Four Exciting Adventures in Spain

What comes to mind when someone mentions Spain? The hustle and vibrancy of Barcelona, perhaps? Or the beautiful architecture of Madrid? Good food, Flamenco music and beautiful beaches no doubt, and of course, plenty of sunshine.

One thing that might not pop straight into your head is the idea of an adventure holiday. Spain isn’t exactly a universally known hot-spot for thrill seekers, but its beautiful and diverse landscapes actually play host to some truly amazing, adrenaline-filled trips.

If you prefer a holiday spent on the edge rather than snoozing by the beach, here are four Spanish adventures most definitely worth your while.

Hike the Picos

The Picos de Europa National Park offers Spain’s number one hiking hot-spot – a spectacular mountainous landscape of green rural pastures amongst snow-topped peaks, dotted with rare wildlife. You can find adventure packages devoted solely to the Picos, spanning the stunning, cliff-face walks of Cares Gorge through to the less travelled passage of Valdeon Valley.

With rural hotels littered amongst this idyllic getaway, you can hop between accommodation points as you continue to explore this breath-taking region.

Surfing in Santander

Surfing and Spain – not something you hear too often which, considering the numerous beautiful and globally lauded beaches around the country, is rather strange. There is, however, a rather vibrant surfing scene in Santander, particularly at Playa de Somo, which is one of Cantabria’s big wave epicentres.

An established surfing area since the early 90s, beginners and seasoned pros alike will encounter a lively and enjoyable surf scene.

Cycle Majorca

Majorca is another of those destinations you consider as typical sun, sand and sea – which it is – but its varied terrain, consisting of plenty of picturesque plains, hills and mountains, has boomed in popularity with cyclists.

Another option you can devote a considerable amount of time to, you can create your very own Tour de Majorca over the course of a week or longer. The perfect excuse for a villa holiday (more space to house your bike than a hotel), Villa Plus have plenty of brilliant luxury properties available for you to relax in after an incredible day of exercise.

An Andalusian adventure

The southern autonomous region of Andalusia has plenty to offer in terms of locations and sights. Stunning scenery, lively cities and a rich heritage dating back to Roman times make it a versatile option for holidaymakers, but there’s also a take your pick attitude to adventure, with a variety of action-packed activities to take on.

Canyoning, trekking, kayaking, rock climbing and even more cycling – it’s a complete package option for anyone looking for a diversified action adventure trip. Challenging and rewarding in equal measure, Andalusia is Spain’s true adventure region.

There’s plenty more to offer from Spain in terms of adrenaline pumping fun and action-packed extravaganza – the trips mentioned above are only just the beginning. So, perhaps when you come to book your next adventure, Spain should be near the top of your list.

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