Hot tub holidays in Cornwall at Wrinklers Wood Treehouse

The magnificent Chui Treehouse

A trail of steam drifted up through the woodland canopy, its wispy tendrils snaking lazily along the concealed valley. Subtle overtones of cedarwood mingled with the bluebell-perfumed air of late Spring, casting the sort of enchantment only nature can conjure. Down by the stream a couple of deer lifted their heads, curiously sniffing the intoxicating blended scent. Moments later the low murmur of voices could be heard lingering on the soft evening breeze. Realising it must be hot tub time up at the new treehouse, the deer continued foraging for supper in the undergrowth.

Meanwhile, up on the ridge Hubbie and I were getting cosy in the hot tub. We were on our very first treehouse holiday in Cornwall, and felt rather smug at having not only our own bluebell glade, but a private hot tub too. It was wood fired, and smelt delightfully of Scandinavian forests and eucalyptus saunas all rolled into one. As day relinquished its reign to dusk, a whisper of raindrops kept the air fresh and cool. Sheltered by blossom trees, we were in our own little orchard cocoon. Sipping glasses of thoughtfully provided Cornish apple juice, we sat back in the tub and felt truly relaxed for the first time this year.

Yes, this really was the life.

Wood fired hot tub at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
Our secluded treehouse hot tub came with its own orchard

Hot tub holidays in Cornwall at Wrinklers Wood

We’d been working our socks off the previous few months, and decided a bit of holiday TLC down in the sunny south was long overdue. There are a few places to stay in Cornwall with hot tubs, but only Wrinklers Wood Glamping came with such a generous dose of nature, tranquillity, and complete seclusion.

Most lodges with hot tubs in Cornwall seemed to be on large holiday parks, with rather nondescript accommodation and noisy kids around every corner. Other sites had shared hot tubs that could be booked at certain times, but who wants to soak in their neighbour’s bathwater?

Not us. We wanted something a bit more unique and upmarket, and I rather fancied sleeping in a treehouse. Cornwall is one of the top places in the UK for glamping holidays, so there are a few sites to choose from. Yet when your chosen abode comes complete with a private wood fired hot tub, you know you’re onto a winner!

The hot tub outside Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The hot tub and treehouse, hidden away in the woods

The Wrinklers Wood low-down

Set in an ancient woodland on the edge of a valley that most locals don’t even know exists, Wrinklers Wood is quickly becoming one of the premier places for romantic hot tub holidays in Cornwall. Aimed at couples who enjoy their privacy as much as they do nature, it’s the perfect spot for escaping the outside world for a while.

This quiet, luxury glamping site in north Cornwall has a couple of glamorous safari-style tents (which we’ve stayed in on a previous trip), a romantic cabin overlooking the garden, and now a rather plush treehouse! Which probably makes it one of the most unique places to stay in Cornwall.

Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The treehouse is built into the valley for superb woodland views

Wrinklers Wood has been lovingly created by James and Alex, who spent several years running a successful beach lodge in Tanzania before relocating to Cornwall for a slice of English countryside life. Inspired by their overseas adventures, this enterprising couple have sprinkled a little African energy into the accommodation, using traditional artwork and vibrant splashes of colour. It works surprisingly well!

Interior of Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
African art inside the treehouse

This is the sort of place where you can happily forget about phones and TVs, and connect instead to nature. Life here is the perfect antidote to hectic schedules and long working hours – it’s all about rejuvenation of the soul with a touch of wilderness immersion. If you’re considering a peaceful treehouse stay in the UK, then Wrinklers Wood really will tick all the boxes!

Ancient bluebells woods in Hayman Nature Reserve near St Agnes in Cornwall
Nature all around!

Wellness and holistic treatments are available onsite in the privacy of your cabin, to relax those muscles and recharge your batteries. Is there anything quite so idyllic as having a massage up in the trees on your very own deck during a treehouse holiday? Cornwall is a great backdrop for yoga and meditation too, so why not book a session with Alex and let your stresses float away on the breeze.

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Where is Wrinklers Wood?

I’m glad you asked, as it’s not easy to find – which is an entirely good thing! Wrinklers Wood is in a superb location for secluded treehouse holidays in Cornwall. Well and truly hidden away beside a remote valley with a secret nature reserve and network of walking trails, this is one of the best places to stay in St. Agnes.

