Craghoppers Nosilife travel clothing review and giveaway

Craghoppers Nosilife clothing review and giveaway
Testing out Craghoppers NosiLife collection in Sri Lanka

We’ve teamed up with Craghoppers to offer one lucky reader some NosiLife travel clothing. Read on to find out how to enter. 

I hate bugs. They bite, they buzz, and they feast on anyone who dares to walk into their territory. Considering we tend to spend our holidays in hot places with palm trees, we’ve become well acquainted with biting insects, despite our best efforts to avoid them. We’ve tried everything from 50% deet to natural citronella, but nothing really works. I once came away with 56 bites on my forearms alone after spending just 2 hours in the jungles of Guatemala.

That must surely be a record of some sort?

Paraty speedboat tour - Palombeta, Brazil
Jungles are full of interesting wildlife. They are also full of biting insects!

Over the years I’ve become resigned to returning home sporting dozens of unattractive red blotches rather than an alluring tan. Yet a trip to Brazil last year made me think twice about the importance of avoiding mosquito bites. We travelled to the country just as news of the Zika virus was breaking across the world. Fortunately we came away unscathed, but it made us realise that malaria isn’t the only danger. And pills can’t solve everything. So it’s better not to be bitten in the first place.

Easier said than done, right? Perhaps not…

Craghoppers NosiLife clothing – perfect for travel

We’ve been fans of the innovative NosiLife clothing range by Craghoppers for some while, and have recently discovered that their collection has increased, with lots of exciting new additions to try out. It’s the world’s only insect repellent clothing with treatment permanently woven into the fabric to protect against biting critters. Craghoppers claim that the clothing reduces bites by up to 90%, and that the protection is proven for the lifetime of the garment.

So maybe the days of bug spray could be nearing their end?

Craghoppers have always been a trusty companion on our travels. I’ve been wearing their cropped trousers for years. Whether it’s hiking in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, or scrambling up jungle waterfalls in Laos, I never travel without at least one pair. Hubbie on the other hand loves the Craghoppers travel jacket range, as they’re lightweight and look good on safaris and well as in the rainforest!

Craghoppers travel clothing in Kenya
Hubbie in his Craghoppers Adventure Jacket out in Kenya (I’m wearing my black Craghoppers Asmina Jacket too!)

So when Craghoppers asked us to put some of their NosiLife clothing to the test on our recent trip to Sri Lanka, we agreed! We’d be hiking through tea plantations, walking through paddy fields and sharing sultry evenings with the local critters, so it would be the perfect environment to try out some gear! Sri Lanka is know for it’s palm fringed swathes of golden sand, it’s lush hillside tea plantations and it’s beautifully preserved colonial mansions.

It’s also known for it’s mosquitoes.

As we headed out to the central highlands of Sri Lanka we purposefully didn’t use insect repellent. We wanted to really put our gear to the test, although we were both rather sceptical and felt like we were offering ourselves up on a plate to all the critters out there.

Luxury Sri Lanka villa Kandy, Aqua Dunhinda
The interior of Sri Lanka is beautiful, but like all hot climates, does have it’s fair share of insects

NosiLife Asmina Jacket

I tried out the Craghoppers NosiLife Asmina Jacket, a top designed for hot climates with a cooling mesh construction and stretch panels to allow flexibility and movement. It’s a really lightweight jacket with moisture wicking ability which is great when travelling around the tropics. The hood keeps the sun off as well as deterring insects, and the loose fitting sleeves mean that sweating is kept to a minimum. I have both the black and the white NosiLife Asmina jacket, but found the latter to be the most suited to combating bugs and heat. It also gave me peace of mind because insects would show up better against the white (not that I actually saw any on it!), whereas the black could easily conceal the presence of a spider or two.

I like spiders even less than I like bugs!

Craghoppers Nosilife Ladies Asmina Jacket review
The Craghoppers Asmina Jacket

Heather’s Verdict:

I was a little dubious that an item of clothing alone could deter mosquitoes. I fully expected to come away with the usual assortment of bites, befitting of someone who’d been brushing up against bushes, wading through long grass and wandering around at dusk. What I wasn’t expecting was to return home almost unscathed. I only had a couple of bites, and they were on my legs. Whether that was all due to the NosiLife technology, I’ll never know for sure, but one thing I do know is that my jacket is coming with me when we explore the Amazon rainforest later this year!


I love the flexibility of the jacket stretch fabric too, so even when I’ve had an extra helping of dessert it still manages to fit perfectly. I’ve taken to wearing it as a normal lightweight summer top even when there aren’t any biting insects around, it’s great for those cooler evenings or when you just want to keep the sun at bay.

