Planes, Trains And Automobiles – Which Is Best For Travelling The World?

Air Kenya - DeHavilland Dash 7 - at Nairobi Wilson Airport

When heading off on wanderlust adventures, there’s nothing quite so exciting as experiencing new vistas, immersing yourselves in new cultures, and partaking in a spot of authentic cuisine. Yet you need to think about how you’re going to get to your ultimate destination, as well as how you’ll travel around once you arrive. The options are endless but many travellers prefer to be a bit spontaneous when they get there rather than planning everything beforehand. However sometimes stopping and thinking in advance about how we travel means trips can be more ethically sound as well as a more enriching travel experience.


The most obvious way of travelling is by plane. However, in the twenty first century planes have become infinitely more expensive and don’t do the environment any favours. To combat this, you may choose to offset your carbon footprint by planting a whole host of trees in some unnamed destination that you’ll never travel to. However, you do get to travel in style if you choose first or business class. If you have the money, then why not splash out and enjoy a three course meal and a bed on the way to New York? There are alternatives to travelling by plane even if you’re venturing far overseas.


Taking a cruise is seen as something of a retirees holiday. However, nowadays the large ferry companies and tour operators are trying to market themselves to a younger market. Showing a celebrity style ambience on board complete with gourmet food, plenty of stop overs and an on deck swimming pool can seem attractive to the vacationer who enjoys being waited on. The Bolsover Cruises from Southampton travel to the Azores and the Norwegian Fjords in style. For the traveller who is more keen for an authentic experience, a cruise might not be the way to go. Instead, local boat rides like the ones in Thailand or on an Italian gondola could be more enriching.


The ideal way of travelling, a train can encompass the best of both worlds for the traveller who likes conversing with the locals to the luxury traveller who likes a reclining seat and free tea and coffee. Trains traverse the geography of Europe and can get you from London to Singapore without having to fly. The ultimate in overland travel, a train allows you to see the environment around you as well as have a kip if you take the luxurious sleeper trains to save a bit of cash. Overland you get to see the parts of the planet that a plane merely flies over. You may find yourself helping a Japanese boy with his English or chatting to an Indian couple about the Raj. You could experience the bullet trains of Japan or the Siberian Railway over Russia. The possibilities really are endless.

Take time to work out your modes of transportation the next time you are planning a big trip overseas. You may find that by hopping on a boat, taking a train trip or catching an internal flight, you have a better and more exciting wanderlust experience.

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