Just 20 minutes’ drive north of Truro, and a few miles from the St Agnes coastline, Wrinklers Wood is well placed for exploring much of Cornwall. You could even visit Lands End for the day if you wanted to, although we think there are far prettier, less commercialised spots to enjoy closer to camp!

Wheal Coates mine near St Agnes in Cornwall
The gorgeous St Agnes coastline

The last section of access road involves a single track which is unsealed and a little bumpy (you are in the countryside after all). It does get narrow towards the end so maybe leave the low profile sports car at home. You won’t be needing it much here anyway!

Introducing the Treehouse

So to the part you’ve all been waiting for – the treehouse! There aren’t many treehouses in Cornwall, and certainly none that come with all the bells and whistles that you’ll find at Wrinklers Wood. We were privileged to be some of the very first guests to stay in the newly built Chui Treehouse, and felt at home from the moment we stepped through the door.

The treehouse has been sympathetically designed to blend in with the woodland surroundings, and was so well hidden that we were thankful there was a little wooden sign to point us in the right direction! Enjoying a commanding position overlooking the valley, the treehouse has been built into the hillside, and its lofty elevation made us feel like we were living right up in the tree tops with the birds.

Camoflagued Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The carefully camouflaged treehouse

Our favourite feature was the wraparound outside deck which gave us front row seats to the 24-hour nature show going on outside.

Deck of Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The treehouse deck

We loved tiptoeing out through the patio doors in our pyjamas each morning, steaming mugs of coffee in hand, to sit and watch the woods come to life. Colourful jays hopped around the canopy in search of breakfast, while a great spotted woodpecker made sure everyone knew it was time to get up.

Message received loud and clear!

Deck seating of Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
View from the deck

Inside, the hand-crafted timber treehouse is contemporary in style, with floor to ceiling picture windows that frame the woodland from three sides of the cabin. Whether we were relaxing on the sofa, lying in bed, or tucking into bacon butties at the breakfast table, we had superb views of the surrounding countryside.

The last time we felt this connected to nature was when we were staying in a treehouse in the Amazon rainforest!

View looking out of Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
Nature was just a breath away on all sides

Wondering about the name, Chui treehouse? Cornwall isn’t known for its big game (apart from the elusive beast of Bodmin Moor of course!), but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise at Wrinklers Wood. Chui is Swahili for leopard, another way that James and Alex have subtly brought a taste of Africa to the Cornish countryside. Inside the treehouse the leopard themed continues, with tasteful furnishings giving a nod to this proud and elusive cat.

The beautifully presented king size bed was just the thing for sinking into after a long day of exploring, and we loved lying awake watching for shooting stars through the perfectly positioned skylight. Of course we were too sleepy to contemplate the night sky for long, but seeing the stars twinkling overhead as we drifted off just added a little extra magic.

Inside Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
Inside Chui treehouse

In the evenings we turned on the lamps and cozied up by the faux wood burner, which went down very well with a couple of glasses of red and a game of cards.

Evening inside Chui treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
Cosy evenings in the woods

Most hot tub holidays in Cornwall are self-catering, and Wrinklers Wood was no different. Our treehouse came with a compact but fully equipped kitchen which had everything we needed to rustle up a few romantic dinners. Who says that stir-frys aren’t sexy? There’s an electric oven, fridge, and even a cafetière for those who can’t go without their morning fix.

Kitchen area in Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The treehouse kitchen

Every little thing has been thought of, and the kitchen space was used well so it never felt cramped.

Kitchen detail in Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
Good looking kitchen essentials

Perhaps most importantly, our experience of treehouse glamping in Cornwall came complete with its own en-suite shower room, which is pretty impressive considering the location!

We loved the marriage of functionality and style, with corrugated metal walls and copper-style pipes giving it a charming, and rather trendy industrial look. Finished off with a mirror that reminded us of our time in Morocco, and a sink we’d be happy to have in our own home, this was one good-looking treehouse shower room!

But the best bit? Being able to stand in the shower and watch the woodland wildlife through the window. We love a bathroom with a view, and this has to be one of our favourites!

