4 Best Types of Chalets to Rent During a Holiday in Megève

Mountain village of Megeve, France

Travelling to another country on holiday is one of the best ways to relax and ease your mind of the disturbance that comes with busy city life. When it comes to tourist destinations, Megève is one of the best places to kick back and unwind. It is a beautiful village in the French Alps commonly known for its ski resort, boutiques, and picturesque streets. If you are considering where to stay during your vacation, this article is for you.

Top 4 chalet types in Megève

The cost of chalets varies depending on what they offer. For example, a two-bedroom chalet may be more affordable than a two-bedroom chalet with concierge service. The location and accessibility also influence the price, as well as the time of year your are travelling. Below are some prime real estate options for tourists looking forward to a luxurious vacation in Megève.

Megeve ski resort in France
The Megeve ski resort in France

Enjoy the High Life in Luxury Chalets

For the best taste of luxury and elegance when you choose Megève, you should consider staying in an extravagant luxury chalet. These amazing buildings usually have modern designs with all the amenities you need for optimal comfort. The fantastic interior and exterior of these buildings aren’t the only exciting things. They also have entertainment and relaxation options like indoor viewing rooms, spas, and a dedicated staff to meet your needs 24/7.

Stay Close to the Action in Ski Resort Chalets

Since Megève is the ski capital of France, you may want to stay in a chalet at the ski resort. Staying there gives you quick access to the best slopes and ski lifts in the Alps. These ski resorts also host polo competitions and have other entertaining things that will make your stay memorable. For beginners, there are instructors who can help you get the hang of skiing before you start. However, you will need to pay for ski lessons. Ski resort chalets are also great for people traveling with families.

Megeve in France
Beautiful Megeve in winter

Keep Things Real in Traditional Chalets

If you want to immerse yourself in the Alpine experience, a rustic traditional chalet is the way to go. These chalets are beautiful but don’t usually look like the modern luxury option above. These buildings are based on traditional French architecture, built with stone and wood. They are rustic, with old-school fireplaces and chimneys. The best part about these types of chalets is their location. They are strategically placed near the mountains, so you will always enjoy a perfect view.

Make Shared Memories in Romantic Chalets

If you go to Megève for your honeymoon or want to enjoy a ski vacation with a significant other, nothing beats a romantic chalet. Real estate companies like Fée Pour Vous Luxury Properties make these romantic chalets for love birds. They usually have things like Jacuzzis, canopied beds, and terraces that expose you and your loved one to a fantastic view of the naturally beautiful environment. You can enjoy a romantic dinner on the balcony with your lover and drink a glass of wine by the cosy fireplace right after.

Irrespective of where you choose to stay, endeavour to book your accommodation in advance to avoid the rush and inconvenience in peak seasons. More importantly, consult a reputable real estate company that offers 3D tours of their property to get a clear view of the accommodation before you travel.

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