Craghoppers Nosilife Ladies Asmina Jacket review

NosiLife Avila II Hooded Jacket

Hubbie already has a mesh jacket similar to mine (the NosiLife Men’s Chima Jacket, pictured in the header image), so this time decided to try out the Avila Hooded Jacket. A slightly thicker top ideal for wearing at dusk and dawn, when the mozzies are at their most active. The Avila Jacket has a relaxed and comfortable fit, whilst still being lightweight and not as thick as regular hoodies. As with all NosiLife clothing, the fabric contains permanent insect repellent, as well as anti-bacterial properties to combat odour. It is really quick drying and moisture wicking which is crucial when travelling in hot places. The stylish appearance means it can be worn as an every day top, whether deep in the rice paddies or just wandering around town.

Craghoppers Avila II Hooded Jacket review

Hubbie’s Verdict: 

Here’s what Hubbie had to say about his jacket…

“I loved it! Heather will be quick to confirm that I struggle when it comes to packing clothes for travel, and the one thing that always causes a headache is finding a long sleeved top suitable for the cooler parts of the day. My wardrobe is full of heavy jumpers good for UK weather (but not so great for hot places), and smart shirts for wearing to dinner (that don’t do anything to fend off the mozzies whilst I’m sitting outside, lost in another glorious sunset!). So when I tried on the NosiLife Avila Jacket I knew instantly that it would become a faithful companion on our trips. It’s lightweight, comfy, and smart, and wouldn’t be out of place in an airport business class lounge, or the plains of Africa. The balance between style and functionality is spot on!”

Craghoppers Avila II Hooded Jacket review

“The tailored fit means the jacket can be worn on it’s own next to the skin or as part of a layering system. The sleeve thumb holes are a great idea to prevent them riding up whilst active, as well as offering the hands some protection from the sun and the bugs. Something I was grateful for in the evenings (the peak time for mozzies) when I was out capturing time lapse videos of the Sri Lankan sunsets and lightning storms. I don’t usually wear hoods, but appreciated having one in Sri Lanka as it protected me from the pesky biting insects that have a tendency to aim for the ears, whilst during the day it provided relief from the sun.”


We also have some new NosiLife socks which we’re planning on using as we hike around South America later this year, to stop the biters getting at our ankles…

Craghoppers NosiLife socks travel clothing review

Craghoppers have a wide range of NosiLife clothing, so why not check them out if you’re heading somewhere with insects on your next trip. We love Craghoppers NosiLife clothing as it’s perfect for travel, being lightweight, comfortable and insect-proof!

The brand is used by many a famous adventurer, and if it’s good enough for Benedict Allen, Levison Wood and  Bear Grylls, then it’s good enough for us! Unfortunately having the clothing alone doesn’t seem to have turned us into internationally famous explorers just yet, but there’s still time!

The Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Craghoppers to offer our readers the chance to win an item of Craghoppers NosiLife clothing for themselves. Up for grabs is either a women’s NosiLife Asmina Jacket or a men’s Avila II Hooded Jacket.

The giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

How to enter

It couldn’t be simpler. Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter, completing as many of the options as you like. If you have previously completed any of the actions (for example if you already follow us on Facebook, Twitter etc) then feel free to have an entry for them!

Make sure you select your entries on the Rafflecopter widget to validate your entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions

No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. The prize is provided by Craghoppers, and is a NosiLife Asmina Jacket (for women), or a Nosilife Avila II Hooded Jacket (for men) subject to availability. Should the item be unavailable, the prize winner may choose another item from the NosiLife range to the same value of the original prize.

This competition is open to a worldwide audience. Postage is included. No returns. The prize is not refundable or exchangeable for cash. The giveaway will run for 2 weeks from Monday 24th April and end at midnight on Monday 8th May 2017. The winner will be determined on or around the 9th May 2017 by a random drawing of eligible entries received. Your chances of winning are determined by the number of eligible entries. Winners must respond within a week of receiving the notification email, otherwise another winner will be chosen.

By entering the giveaway, entrants agree to their email address being added to the Craghoppers database in order to receive emails about offers and current collections. No information will be shared with third parties by either Craghoppers or Conversant Traveller. Entrants can opt out of the mailing list at any time. 

Craghoppers have kindly provided the clothing for this review, as well as the giveaway prize. All opinions remain our own, and we only feature products that we know and love.

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  1. says: ellie spider

    My next trip is to devon in July 🙂 I prob wouldnt wear my craghoppers there tho – I’d save it for camping in August as we tend to do a lot of walking and rambling activities when we camp

  2. says: Avril Randall

    My next trip is a cruise/safari in South Africa. I would wear NosiLife clothing on the safari days.