Ensuite bathroom with shower at Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
Even the shower room looked good

Out and About

One of the many joys of staying at Wrinklers Wood is how easy it is to ditch the car, and spend a few days exploring on foot, or by bike. There’s convenient bike rental right here on site, with coastal paths, secret beaches, and inland tracks all within reach.

Buoyed by the woodland energy, we were reluctant to leave our little nest, so on the first day we stayed tuned into nature with a walk right from the door of our treehouse. The surrounding valley is latticed with badger, fox, and deer trails, so we decided to follow in their footsteps.

Walking through the bluebells in Hayman Nature Reserve near St Agnes in Cornwall
Walking through the bluebell carpeted valley below the treehouse

If you’ve read our previous post on Wrinklers Wood about the time we stayed in one of the glamping tents, you’ll recognise the stroll through Hayman Nature Reserve, up to Mithian for a pub lunch at the Miner’s Arms. Having all this on the doorstep definitely makes Wrinklers Wood one of the most unique places to stay in Cornwall!

As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and knowing how much we enjoyed this stroll before, we decided to do it again.

Old bridge on walk from Wrinklers Wood to Mithian in Cornwall
Steep lanes on the way to Mithian

Being able to visit much of the county on a day trip was a real highlight of our treehouse holiday. Cornwall is geographically quite slim, so it’s easy to ‘pop’ down to the south coast, or drive further north to enjoy the variety of attractions on offer.

On our last trip we loved exploring the mining ruins of the Great Flat Lode, eyeing up the sculptures in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and of course checking out the dramatic headlands near St. Agnes. This time we wanted to do something new, and promptly found a few more Cornish gems to add to our sightseeing arsenal.

Trevaunance Cove near St Agnes in Cornwall
Trevaunance Cove near St Agnes

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Lizard Point and Kynance Cove

The Lizard peninsula is one of our favourite places in all of Cornwall, and we’ve spent a lot of time scrambling around the coves and hiking the coastal paths over the years. Yet we’d never hiked along the clifftops between Lizard Point and the famous Kynance Cove, so it seemed like an excellent mission for a sunny day.

Lizard Point in Cornwall
Lizard Point

The cliffs were cloaked in colourful coastal flowers, with pinks, yellows, and blues all vying for attention on the steep slopes.

Coast path between Lizard Point and Kynance Cove in Cornwall
Pentreath Beach on the walk from Lizard to Kynance

The scenery here is possibly the most spectacular of the whole peninsula, and it’s only 4.5 miles there and back so can easily be done in half a day. We highly recommend taking your swimming gear so you can take a dip from the beaches at Kynance Cove (although do check the tide times first!). Swimming at Kynance was in fact one of our very first dates back in the day!

Approach Kynance Cove on the Lizard coast path
Approaching Kynance Cove

There’s a National Trust car park at both Lizard Point and Kynance, so you could start this walk from either location. There are also toilets and cafes at both too, if you don’t fancy taking a picnic like we did. Alternatively, park in Lizard village and pop over to Ann’s Pasties for a true taste of Cornwall after your walk. The history of Cornish pasties began with the miners, and these flaky pastry treats are still top of the menu today, especially for tourists.

Port Isaac

This charming little fishing village has been on my hit list for many years, but for some reason we’ve never quite made it. Until now. It’s one of those places where you park at the top and walk down the steep slope to the harbour, and the heart of the action, such that it is. Located on the north coast between Padstow and Camelford, it’s easy to reach from Wrinklers Wood.

The streets are narrow and winding, the houses are white-washed, and the vibe is relaxed. It ticks all the boxes for that quintessential Cornish village experience, and once you’ve wandered around the harbour, you can hit the coastal path for superb views out to sea.

Port Isaac village in Cornwall
Port Isaac

The village is also the filming location for the TV series, Doc Martin, so you might recognise some of the scenery!

Port Isaac turns out to be a bit of a foodie destination too. We often drive quite some distance for the crab soup at the Old Cellars cafe in Cadgwith Cove, Cornish pasties from Ann’s Pasties in Lizard, and fish and chips in Mousehole. Oh, and there’s an amazing homemade cake honesty box outside a house on Beacon Drive in St Agnes, not far from Wrinklers Wood! But we now have a new culinary pilgrimage spot to add to the list…squid rings from The Mote Bar in Port Isaac. They’re the most enormous we’ve ever got our chops around, and tasted so light and fresh. We ate them sitting on the beach with the sun on our backs, and in that moment life felt so perfect.

