Plunge pool heaven at Blue Moon Lodge, Timamoon, Sabie

Timamoon – the most seductive lodge on the planet

A beautiful naked woman stood luxuriating in the cool water of an outdoor rain shower at Timamoon Lodge, surrounded by tropical foliage and enjoying the far-reaching view of the Sabie river valley below. Hubbie was sold. He normally spends a little longer on websites when we’re deciding where to stay but this one was a no-brainer. If I’m honest, I quite fancied recreating that scene myself, although no
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The iconic view of Essaouira taken from the old fort, Morocco

Essaouira – what to do in the windy city

Essaouira has long been a favourite destination for travellers. Some come searching for their inner hippie, others simply want to escape heat and hassle for a few days, and then there are those whose own stories become woven into the very fabric that is Essaouira. From Orson Welles (who made his film ‘Othello’ there) to Jimmy Hendrix (who didn’t write ‘Castles Made of Sand’ there!), these are
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Dar Liouba, Essaouira, Morocco

Sleeping in the sky at Dar Liouba, Essaouira

I’d had my eye on Dar Liouba for years. In fact staying here was the main reason I wanted to visit Essaouira, not particularly unusual given that I often choose a destination based on the accommodation. A slightly odd yet entirely satisfying way of doing things! It was the distinctive architecture of Dar Liouba that first caught my eye, and the promise of a stay
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Sea arch at Legzira beach, Morocco

Capers on Morocco’s wild Atlantic coast

Morocco doesn’t spring immediately to mind when it comes to beach destinations. Indeed, to a European used to quaint Mediterranean seaside villages and the swaying palm-fringed shores of Asia, the coast of Morocco is quite a shock. The settlements here feel a little forlorn and there is a certain ‘frontier’ edginess comparable to desert towns in the USA, no doubt because they are remote and strung far
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Dar Najmat, Mirleft, Morocco

House of the stars – a luxury stay at Dar Najmat, Mirleft

Luxuriating in ripples of turquoise and admiring a surprisingly superb view from the infinity pool, hubbie and I were in love again. This time it was with Dar Najmat, an elegant guest house proudly overlooking a secluded sandy cove near Mirleft on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. As much as we love the romance and glamour of Moroccan riads, it was high time we explored beyond
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Driving Taroudant to Tafraoute, Morocco

Traversing the Anti-Atlas – Taroudant to Tiznit

Continuing our road trip with Wild Morocco we spent a few days traversing the Anti-Atlas Mountains from Taroudant through to Tiznit over near the east coast. We saw barely another tourist during the entire journey, and felt both privileged to see this little-visited area of the country, as well as rather conspicuous and clearly marked out as foreigners by our western clothes and cameras. Whilst we
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