  3. says: liz ferguson

    We live close to Scotland, so tend to veer in that direction for convenience sake. But, this year, we have decided to spread our wings a bit, and head off to Wales, as we have never been there before. Not sure, what is on the itinerary, as we don’t know our way around yet, but I’m sure it will be a great visit and experience x

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Wales is another beautiful part of the UK, don’t miss Snowdonia, and one of our favourite spots for picnics and hiking is the Llyn Peninsula (which is often sunny whilst the rest of Wales is raining). Enjoy.

  4. says: Sheila Reeves

    Walking holiday in Spain – and wherever I go I seem to be the main source of food for mosquitoes!

  5. says: Lara Dunning

    I’m a mosquito magnet so clothing that repels them would be such a great thing. Crossing fingers!

  6. says: Ellie

    I think it my might come in very handy for the big adventure I’m planning for later this year – a trek to Machu Picchu.

  7. says: Jane Gorton

    Love going to Dorset, Devon & Cornwall. Don’t know when we will go as unemployed at the moment. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  8. says: Kate Smith

    I’m off to the Highlands of Scotland, so where better to try out the midge repellent technology?

  9. says: Leanne V McKenna

    Were going to Venice in a couple of weeks for my birthday as a weekend trip. I’d wear to Bali, Indonesia though as that’s our next BIG trip 🙂

  10. says: Anna Horrocks

    This year we have decided to stay in the UK and are going on a Scottish Highlands and Hebrides road trip for a fortnight. We have never been to Scotland and can’t wait to explore

  11. says: Saran Benjamin

    We are off to Cuba and by the sound of it night time is the time to avoid being bitten so this would come in really handy

  12. says: Kelly Hanson

    Not very exotic but me and the other half are going to visit my mum in Wales. So would be great for hiking with the dogs 🙂

  13. says: Allan Wilson

    Won’t be getting holidays this year but they would be perfect for walking our new farm in the summer months.

  14. says: Jayne Townson

    I would wear this when I go walking in to the Scottish highlands this summer. Really sorry but I made a mistake in the rafflecopter, I put the wrong thing in the following on twitter bit, my twitter name is @10milewalk and I am following you.

  15. says: Sue McCarthy

    I’ve not planned anything yet but may go on a bird watching holiday later this year, to Europe somewhere, will have to get the brochures out.

  16. says: Christine Dodd

    We have just returned from a walking/running holiday in Malta which was amazing, Next trip is a cottage in Yorkshire and then who knows what else. I’m sure this gear would be very welcome.

    1. says: Heather Cole

      Sounds very energetic 🙂 Have a great time in Yorkshire, beautiful neck of the woods isn’t it.

  17. says: Alison Johnson

    I would give the jacket to my son who is always off on an adventure somewhere. He has got a trip planned in a couple of months but hasn’t told me where he’s going yet. I am a little worried!

  18. says: Pat Jones

    I manage to get bitten to bits in my own back garden, the critters love to feast on me, so one of these would be a godsend, both at home and abroad!

  19. says: Jenny Aldridge

    I’m going to the Yala park in Sri Lanka next month! Mosquitoes seem to love me (I’ve heard they find paler skin easier to bite) but I swell up really badly if I get a bite! Yala is fairly desert like so hopefully there won’t be too many around but I think I’ll definitely need one of these jackets just to be safe!

  20. says: Jo Carroll

    I’m currently planning a trip to South East Asia with two of my best friends taking in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand so this gear would be amazing to travel with. We did a similar trip just after finishing school quite a few years back now and I remember the downsides were the insects and travelling between stop offs.

    1. says: Heather Cole

      That sounds epic, can we stow away in your suitcases? Yeah, the bugs in that direction can be a nuisance, definitely wished we’d had some of this gear when we were out there. Have a fab trip!

  21. says: Bob Clark

    The Harz mountains in what was east germany – on the border with the west – all witches and steam railways and beer and sausages

  22. says: John Edwards

    I am going around the Mediterranean in July I would wear NosiLife clothing as I visit the various sites on my holiday

  23. says: Cherry Edwards

    My next trip is to Lefkas next month, but I would really make use of the mosquito repellent clothing in the UK when I go to Port Eliot festival which is set by the river and the Mosquitos there are ferocious

  24. says: Fiona King

    I want to go walking in Switzerland in the Summer so this clothing would be very useful so I would wear it in some very scenic places!

  25. says: Tracy Nixon

    We are heading off to the Isle of Arran for Whit week – a week of walking in the hillsa and valleys and along the coastline!