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We love to explore and travel to destinations all over the world and making the long trip to Australia has always been a dream for us. The country is so vast that it really doesn’t do it justice to present a whistle-stop guide, so we thought we would concentrate on one of the most interesting cities this nation/continent has to offer.

Many visitors make a beeline for Sydney. Others will look to dive on the Great Barrier Reef. But we wanted to take a look at what many in this region of the world consider the coolest city in Australia – Melbourne.

Don’t worry if your knowledge of Down Under is limited to some old TV shows or that you should always use a free bets no deposit bonus to back Australia at cricket, we are here to give you the lowdown on what’s good in Melbourne. But we especially love the outdoors, so we will be concentrating on some of the incredible activities available for everyone visiting this amazing city.

Parks and Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne
Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

One of the first things you will notice about Melbourne is just how green it is. This might be something of a shock for anyone coming from a city that is more built up. Even though Melbourne is a modern, urban metropolis, it also has more than its fair share of lush oasis-like parks and gardens.

A trip south of the river Yarra to the Royal Botanic Gardens is a must if you are someone who enjoys making the most of nature wherever you are. But the truth is, that you will find parks and green space all over this wonderful city. You can also just enjoy the greenery overlooking the river running through the centre.

City Water sports

Speaking of the water. Unsurprisingly, for a city that encircles Port Phillip Bay, has its own thriving docklands area, and is split by the Yarra River, Melbourne has plenty of water sports and water-based activities for its visitors to discover. This is definitely a city for being in, on, or beside the water.

There are a number of beaches dotted around the bay if you just fancy a little relaxing. But the more adventurous can sail out onto the water on a yacht, go kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding along the river, or even visit one of the numerous urban pools and waterparks dotted around the city.

Walking and Running

If you don’t feel like you’ve been on a vacation unless you have been able to explore a city while running then you will be pleased to know that Melbourne has a number of specially-designed trails to follow. Pick your loop from a selection that takes in the river, the Botanical Gardens, or even the coastline around the bay.

Don’t worry if all that sounds a little too tiring though. One of the best ways we think anyone can discover a city – or new place – is to just set out on a walk. There are plenty of sites to be taken in here and you can sign up for guided walks through the historic areas. But we recommend just setting off on the Yarra River path and seeing where it takes you.

Getting a Birds Eye View

Melbourne from above
Melbourne from above

Exploring Melbourne on foot – or on the water – is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. But there is another exhilarating way to see this very special city and that is from the air. You can really get a sense of the natural and urban beauty of a place when you manage to get a birds eye view.

Just like in its sister city of Sydney, there are a number of adventurous ways to see Melbourne from the air. You could take a helicopter ride to match this fast-paced and busy city. There are even introductory flying lessons for those who have always wanted to fly a plane. But for the most relaxing method of air travel, why not take a hot air balloon and see the city from an entirely different perspective?

Hitting the Beach

Many of our outdoor activities have been very active. But there is another way to enjoy the natural beauty of Melbourne that doesn’t take quite as much effort. And that’s by hitting the beach. In fact, there is not just one beach to hit, as Melbourne’s position on a bay gives a choice of sandy locations to choose from.

Which beach you choose might depend on where you have based yourself during your stay in Melbourne. But they are all fairly accessible, wherever your lodgings are, and you can make a decision based on the beach activities you desire most. You could even move around the city’s beaches to get the full experience.

Fun for All the Family

We’ve never understood the notion that city breaks and holidays suddenly become a thing of the past once children come along. Cities and urban areas are full of adventure for kids – and there are always plenty of museums, festivals, and parks to keep all the family thoroughly entertained.

Melbourne has everything that a child would want and that makes it an ideal destination for family holidays as well. The outdoors life is the life in this part of the world and you are just about guaranteed never to be stuck for something to do if you make a very special trip Down Under.

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