How To Plan A Family Vacation in Manchester

Manchester England

Are you thinking of taking a family trip to Manchester? Why wouldn’t you – Manchester is a great place to have a family-friendly vacation. The city is filled with fun stuff to do for kids and parents alike. Additionally, there are many breathtaking sights that your family can visit such as the Theatre of Dreams, the National Football Museum, Manchester Cathedral, the Whitworth, Manchester Museum, and of course, the famous Canal Street.

Planning a family vacation can be very stressful. You need to plan out every minute of it to ensure that the entire family has fun. Just finding the right dates can be challenging enough. Days without work and school don’t happen often and the kids’ after-school activities can definitely put off a much-needed vacation. If it’s not that, then there’s a business conference, meeting or busy week that you have to survive at work.

For most families, having kids is when they stop travelling. This should not always be the case. When the stars align and everything goes according to plan, you should grab it and take that trip to Manchester. Let loose and have fun. Here, we have compiled a list of some essential tips to ensure that your Manchester getaway ends up as one of the best memories of your family.

Salford Quays in Manchester

Let Your Kids Watch Some Television

When looking for accommodations, make sure that the hotel you’re staying has an aerial installed. Aerial installations in Manchester are common but you still want to make sure with the concierge just in case.

For a parent, one of the most annoying things while on holiday is seeing kids stuck on the screens of televisions. We worked so hard to bring them to a nice place, paid so much for a decent hotel, and sacrificing a lot just to be there. It can be quite disheartening to see all of your work unappreciated because they’d rather spend time on the television than going with you on tours.

However, consider this as a good thing. You and your partner can have some much-needed alone time if you let your kids watch some television. You’re already in Manchester. It would be a shame if you don’t get to see the tourist attractions that aren’t too kid-friendly.

Go on a hill & moorland hike to catch Manchester at sunrise, or sunset – totally your call. Going on a hike with kids is not exactly ideal. They tire easily and you’d be fussing over them the entire way. You can also go to the numerous Manchester pubs and bars. Manchester is famous for its active nightlife. Don’t miss out just because you brought your kids. Do the smart thing and let the telly babysit for a day (plus an actual babysitter if they’re still young). Remember this vacation for you as well as the kids.

Pack Lightly

Don’t go over the top with packing. Carrying heavy suitcases all over Manchester is not fun – you’ll end up exhausted and it will slow down the entire trip. Additionally, you might have to pay extra fees at the airport. If you are driving over, all the more reason to pack less. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a crowded car for the duration of your trip. Here are some tips on how you can pack lightly for your family vacation in Manchester.

Cut Back On Clothes

Your clothes will take up a lot of your suitcase space. However, this should not be the case. Cut in half what you’re supposed to bring. If you’re going to be in Manchester for ten days, bring four days worth of clothes – five counting the set you’re wearing to the airport. Send your dirty clothes to a laundry. This way, you won’t have to carry so many items with you.

Packing a car for holiday

No Bulky Clothes

Are you thinking of bringing that bulky fur jacket? Here’s a sign: Don’t. No matter how cute you think you look wearing it. Only bring the essentials and as much as possible, choose clothes that are easy to pack and lightweight. 

Buy Supplies in Manchester

Don’t bring any of your supplies. Make a list of these items and buy them in Manchester. There are lots of shops in Manchester and it would be easier to pop in one and buy than having to lug around with you a bag filled with diapers, wet wipes, shampoo bottles, conditioner, soap, skincare products, sunscreen, lotion, etc. 

Ask Your Kids What They Want To Do

Nothing ruins a family vacation more than a sulky kid. When you’re planning your itinerary, make sure that you ask your kid what they want to do. Let them choose a few of the activities so they have something to look forward to. Including them in the decision making makes them feel comforted that it’s their vacation too instead of “mummy and daddy just dragging them places.”

There are several indoor and outdoor activities for them to choose from. You will have more fun with your kids if you value their opinion. Parenting tip: You can also use these activities they chose as a bargaining chip so they would behave. If they misbehave on the flight or on one of the tours, then they lose one activity. 

A fun family vacation is what brings the family closer. Years in the future, you and your kids will still be talking about the time when one of them almost got lost in a crowd or when the entire family went on a chocolate-making workshop and just made a mess. Treasure creating fond memories like these with your children.

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