t want to leave, ever. Dar Amane in South Africa’s Graskop is such a place. I
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Microlighting, Hoedspruit, South Africa

Microlighting the Blyde River Canyon

There was one experience, above all others, that I was looking forward to the most on our latest South Africa trip. It wasn’t the possibility of seeing leopards. It wasn’t tracking rhino on foot. And it wasn’t going wine tasting by tram. Nope, it was having our first ever microlight flight, and what better place to do it than 3,000 feet above the third largest
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Elephant Whispers, Hazyview, South Africa

The Elephant Whisperers of South Africa

I don’t do animals. I run a mile when I see a dog, and stand on chairs when I encounter a spider. So just what was I doing standing beneath the head of a 6 ton elephant in the middle of South Africa? Not sharing my aversion to animals, hubbie had been wanting an elephant experience for years. He’d been disappointed when I vetoed the idea
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