The world is a wondrous place, and you can’t possibly cover all of it in a lifetime. Enthusiastic tourists and visitors often lead their lives with this goal but don’t live long enough to see it happen. But fortunately, even if you can’t cover it all, you can still go to the most breathtaking places on the planet.

Technology has allowed us to connect in astounding ways. One of the advantages of that is people can share their travelling experiences and tell others about some of the most amazing places that they visited. These are suggestions that you wouldn’t want to miss seeing while you are alive and kicking. So if you are the person who only likes to sit before a computer screen or spend time confined to the boundaries of your house, then you should try to change that, because the world will neither disappoint nor cease to amaze you.

If you are looking for motivation to hit the road, ask a lively traveller what visiting new places mean to them. The euphoric and joyous response will be compelling enough to get you out of your bed and pack up before you know it.

And if you are already planning to leave on an adventure, but confused with your options, you should ask someone in your circle who keeps it up as a hobby. Or, take the top ten picks here from us to help you get started on that bucket list of places to visit. You can always improvise and make changes along the way.


Who doesn’t love Star Wars? There are already several theme parks that you can catch, but there isn’t one like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This marvellous and amazing park open for visitors from 2019 has been the centre of attraction for Disney fans and galactic crusaders alike. Also, the Galaxy’s Edge hotels play an equally fantastic role in bringing the whole picture to life. Galactic Star Cruiser set to open for guests in 2021 will be the most prominent display of that contribution. Perhaps that is why it’s the only artificial suggestion on this bucket list. Multiple other options are light on the wallet to consider from Galaxy’s Edge hotels if you are starting with this.


China has unique inventions and technological advancements to amaze the world, but that is not where it stops entertaining people. The famous Zhangye Danxia landforms of it are going to leave you in awe. It’s beautiful and colourful rock formations are no less than astounding. The media outlets ingeniously chose to designate it as a geopark of China. The sandstone and mineral deposits that are hundreds of meters tall attract thousands of tourists every year. And if you time your visit precisely, you can see the most radiant of colours reflected from those rocks.

Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu China

Zhangye Danxia Landform


The Meteora rock formations of Greece have six Eastern Orthodox monasteries built on them that dominate the suburbs. These beautiful pillar-like structures are going to remind you of the magic floating mountains of Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar. The tall formations and arrangements will compel you to think that you are flowing with the fast blowing winds while on top of them.

As a bonus, you can also visit the magnificent Santorini Island of Greece, which gives off the look of a grand bazaar. The colourful rooftops and ascending arrangement of buildings will make you fall in love with this place beside the sea.


Angkor Wat, the most prominent religious monument in the world in Cambodia, is going to be refreshing for you. If you are looking for some spiritual relief or want to witness the devotion of some firm believers, this is the place to visit. The tall archaic structures and its beautiful reflections in the water are mesmerising for visitors. And the fact that it still retains the elements of its original state is even more amazing. Plus, its rich history and religious value drag locals as well as foreigners from around the world to visit it. That has led to nominate it as the largest tourist attraction of the country.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat


Rhine Falls is one of the most beautiful natural attraction exist in Switzerland. December is the month where the Swiss winter begins and that is the best time to visit Switzerland. Most interesting fact is that Rhine Falls is considered as the largest fall in Europe even though its height is just 23 meters. It is one of the most powerful waterfall of Europe which is a must visit place for sure.


This historic site is a 15th century Inca citadel in Southern Peru. It’s built high in the Andes Mountains above the Urubamba River valley and has the most beautiful ancient structures to observe. These dry-stone don’t just connect people roaming around them, but also hold some significance with astronomical arrangements. Although their use has been somewhat of a mystery yet to discover, it’s archaic designs are still soul-striking.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu


If you are more of a fan of seas and rivers surrounding beautiful mountains and islands than ancient ruins, Halong Bay in Vietnam should be on your bucket list. Recorded as a World Heritage Site, Halong Bay has several tourists kayaking around the area and more in the queue for these boat tours. It’s known for its emerald waters, and mounting limestone islands that leave visitors feel welcome and relaxed in every possible way. Visiting it can be a life refining experience if you can connect with its oozing spirits.


Pamukkale, or “Cotton Castle” is the name given to a town in Western Turkey with mineral-rich water flowing down mesmerizing terraces. These thermal-waters take a beautiful sky-blue colour flowing down the white stages. The history of the place tells that the original intent of making them was to use them as a spa by the Romans. Now, this antique arrangement is well-preserved for tourists and got further refined as a result of an earthquake. You can still notice its famous submerged Roman columns through the flowing water.

Travertine pools at Pamukkale


Remember how Superman hid kryptonite in the Fortress of Solitude? This Naica Mine in Mexico gives you an exact feeling while visiting it. The cave of giant crystal formations and beautiful stones have given the world some of the most humongous natural crystal fragments ever found on the planet. Visiting it can be the experience of a lifetime for you, whether you know anything about minerals and stones or not. All that setting is missing is a polar bear and some water to make a fairy-world like adaptation come to life.


The Plitvice Lakes National Park of Croatia is no less than a heaven on Earth. Its 16-terraced lakes with joined by several waterfalls and ultimately leading to a limestone canyon is an incredible wonder of nature. It’s one of the oldest and renowned tourist attractions in the country and has people flooding in from all over the world to relax there. Just make sure that you are planning a several-day trip because you are going to take time to stop admiring the view and start enjoying your time.


Well, these were the top ten bucket list places to visit that will take your breath away. Remember that this is still just the surface of what the planet has to offer. The Aurora Borealis of Australia or Banos of Ecuador is still not on the list, like many other options. Try to keep going till there’s juice in you to enjoy what the world has to offer.

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