Squid rings at Port Isaac in Cornwall
Squid rings for lunch in Port Isaac

St. Clether Holy Well

Sometimes the best parts of a trip are the little unexpected places you discover along the way. The hidden gems few people know about, and the things you only visit because you saw them on a map and thought they sounded cool. St Clether Holy Well Chapel was one such place that we stumbled on during our treehouse stay. UK churches have so much character, and it’s often the smaller, more austere ones that hold the most charm.

St Clether Holy Well and Chapel in Cornwall
St Clether Holy Well Chapel

The privately owned chapel at St. Clether is well and truly off the beaten track between Launceston and Camelford, but definitely worth navigating the tiny lanes. To reach it you need to walk through the churchyard of St Clether Church, and along the tranquil Inney Valley valley for about 10 minutes.

St Clether Holy Well in Inney Valley Cornwall
The chapel is hidden away in the Inney Valley

The well dates back to pre-Christian times, and is the best preserved in Cornwall.

St Clether Holy Well in Cornwall
St Clether Holy Well

Sitting quietly beside it is a quaint stone chapel which has a monolith granite altar dating back to the 6th century.

The altar in St Clether Holy Well Chapel in Cornwall
The ancient altar

Who Stays at Wrinklers Wood

Most people tend to book their treehouse holiday in Cornwall for a long weekend. It’s just as much a place to hole up for a few days and enjoy the local countryside as it is a base for explorations further afield.

Wrinklers Wood is a couples only site, which we think is inspired! Whilst we love kids (when they belong to someone else and we can hand them back at the end of the day), we don’t really want them running about the place making a noise when we’re trying to enjoy a peaceful, romantic break.

Hot tub at Chui Treehouse, Wrinklers Wood - places to stay in Cornwall with hot tub
It’s not all about the hot tub, but that’s a huge plus!

What we loved

Some of the best antidotes to busy working lives are hot tub holidays. In Cornwall we found just what we were looking for – a luxurious treehouse to stay in, with its own hot tub, surrounded by some of the best countryside scenery in the UK.

We really appreciated the privacy at Winklers Wood, and felt so relaxed as a result. James gets top marks for being super helpful yet very discrete as a host, and we only saw the other guests a couple of times when we were walking back to the car. It really did feel like we were in our own little world, which is just how it should be.

Outside Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood Glamping - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The entrance to Chui Treehouse

Of course the big draw here is the immersion in nature, and being able to switch off from the world. And to sleep high up in the tree tops was of course a huge bonus! This really is the pinnacle of Cornwall glamping.

Would we do it all again? You bet!

How to book your stay

If you’re looking for hot tub holidays in Cornwall or fancy a treehouse stay in the UK, then look no further! This is luxury glamping in Cornwall at its finest, and we’ve found nowhere else in the county that offers quite the same wild luxe experience.

Enough of me waxing lyrical, you just want to know how to make a reservation don’t you! Just hop on over to the Wrinklers Wood website and click on book now. Piece of cake!

Wrinklers Wood Treehouse - hot tub holidays in Cornwall
The treehouse in Spring

It is quite understandably a popular spot so do try to book well in advance during the summer months. We reckon it would be incredible in winter too, with bags of hygge (that cosy Danish concept) going on.

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Tips for staying in a treehouse at Wrinklers Wood

  • There is 4G mobile signal at Wrinklers Wood, and we had no trouble connecting from the treehouse.
  • Take some deck shoes for using around the cabin.
  • There are wheelbarrows to carry your gear from the parking area to the treehouse – holdalls work better than suitcases.
  • Do your food shopping on the way in so you don’t have to keep popping out to the shops – which aren’t just around the corner!
  • Some treehouses in Cornwall sway in the wind, but this one doesn’t as it’s been built firmly into the hillside!

Our stay in the Chui Treehouse at Wrinklers Wood was complimentary, but as always, words and opinions remain our own. We never accept a hosted stay if we wouldn’t have been happy to pay for the experience ourselves. 

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