How To Keep The Travel Spirit Alive At Home

Travelling is an amazing way to enrich your life, meet different people, and gain new memories. However, sometimes it’s not possible, or even advisable to travel. For those who suffer from perpetual wanderlust, that can be quite difficult, so one of the easiest ways to satisfy your longing is to decorate your home in a manner that evokes memories of travelling.

Therefore, here are some decorating tips that will help you keep the travel spirit alive, when travelling itself isn’t on the cards:

Use memorabilia from your previous trips 

The memories from your previous trips can be a great way to decorate your home. So, using fridge magnets and other travel decor pieces can be a nice addition to your space. That way you’ll be able to cherish your previous trips because there’s nothing more heart-warming than having all the previous souvenirs on visible display. Feel free to combine all the stuff that you’ve collected, and don’t be afraid to use your creativity.

La Maison Arabe Cooking School Marrakech

Use travel souvenirs to brighten up your home

Plan your next trip 

Even if you’re not planning to travel anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you should not let your imagination go a bit wild. Planning your next trip, including even the tiniest details can help you satisfy your travel bug, and subsequently, make you feel more optimistic about the future. There’s no need to feel pressured, so just make sure to have fun while making potential travelling plans. If this makes you feel a bit down, then include your friends into your plans, because you might end up with a few extra ideas for your next trip!

Masca village in Tenerife

There’s no harm in planning your next trip

Make your home look more worldly 

Infusing your space with cosmopolitan vibes can definitely help you feel more in tune with the rest of the world. This is important if you enjoy traveling. So, next time you feel like redecorating, feel free to use various exotic decor pieces, such as Persian rugs and various paintings. Some decor items, such as Balinese skulls, are a great way to make your space feel more worldly. Other items that you could consider are posters, maps, and of course, incense sticks.

Carpet shop on Places des Epices in Marrakech

Decorating your home with rugs, skulls or maps can really bring it to life

Learn a new language 

Knowing a foreign language can be a truly valuable addition to your existing set of skills. In case you’re someone who enjoys experiencing different cultures, learning a new language can make you more close to a certain culture, plus you’ll feel more self-confident if you go there again. Besides, practicing a language can stimulate your brain and increase your self-esteem. If your place of residence doesn’t offer certain language courses, you can always download a language-learning app or attend online classes.

Quad biking in the Basotho village at Sani Pass, Lesotho

A little language goes a long way (meeting locals in Lesotho)

Create your travel journals 

Journaling is a brilliant way to collect your thoughts and express them in a non-violent and healing way. And making your personal travel journal can also help you walk down memory lane and recreate some amazing memories. Also, writing about your experiences (both good and bad) can help you reconnect with certain places and discover some new ones in the process. You can also use pictures, drawings, and stickers to add more colour and personality to your journals. 

If you want your scrapbook to look a bit more snazzy, you might like to consider creating it online with holiday photos and extracts from your travel diaries. You can use free SVG images to add that designer touch, and play around with the style until you’re happy with the results.

Journal writing in Morocco – you can start a journal at home too


Keeping a travelling spirit alive is not difficult, in fact, it can certainly provide you with some fun moments in times of boredom and uncertainty. Using different decor pieces can infuse your place with a more elegant and well-travelled atmosphere, which is a brilliant way to feel connected to the rest of the world even if you’re staying at home. 

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