Places You Need To Eat At In London

London is full of amazing attractions and activities, from historical landmarks, cultural sites, museums, and great modern architecture to a vibrant nightlife, fascinating theatre scene, and bustling markets. But where is the best place to eat in London? Where should you go to eat at the end of the day of the fantastic trip? The city has many top places to eat, such as street markets and restaurants as well as many hotels to choose from. Do you want to fly into London and wonder exactly where you can take your breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Here is a list of some of the top places you should consider eating at in London. Just a quick reminder, before departing your home country, remember to sort out your UK visa application if applicable, to ensure your trips runs smoothly from start to finish.

Here are some incredible London restaurants to add your your list:

Hakkasan Restaurant

Hakkasan Restaurant is highly recommended by locals and tourists alike, and serves quality Chinese food in a convenient location on Hanoi Street. This is a tastefully decorated restaurant with an extensive menu and a wide selection of specialty cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. There are plenty of exotic foods to try, some of which you may not have come across before. These include roasted mango duck with lemon sauce and fresh fish cooked with champagne and Chinese honey. Hakkasan offers an equally delicious vegetarian menu and a fine selection of wines.

Social Eating House

The Social Eating House is located in Soho and easily reflects the atmosphere of the area – it’s one of the best places to eat in London. They have a great menu that features delicious dishes. The menu includes food, main course, and dessert. If you have a hard time deciding where to go for dinner, why not try Social Eating House for excellent dishes that include fish with pumpkin and onions; ricotta ravioli; chard with mushrooms; carbonara and venison with truffled gnocchi.

Mari Vanna

Enter the world of Soviet Russia with a cosy and hearty meal at Marie-Vanne. Enjoy classic Russian dishes such as beef Stroganov, Olivier salad, and borscht, sip on a variety of vodka, and marvel at an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve been taken to the Russian Granny Hall in the past. The food is delicious, but the glamor of the chic comes from the great setting.

The Ledbury

Ledbury is over on Notting Hill’s Ledbury Road. This restaurant, which is the proud owner of two Michelin stars, is a favourite amongst tourists. The chef is an Australian named Brett Graham, who has received numerous awards. The restaurant was opened in 2005 and is run by an extremely efficient team of chefs. Book a night in Ledbury with the family to experience the true taste of English cuisine and the perfect setting for a wonderful meal.

Le Gavroche

As the name suggests, this restaurant is an authentic French restaurant. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, which was opened in 1967. The restaurant is named after Gavroche, the character in Victor Hugo’s play Les mislabel. Le Gavroche has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records for serving the most expensive meal per person.


Are you looking for the best place to eat Japanese food in London? Zaibatsu is the right place. Zaibatsu is relatively small but has an excellent menu. Friendly staff with fast and caring services is one of the main features of that place. The chefs focus on delivering great flavours through innovative dishes using quality ingredients.

Tozi Restaurant

Tozi offers superb service in a relaxing atmosphere, and of course delicious food. It is located next to Victoria Station, so it is easy to find. This is a state-of-the-art building with a large Venetian-style hall. This old Italian restaurant is very luxurious and offers a wide range. The chefs give each dish a special note and make sure that your palace is completely satisfied.

The Foyer at Claridges

Another world-class restaurant in central London is The Foyer. Tourists choose the restaurant to enjoy a simple afternoon tea or enjoy a long dinner with the family. It is believed that this food is divine, with a good environment and complete services.


If you love Japanese food, Modern Roka is the perfect prize for you. You will love fusion foods, and grilled foods are light and flavourful. In an informal setting, you can enjoy homemade meals such as a hot pot of rice with Kamchatka crab and wasabi tobiko, lamb cutlets marinated with Korean spices, roast baby chicken with chili and lemon, shrimp tempura, and salmon dressed with sesame and ponzu.

The Ivy

The Ivy is one of the city’s most famous restaurants and is often referred to as one of the best places to eat in London. It offers a chic and sophisticated elegance that is hard to break. Sit in a cosy booth or bar and grab a delicious meal at The Ivy. When ordering modern British dishes such as fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, steak, and fried chicken, or ordering a variety of international dishes, you treat your taste buds just like the rich and famous.

Fish and chips

Gaucho Grill

The Gaucho Grill is a restaurant for an enjoyable culinary adventure. Sizzling steaks and sea bass are important features. Your success seems endless when you choose the right wine at a reasonable price alongside great food. Gaucho Grill is located on Swallow Street, which has the advantage of being closer to London residential areas.

The Orangery

Located at Kensington Palace is one of the best places that offers visitors a great atmosphere to enjoy coffee for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea. All tourists will be impressed by this stunning cafe and its setting in the impressive grounds of Kensington Palace. The menu includes delicious snacks such as homemade cakes, traditional strawberry cream, and delicious sandwiches. Visitors looking to take real English tea will not be disappointed either. Ten different flavours are available.

Clos Maggiore

It is very important to recommend Clos Maggiore as one of the most romantic restaurants in town, so plan your tours and activities in London around dining here. Enjoy dinner under a beautiful floral canopy and enjoy the feeling of intimacy at one of the private tables. Every meal is excellent, from starters to main courses and desserts, focusing on Italian and French themes.

These are just some places to eat in London, catering to different interests and wallets. London certainly has a lot to offer to anyone traveling or planning to be there soon.

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