4 Reasons Why People Love Canada

Oh, Canada! It’s an immense, diverse, history-filled wonderland on the North American continent. Within its five regions, there is an incredible array of amazing sights, food, and things to do. Here are the four top reasons people love Canada.


1. Weather

Yes, it gets cold, but with cold comes beauty and fun. Check out the best seasons for each of Canada’s five regions:

The Atlantic Region: It stays a little cool and wet during the summer, but the lush landscapes are ideal for a visit during this time of year.

Central Canada: With spring temperatures regularly rising into the mid-double digits, Fahrenheit, you can get up to plenty of outdoor fun.

The Prairie Provinces: Catch the harvest and the beautiful fall colours during autumn in the Prairie Provinces.

The West Coast: Winter is a sportsperson’s haven on the West Coast. Ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile to your heart’s content.

The North: Summers in the North are much less humid and sticky than in other areas of the country.

2. Landmarks

Canada’s history is rich and fascinating. Whether you want to formally study in Canada at a college or university or simply visit some of Canada’s historical landmarks, there’s something for everyone:

The Atlantic Region: Visit L.M. Montgomery’s home to see where the beloved writer of “Anne of Green Gables” lived.

Central Canada: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal is a favourite destination in Ottawa.

Rideau Canal

The Prairie Provinces: Batoche is home to one of the most famous battles of the Northwest Rebellion of 1885.

The West Coast: Sgang Gwaay is another stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring stunning hand-carved totem poles on the Haida Gwaii, just off the British Columbian coast.

The North: Visit the Klondike Gold Fields outside of Dawson to get a feel for how gold hunters lived in the early days of the gold rush.

3. Food

With such an enormous range of climates and resources, each region in Canada offers a different culinary speciality worth trying:

The Atlantic Region: Oysters and mussels are a fresh-caught cornerstone of the Atlantic Region’s cuisine.

Central Canada: Poutine, perhaps the most well-known Canadian delicacy, is native to Quebec.

The Prairie Provinces: Saskatoon berries have long been a food staple of the Prairie Provinces.

The West Coast: This region is all about the wild Pacific salmon. It’s fresh and incredibly delicious.

The North: Try some reindeer in the cold and snow-encased northern areas of Canada.

4. Experiences

Canada’s got some of the best adventures for those that love the outdoors. Try these awesome experiences out:

The Atlantic Region: Whale watching is a popular and unique experience common in the Atlantic Region.

Central Canada: Take in the thunder of Niagara Falls from the sky with a helicopter tour.

Niagara Falls in Cananda

Niagara Falls

The Prairie Provinces: Banff National Park is a hidden gem for hiking and skiing — there’s reason to visit all year round.

The West Coast: The Royal British Columbia Museum, opened in 1886, holds an impressive array of history within its walls.

The North: Dog-sledding has a storied history in the North, and you can try it out when you visit the North region.

Canada truly has something to offer for every person. Learn more about this exceptional country and plan your next visit today.

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