Robocopp grenade wearable security alarm review and giveaway

Robocopp Wearable security alarm GIVEAWAY

I can count the number of times I’ve sung in public on one hand. There was that time at Primary School when I first realised my vocal chords weren’t up to much. Then there was my own wedding when the chaplain was standing so close I couldn’t really get away with miming. And then there was the bear incident in Yosemite. It was our own
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Luckies Travel Scratch Map

30 unique travel gifts for Christmas

Stuck knowing what to buy for the traveller in your life? Or perhaps you’re after some unique travel gifts for yourself, no shame in that. We’ve got you covered with some great ideas (if I do say so myself) in this post. Many of these items have been tried and tested by us, whilst others we’ve put on here in the hopes that Father Christmas
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The Passage Hotel, Basel, Switzerland

Celebrating 2 years of prostitutes and cake

Happy Birthday to us, Conversant Traveller is officially TWO today! This frankly sounds a whole lot better than the number thirty-five which I’ll also be ‘celebrating’ this month.  It would seem that travel blog convention dictates I should now drone on about what a wonderful ride it’s been over the last couple of years. I should gush about all you lovely peeps who take the
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My Lokai Bracelet review

My Lokai bracelet review and giveaway

This year I lost my balance. Thanks to hubbie for pointing out that balance has never been my strong point. It’s true I’ve fallen off more things than I care to remember (including horses, bikes and cliffs) and am the sort of person who likes a bit of macaroni with her cheese rather than the other way around. Yet I’m not talking about physical stability (there’s really
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Peter Pan Masks, Venice

Peter Pan Masks – the magic behind the tradition

Art has never been my strong point. I was once thrown out of a GCSE class for sketching Donald Duck in a sailor outfit. We were supposed to be drawing fruit! Yawn. I’ve also failed on the home front when it comes to painting. Being an impatient type I didn’t wait long enough for the emulsion to dry before liberally applying a second coat to our
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Luca e Fred, City Wonders Jewish Ghetto and Cicchetti Tour, Venice

City Wonders – tour Venice without the crowds

Exploring hidden Venice with City Wonders Two things concerned us about Venice. The crowds and the appalling reputation of the food. Keen to avoid both, we headed to the northern neighbourhood of Cannaregio. An almost secret backwater relatively undiscovered by the tourist masses. Reputedly the place to experience a true flavour of local life, there wasn’t a selfie stick, mask shop or overpriced coffee in sight.
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Lamberti Suite, Le Suite di Giulietta Verona

Le Suite di Giulietta – romance in Verona

There was a cabbage in our bedroom. Along with a pepper and an artichoke. I’d expected Le Suite di Giulietta to be a bit over the top with romantic touches, given that it was most superbly located overlooking Verona’s biggest money spinner. The Juliet balcony of Shakespeare fame. But I hadn’t been anticipating a collection of vegetables. Certainly not in the guise of teapots! To
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View of Verona from Lamberti Tower, Italy

One day in Verona…

I’ve never read Romeo and Juliet. Or the Two Gentlemen of Verona for that matter. I wasn’t a fan of Shakespeare at school and was convinced he hadn’t intended his stories for literature syllabuses. Never mind all these hidden meanings and symbolistic inferences. Personally I reckon he just enjoyed writing a good yarn. So when I found myself with one day in Verona this month, I had
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Champing at All Saints Church, Aldwincle, Northamptonshire

Champing – would you sleep in a church?

Experiencing Champing in rural Northamptonshire I sat bolt upright in bed and forgetting for a moment that I’d gone champing, wondered where the hell I was. It was freezing and I could see my breath in the pale moonlight shafts that were penetrating the stained glass windows. Then I heard it again, the disturbing scurrying sounds that had so rudely awoken me from my equally
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